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04-06-2009, 16:29
Hey guys.

I found that I have very little motivation when it comes to doing work. The only time I can seem to get a good amount of things done is when I use meth.

I've been calling myself an occasional user for a while now, because the only time i use it is when i have to work, whether it be physical work, mental work, etc.

Usually, after doing some and getting all my work done I am able to sleep. If there is a big physical work day for me I usually take a bit more then normal so i can keep going, then take a xanax when I know its time to bed.

I don't smoke meth, I snort it. When I was younger I got hooked on to smoking meth, but I was able to break away from it somewhat easily. I notice when I snort meth I DO NOT get that same fucked up craving I used to get when I smoked it. I also noticed snorting it doesn't seem as addictive as smoking it. When I would smoke it and come down I would feel sick and pissed off. When I snort it and come down I just feel like I'm gradually becoming sedated, and I have no hang over the next day.

So...I have a few questions:

1. Does anyone else feel the same way about snorting meth vs. smoking it? As far as how addictive it is, and the feeling you get when you come down?

2. Does anyone else feel they are an occasional user of meth? Someone who uses it like me to get things done?

3. Is it possible for anyone to be an occasional user? I mean, smoking it got me hooked SO fast, but since I have been snorting it I feel no real desire to do it unless i want to get something done. Does that make any difference or am I still destined to become a hardcore addict who needs it ALL the time?

I usually use it two-three times a week, and the amount I use in one day depends on how much work needs to be accomplished. I have never gone over 3 lines a day in my time using. When I'm not using, my work load is rather light, and I go to my friends houses and hang out, some times go to the bar and party, eat eat eat eat eat, and sleep BIG TIME if it's a weekend. I seem to have a pretty normal life either way really.

So pretty much I've just been wondering about myself...

I don't do it like I did when I smoked it. When I smoked it I was always with some punky ass "friends" and we wouldn't do anything besides sit on our asses and play gin rummy until the sun came up.

But when I snort it now a days all I want to do is work and get shit done. The only person I do it with is my brother, and he feels the same way. He told me he would rather do it occasionally (and ONLY with me, no one else) to get work done. That brings me to my fourth and final question:

4. Have I taken a better path? Have I realized the true power of this drug that I don't underestimate it like most people do? And is it wrong to use this drug in the way I have been using it?

Would love to hear all of your replies and answers to these four questions.

Thanks guys!

05-06-2009, 13:24
i don't think it's a bad thing to use occasionally for work but it sounds like you're getting dependent on it to get anything accomplished. if you keep depending on it like that it may be harder to stop than you realize. i would say only use it when you really need it, not just to make all work fun. and keep in mind it's still neurotoxic at any dose i'm pretty sure.

05-06-2009, 13:36
If you use meth regularly over an extended period of time to perform normal activities that others do without meth and you find that you can no longer perform those activities very well or at all when you're not using, then you are dependent on meth. That is the very definition of dependency.

While snorting it may not produce the same intensity as smoking it, the odds are that over time you will develop tolerance and increase the amount you're doing. It's very difficult to exert willpower and good judgment when your thinking is influenced by addictive drugs.

Good Luck to you

Ignatius J.
05-06-2009, 14:32
Hmm...those are some quite interesting questions you pose.

Using meth to get activities done which you would not other wise be able to do does sound like a dependency BUT how is it any different from the millions of kids with AD(H)D getting pumped full of stimulants to make them do activities they would not otherwise be able to do?

That being said, self medication is a VERY slippery slope, believe me. It is very easy to say, "aww just one more line, its not gonna hurt" especially when tolerance sets in and your not getting the same motivation as before. Especially with meth.

I have actually been in a similar situation as this. I was a ratbag kid, got diagnosed with ADHD and put on meds, these changed me in so many ways and i became a top student,

after graduation from school i decided to go off them and was fine for a while but after a while i started to obtain a few illegally just to get stuff done etc. I then found it was easier to get meth so i started doing a few lines every now and then. This then turned into a few lines a day. When it got to 1.5 8-balls a week (all snorted and never used socially) is when I went back and pleaded to get back on my ADHD meds. Been 2 years now and i have hardly ever had the urge to abuse them.

Maybe if shit starts getting out of hand with the meth you could go to a doc and tell him u are self medicating for ADD. worth a shot

05-06-2009, 21:09
It's no different except for the substance itself which has a higher potential for addiction when abused.

Using meth to get activities done which you would not other wise be able to do does sound like a dependency BUT how is it any different from the millions of kids with AD(H)D getting pumped full of stimulants to make them do activities they would not otherwise be able to do?

05-06-2009, 21:24
Once ya got to where you start to have heart problems over some of that, you realize that even if you have a ball or w/e. That person can hold on to it and not bienge. Very addicting it is. Just i guess it is mind over matter plus Harm Reduction.

06-06-2009, 00:27
Bear in mind, that its still the same substance that you WERE addicted to.

If you are concerned about being addicted, just stop using it for a week. Period. If you can do so without any cravings then fine, fair enough, you have done what most others can not. If you do get cravings, then its fair to say that you have an issue of sorts and you can do whatever is required to remedy that situation.

I think that its possible to be an occasional user, albeit rather difficult.

big ol poo
09-06-2009, 10:58
mthadone gives all a lovely glow that goes on and on and on and on and on and on, loooovvvvellly glow, and ofcourse it gives us opait dependant addics a life!, Crazy one but all the publics fuckn prob.

09-06-2009, 11:11
^ Edit your posts, foo'

Fuck I can't word this right at all, but maybe the xanax that makes you be able to enjoy meth more, instead of the difference of snorting to smoking. If you get what I'm saying great, if not I'll re-word it tomorrow when I can think clearly.

