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07-05-2000, 02:24
I might be totally wrong here, but i've heard that the anticongestant called sudafed, available off the counter in chemists, are just a bit milder than amphetamines but if you take like 3-5x the recommended dosage it works like speed...
Is this true? And no... i dont want to test it out for myself either http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

07-05-2000, 02:47
Sudafed has psuedoephidrine, which IS a stimulant - better than caffiene but nothing like speed. Ephidrine is a common ingrediant in herbal e, so if thats your thing - which its prolly not - then its a cheaper way.

07-05-2000, 03:00
psuedephedrine can be synthesised into many amphetamines, speed and methcathinone being the two most popular ones.
you won't really get much of a buzz by having a big psuedephedrine hit, however in thailand black chemists supposedly sell some sort of psuedephedrine spin off which isn't methcat nor speed, its some other sort of amphetamine - and apparently 60mg of this stuff makes you fly for hours...
anyone know of this first hand? apparently if you walk into certain chemists, and with your two hands make your eyes real wide they will give you a selection of these powders?
be interesting to know what it is, but a whole bunch of sudafed tablets won't really do much for you at all.

07-05-2000, 04:12
Sudafeds have been my fav emergancy pick me up for some time.
I find 3 or 4 sudafeds do a hell
of a lot more than most of the shit that is sold as speed out there.
And yes with some red phosphorus
iodic acid, chloroform, ether and HCL you can make pure Methamphetamine Hydrocloride
out of sudafeds but it is a very long winded and dangerous process.

07-05-2000, 04:28
4 sudafeds and a couple of cones, and I'm sweet till about 3am. You won't be speeding off your tits, but you won't be that laced out bent - you'll be just right. Won't keep you going all night either, but good if you just want a quiet one.
NB: I'm pretty small, so if you're a bit larger you may need more than 4. Wouldn't know really.

07-05-2000, 05:25
Just a question for you guys, I have tried sudafed, with good results in the past, even though i think it wears off pretty quickly, but anyway, I heard on triple j about 8-9months ago that they were changing the formula of sudafed because people were abusing it, especially truckies. I checked a new pack and it contains pseudoephidrine HCL instead of pseudoephidrine.
does anyone else know of this? has anyone tried sudafed recently, or can compare to "old" sudafed.

07-05-2000, 06:06
hehehe, i can't believe how dero-ish this all sounds...
Playground talk: hey, my mom just got a wicked batch of suedo-fed, swap u three for 5 of those dexies u got yesturday...
hmm, guess who is bored...
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Orange Juice
07-05-2000, 06:10
It's actually a really good story. Sudafed was developed originally using Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride 60mg.
This was fantastic, as we all know, Ephedrine is a major chemical marker in MDMA, which really means that you are taking a tame and incomplete form of e when trying to unclog those sinuses.
If you can cleave of the Sugar compound of the tablet (leaving pure pseudoephidrine) using a umber of processes, whether it be solvents as listed above, or methods of electrolysis you have yourself a small but effective pill.
Of course the sugar compound makes up a substantial part of this drug and can be hard to separate using substandard procedures.
If you guys want a kick out of something legal and easily obtainable, get your hands on a natural ingredient called Bitter Orange Peel. Yes, believe it or not the inside of the peel from oranges contains a chemical called synephrine. Syneprhine has a chemical structure almost identical to Ephedrine, and is easily obtainable in a purer form. Most Bitter Orange Peel products contain around 4% Synephrine which is not enough to make you shake your groove thing so it would be best to obtain it in pure form or cleave the other constituents using similar methods to Sudafed.
Dano, you are certainly right in what you say about JJJ, and I applaud you for remembering, but around Mid-Last Year Warner-Lambert, the company responsible for formulating and producing Sudafed were made to adjust their formulation making it difficult to separate the Sugar from the Pseudoephidrine due to a number of reasons;
1) It was discovered that Sudafed, an accessible OTC (Over-The-Counter Drug) contained a level of Pseudoephidrine capable of simulating the effects of ecstacy and speed.
2) Shipments of Sudafed (partial shipments) were being hijacked in transit and reconstituted to simulate the effects of ecstacy and speed.
3) The level of Pseudoephidrine contained in a $12.95 box of Sudafed was close to $2000 if reconstituted and marketed as ecstacy.
When the onus was put on Warner-Lambert to change their formulation, chemists and pharmacists were instructed that the maximum daily allowance for any single person for Sudafed was four boxes (You wonder where they come up with these numbers!).
This proved to be an inconvenience when most people are in the vicinity of at least 20 different chemists.
There are all types of ways to get a rush. This way is probably more difficult for those without the knowledge of chemistry.
"Come in, it's really warm"!
Keep Rolling.

