View Full Version : whats the best way to take percocet

24-05-2001, 21:09
so whats the best way to take it to feel anything, smoke it, snort it, or just eat it? Ive only got one but i dont know how many mgs it is, sorry.
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Get Up Kid
24-05-2001, 22:56
You wont feel much off 1 Percocet alone, if anything at all. If you only have one, then drink some alcohol with it. Doing anything else with it would be a waste. Mixing painkillers and alcohol makes for one fucked up time. Snorting Percs/Vicodens isnt worth it, thats allot of shit going up your nose. And smokeing it, while thats just stupid.
Have fun.
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24-05-2001, 23:27
save it for a mild headache... that's about all it's good for.
and the reason you shouldn't snort it is because it contains apap (tylenol) not solely because it's "a lot of powder"...
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25-05-2001, 03:32
As always, I disagree :P
Go to www.rxlist.com...then (http://www.rxlist.com...then) to advanced search...then to "imprint codes".
Type in the imprint code, find out what MG your pill is.
If it's a 10mg pill, take it...don't mix with alcohol, and don't snort it.
If you have no tolerance to opiates chances are you'll feel a mild buzz.
If it's anything less than 10 save it until you get more, or until <gasp> you REALLY need it!