10-06-2009, 00:03
I reckon the two main problems you will run into are;

You were previously addicted to Meth and if you're using to get things done eventually you'll find you can't do those things without the aid of Meth.

I use probably once a week to once a fortnight in amounts ranging from 0.5 - 3.0 grams over one night to 2-3 days, have been for a fair while, and I've never had any cravings or major problems but i only ever snort/eat and only use in social situations. I've found however now i can struggle alot in social situations if I'm not on something but I've always been pretty introverted.

10-06-2009, 03:09
I know what you mean about feeling a lack of motivation without drugs. I never did meth, but I found that opiates gave me the release of dopamine and desire that I wanted to get things done. 11 months later and if I don't take my daily dose I can't get anything done, I can barely get through a day of work.

I know you are talking about meth and morphine and meth are not the same at all, but the concept is the same. I personally think that if you depend on meth to get things done, you will eventually run into a problem. It might take a while, but you will most likely regret it. Many have tried to do what you are talking about, and very few (none that I'm aware of) have been very succesfull. Be careful with that shit, it could destroy your life.

14-08-2009, 15:17
Thanks guys for the info. Let me give you the update.

Lets see...this was in June and now it's August.

After my first post I continued to use as I normally do. But soon all of my work was...well...DONE lol

So I stopped since all of my big work loads were done (got a nice raise in pay too lol)

So all of July I was clean. I didn't use until yesterday 8-13-09. I had to clear out my dad's garage (which is full of boxes up to the ceiling) so my brother and I decided to do a line or two again to get it done.

I'm not sure if it was because I had an empty stomach, but god damn I felt kind of weird. I also noticed it disrupted my breathing. I couldn't take in a full breath of air as I would be able to sober. I also noticed it made me gag...a lot. Especially when I was smoking a cigarette. I went to the bar to have some drinks after work to come down, but for the life of me I couldn't swallow those beers. I think I had two beers over a period of 3 hours....not usually my norm....

I still don't have any cravings. In fact I have a line all ready to go right next to me that I prepared like HOURS ago, and I feel no need to say "aww one more line wont hurt!"

I have noticed something about sleep though:

If you plan it correctly...and yes it my take some time, but when work is done and I have no need to be tweaking any more I'll start drinking water, TONS of water. I'll take a piss every few minutes, maybe have a beer or two, lay down, and I pass right out.

I think it has to do with a few factors:

1. I stopped myself at the right time.

2. All the water helps me piss the meth out of my system a little faster.

3. Mind Set. It's all about mind set.

4. The few beers are relaxing.

And I think some of you here are right about having a problem of sorts if I can't get work done without meth. So when I stopped I just powered through work with coffee.

And I do know I was addicted to smoking it, but here is another story (I have tons of those :) )

When I was smoking meth I was hooked for about a month straight until one day I took a hit off the pipe and puked all over my room. After I puked, I threw the shit away and broke the pipe with a hammer over my trash can. Never touched it again.

Which is why I just had to ask in my first post; about smoking meth being more addicting than snorting it. Some friends tell me that's just a myth and that they are equally addicting. Honestly though...I really don't think so.

I simply CANNOT do meth socially. Although when I do, I listen a hell of a lot more, and when I talk it's short, simple, to the point.

What bugs me about social meth use is that when I am with friends and I'm coming down I don't want to be around them anymore unless I do more. When work is done and it's time to go home and relax at the computer I come down and just don't care that I'm coming down. I think it's because I'm alone and I can deal with myself a little better. That too, and when I'm around friends I get paranoid that they will know I'm high, especially when I move my jaw around or clench.

So for me...meth is no bueno when it comes to social activities. The thing that scares me the most I think is what if I do too much and can't sleep for a long period of time and get some form of meth/sleep psychosis?

And in regards to JasonSmith:

You may very well be right. The Xanax makes it a little more enjoyable, simply because I can use meth and go right to sleep when I want to and wake up feeling like a million bucks.

In regards to Salvinorin_A:

"If you can do so without any cravings then fine, fair enough, you have done what most others can not."

That was my last question in my first post. Not only was I able to put it down for a week, I was able to put it down for more than a month. So...I'm coming to the conclusion (that I believe I already have known) that really there is no "better path" I guess. I do realize the power of this crazy frickin' drug, and I don't underestimate it. And as far as using the drug the way I do, I guess it isn't too bad if I can just keep my shit together, which I have proven to myself twice now in my life.

In regards to zrawdog:

I think your right as well. Which is why I stopped when all my big work loads were done for the summer. I can't get dependent on this stuff, so I guess using it only when I will really require a pick me up is OK. Just gotta watch myself carefully.

So yeah. I'm gonna stay in touch and I would love to hear more of your replies regarding my situation.

BTW...yesterday when I did meth was the day Les Paul died :(

RIP LES 6/9/1915 - 8-13-2009


(Hope it's ok to post that ^^^. If not I won't be offended if an admin comes by and takes it off heh)

14-08-2009, 17:05
^HOLY FUCK, he died when, how? omg

God damn i need to look into this, cant beleive it!


14-08-2009, 17:13
check out the blog I linked, I wrote all the info there

19-05-2010, 02:27
To the op : this all sounds real good ,but just wait till you do have a big work load ,say youve been up a bit to long (this will happen),.... and you run out ,,, rut ro ! Hope your making this shit and you plan to stay on it forever , in all of my worldly vast experience i have found meth to be a one way street, either your on it or you are not ! Just my educated opinion !