07-05-2000, 07:33
They also don't sell Sudafed in the 90 tablet boxes anymore. If you want to get high from psuedoehphedrine, get the chemist's own version..it's heaps cheaper and I think (as per usual with Chemist's own versions of anything) it comes in higher dosages, although I could be wrong.
If you take too many sudies, they can leave you feeling pretty shaky and your heart beats way faster than it would from street speed. If you want a nice easy high, something to keep you up and running around but not too buzzy, Phentermine (found in prescription diet pills - DURAMINE)is a good option. Be careful not to take too much though, 'cause it can leave your stomach a bit upset, I've been recommended something like 150-200mg, being equal to about 1g of street speed, BUT, don't take my word for it..here's a link to a thread, scroll down a bit and look at Paddyboy's reply.
PS. I paid $30 for 30x30mg of Phentermine so that's 900mg. If 200mg = 1g of speed (which I'm not too sure of...just taking paddyboy's word for it)then you can technically get 4.5g of goey for 30 bucks! woohoo! Unfortunately you gotta either be fat, know someone's who's fat, or have a dodgy doctor http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif hehehe I found a dodgy doctor, he likes to prescribe me high doses of codeine too http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
BLAH!!!! I DO have a drug problem!!! shite! book me into re-hab NOW!!!
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07-05-2000, 07:49
During exam time when i havn't done anything all year i use sudafeds to stay awake and alert. After 3 days non stop studying you can seriously walk into an exam fully pumped and ready to concentrate. Although i found that after taking a fair few of these things over a couple of days you do kinda get a come down! Not to mention irritatingly clear sinuses.
In my pre-mdma days i took sudafed at raves, at utopia 9 i was scared the security would get sus, so i dacked them and the sharp aluminium part of the packet kept sticking into my balls!!!! quite painful
at night, rave near the guards compartment naked with a blue light

07-05-2000, 09:12
Thanx for all the nice info guys http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif
JAS - My exams start tomorrow and theres this huge box of sudafeds in front of me... hehe!
I think i have a stack in the ol' medicine cabinet that have the old formulations too!

07-05-2000, 09:57
A dealer I know ask me to drive around town visiting chemists so I could buy Sudafed for him.
Apparently the guy he buys his speed of gives him a huge discount for the Sudafed’s as apparently they can be used to make speed. This guys usually pretty honest.
I’ve tried Sudafed (one of the big ones, I know its vague but a friend gave it to me and I know there are different sizes) with alcohol (1 southern and coke). It made my boogie and I only dance on E’s, so I sold. The same dealer told me the alcohol “some how” causes a reaction to make the Sudafed speedier. I only boogied for about half an hour though.
Thanks really!

E Bee
07-05-2000, 10:17
I tried duromine a few times in high school, but only in smaller doses. I can't remember what dose tablets we got, but I do remember my friend taking 8 of them and staying awake for 2-3 days, and her friend (smaller build) taking 6 of them and being taken to hospital to have her stomach pumped (a few hours after she passed her driving test on them http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif )
I'm pretty sure they are slow release tabs (my mum told me (she's a dispenser in a pharmacy)), so I wouldn't recommend taking a large dose of them if you're planning on sleeping in the near future http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

07-05-2000, 17:01
greenmitsa: someone tried telling me that taking sudafed with Coke, made it "work" better. Something about a chemical reaction blah blah...
I'd be interested to know if he's just full of @*$#. http://www.bluelight.ru/ubb/smile.gif

08-05-2000, 04:54
And, THIS is why I stayed awake the whole weekend last weekend... and I only had 60mg and a couple of lines of regular speed. Bring on the Duramine I say!!

08-05-2000, 05:09
dangermouse: If you're talking about the 'diet' pills in Thailand then yes they are available at pharmacies... A lot of other drugs are available on the beach (and obviously in many other places), just look out for the young guys selling hammocks and silks...Young Thai: "Don't want to buy these anything ELSE I can sell you?"..... Moi: "What do you mean?" ;-)
And you don't need to open your eyes wide, just ask for them! Pink and Whites or Blue and Whites.... If you're going there get the Blue and Whites, they're much better!
Peace and ENJOY!

08-05-2000, 05:41
Look, if there are any SERIOUS tweakers out there that want PURE LIQUID SPEED, then go to India. You can get it under the counter so to speak from the chemists there. Just don't get caught by the cops though!
If its empty - fill it, if its full - empty it, and if its itchy - scratch it!

08-05-2000, 08:45
Quad I’m confused which Coke do you mean.
The black kind you drink or the white kind you snort.
Also The guy who gave me the Sudafed said its the alcohol which cause the reaction which gives you a speedy buzz.

