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05-02-2000, 02:44
Just thought i'd see if anyone else has seen/tried one of these, I believe they have been around for a while (at least a month!) but I couldnt find anything on them here..
Basically, they are Dark green very speckled (ligh-dark green) with some specks of white too, couldnt make out a press (dark in the back room :] or there was no press) But well in my opinion they looked local and dodgy.
Couldnt test them of course, but ended up a very speedy pill basically.. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif not bad tho, kept me going, and since i originally just wanted go which fell through.. hehe =)
Not recommend really, just another local. http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif
ps. w00p first post, heh all i ask is why i never found this site YEARS ago!!! heh peak hard! http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/wink.gif
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05-02-2000, 03:07
Over here in New Zealand there have been HEAPs of light/dark speckled green pills people have dubbed "greenies". they have no score, are hard pressed (though crumble when split)and also kind of light in weight to hold (?!). no logo.
They test purple, are very strong but mashy and trippy as fuck. im sure there must be K in them (?).
A friend who was in oz last year said they were around there as well.... who knows..
What my life needs is 99 levels of undo....

05-02-2000, 05:54
I too had a *GrEEn GrEmLin* last night @ ~*VoOdOo*~.... (Same batch as Random's) & I actually thought they were pretty good. I agree, dodgy local pillZ, but none the less hit the =TireD= spot & kept me groovin in the back room to Jumpin' Jack till wee hours this morning. WAY speedy.... Not much of tha XTC feeling we all lurve but NOT too bad @ all!!!!! Not bad for $35 I must admit!!!! hehehehe Off 2 try tha FiSh hopefully tonight. (**BLUE**)
LaterZ http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif ~*HaiLz*~

05-02-2000, 10:54
hmmmm, another person from the Voodoo tribe !! glad to hear friday nite is still awesome, im keen to go next friday, after a 2 week break [rehab from pilling every weekend since boxing day]
u got FISHIES ??
oh, wow, you're gonna LUV THEM !!!
and pretty much every1 else in the room as well !! luvly luvy mdma goodness, with the added bonus of a non-exsistent comedown !!!
3 weeks till transmission
3 weeks till uni starts....
it's gonna be a HUGE nite

05-02-2000, 12:10
Speed Pills Speed Pills Speed Pills, when will people learn that most of the stuff made locally contains not much else...
Oh well.. whatever floats yer boat.

06-02-2000, 01:54
hi all. (sydney)
i can't seem to get my hands on any white fish going around at the moment? are they still floating around or have i missed the boat?
i need some emmdeeemmaye for happy valley :-]

06-02-2000, 02:31
Dangermouse, I wouldnt expect to be able to get any anymore. At least, the white/grey ones went around 2-3 weeks ago, so in this world thats long gone! http://www2.bluelight.ru/ubb/frown.gif (Except of course those personal collections people always keep :])
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07-02-2000, 07:49
PINK GREMILINS tested "Black" as all fuck!
Colour: Pink
Score: None
Symbol: Little Gremlin or Monster
Location: Melbounre

10-02-2000, 04:46
have tried these - agree with Klownz