08-05-2000, 09:17
Many coke dealers buy pseudoephedrine and cut it up with coke. If you go to the chemist ask for pseudoephedrine (chemist brand) which is cheaper than Sudafed. They will only sell you 2 boxes and harass you a bit.
A good combo is No-Doz, Ephidrine & Aspirin,
try : 1 x No Doz, 2 x Sudafed or similar & 1 x Aspirin. Many people do this to lose bodyfat whilst training. But the 3 combined are supposed to interact quite well together.
Their was a few companies selling this formulation in the U.S one popular brand was "ReCharge" but they were shut down recently.

08-05-2000, 09:24
or you could just try buying an "ecstacy" at a club witout testing it.
most of the bunk pils listed on www.dancesafe.org (http://www.dancesafe.org) are that exact mixture of caffeine and pseudoephedrine...
but hey, i guess it's your 50 dollars, you can spend it on whatever you want...

fat tony
08-05-2000, 14:17
i heard that report on JJJ too. it was heaps interesting.
some ppl called in and said that they could get high and club all nite on some sudafed (old formula). but some ppl reported it to have no effect at all. so i would presume its a personal thing.
could also be psychologically related. if you beleive in something enough...u just never know. probably not for us sceptical types.
that'd be my 2c.
over and out johnny.
"just pass the vibes on, and take it easy....

08-05-2000, 15:29
How can it not? It's psuedoephedrine. FACT. It's not pshychological, it's all physical. Some people just need more, and some people suffer adverse side effects if they have too much. I know, I have someone in my family who is pretty dependant on them, and is mentally insuscpetible to any kind of "if you believe it enough it will happen" crap. So yeah. It works.
Although I still prefer phentermine. That slow release thing is cool.
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08-05-2000, 16:04
...as thomasthetank was saying on how people that train take suddies as part of their diet, well it's true and it works.
Try this combo, guaranteed success......3 sudafeds, 3 cups of good strength coffee and 3 decent alcoholic drinks ie.spirits.
the three 3's.....
My life is simply
Defined by every
Magnificent experience
Acquired by E.

08-05-2000, 17:11
I'm sorry a lot of what has been said on this thread is, well from a chemist/biochemist's point of view quite incorrect.
Mona is right, pseudoephedrine is "speed" for the body. It cannot and will not get into the brain and hence has little effect on ones central nervous system. If it did then it would be speed, and well i don't think it'd be in just about EVERY cold/flu/sinus medicine in the world, if it was.
Take lots and u'll feel kinda jumpy, anxious, heart will go crazy etc. Generally its natural if ur body is rushing, ur mind will follow it to a degree, but its psychological.
Now EPHEDRINE on the other hand is a better stimulant. U won't find that stuff here, banned a while ago i think, although popped up in herbal ecstasy etc. this is what the truckies get/got stuck into. A greater amount gets into the brain and has quite a good stimulant effect, but again nothing like meth/speed.
The sudafeds aren't being changed coz of abuse.
Meth cooks use pseudoephedrine to make methamphetamine as stated. The changed formula is i think something to do with the binder. The action of the drug in the body is unchanged, but the binder is a bitch for the cooks to work with.
Alcohol will not make the pseudo speedier. (i'm baffled as to where this came from, unless u get so off ur face and "think" ur speeding, then ur next drink will put u on ur arse, and when u wake up u won't remember what it felt like anyway)
Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is the same as pseudoephedrine for our purposes. When u have MDMA ur most likely having MDMA-hydrochloride. Its just the drugs in crystalline/powder form.
And finally with regards to one of the posts above: ephedrine/pseudoephedrine has NOTHING to do with ecstasy (MDMA not herbal) whatsoever. Ephedrine and meth are structurally related.
But Sudafed does not release serotonin on its own and in no way is used in making MDMA. MDMA and pseudoephedrine really shouldn't be in the same sentence.
God if whats been said is true i feel a cold coming on right now, gotta go, off to chemist; better get the medic, vicks and chupa-chups while i'm there.

09-05-2000, 06:40
Well thanx for the info biscuit...
What's no-doz? does that combo really work?

09-05-2000, 07:45
no doz is simply caffeine tablets. the combiation working? well if you dont want to sleep for days and be really cranky the sure...

11-05-2000, 16:30
found that capital chemist brand c&f medication can be quite handy 4 a comedown...
30mg of pseudoeph and 9mg of codine seems to help smooth things out alittle...
u also get a few tablets with chlorpheniramine in them ... very handy if u need to knock yourself out after a party..

11-05-2000, 20:30
just to give u an idea, most pills are 60mg pseudo and the dosage is 1-2 pills.
so i'd be like at least 4 pills for anything to happen.
Look at cold and flu tablets, the night time capsules still contain 30mg of pseudo. It can't be that great a stimulant at that dose then.

12-05-2000, 03:12
The one time I had Sudafed after drinking was when we had had a few glasses of Finlandia Vodka & Grenadine, and then had 2 Sudafeds. I felt like I was going to die. NEVER AGAIN!!!
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