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16-06-2009, 13:23
Anyone tried this combination? Would the speed just cancel out the effects of the weed?

16-06-2009, 13:40
amphetamines, i've taken some bunk x pills that were meth bombs, they caused me to not even feel the sensation of weed, or even feel it going down my throat for that matter

ime it highly degrades the experience of marijuana

16-06-2009, 13:51
many people enjoy weed after some speed to calm them down
in Australia atleast

16-06-2009, 14:37
it depends how much amphetamine you ingest, IMO.

i find that 15mg d-amph and a spliff pair quite well. %)

16-06-2009, 14:54
No point really... use speed to get ya charging, party all night.. then smoke and chill..
then bed

16-06-2009, 14:58
As soon as the speed starts wearing off, if you have any anxiety at all and you smoke. prepare to be severely fucked up and spun out. If your a serious hardhead then prepare to just be fucked up.

16-06-2009, 18:25
This is best during writing.

You keep the imaginative thoughts, but have extra motivation to scribble it all down.

Otherwise, I would probably save them for different times.

16-06-2009, 21:04
i have to smoke extra weed when i take my adderall.
my doc even told me once that they would cancel eachother out but it doesnt, it is a wierd diff kinda high, i hate adderall though

as a side note though amphetamines + weed = high blood pressure and increased heart rate

17-06-2009, 00:44
Yup amphetamines will get you spun out that's for sure.

One word of advice, avoid smoking your cannabis until the comedown.

The reason I say this is that when I took 40mg of adderall XR at 4pm I was up all night and smoked a quarter of dank without realizing it, it didn't even get me high it kinda just chilled me out from the overstimulation! Just chain smoking bongs and making 3am phone calls to my friends (probably not a good idea lol).

But yeah to answer your question, I wouldn't take adderall without cannabis and a benzo/sedative to bring me down afterward.

17-06-2009, 01:39
after you've felt the effects of the amphetamines for awhile and you're trying to come down, maybe go to sleep, herb is a very useful tool in helping you calm down after an amphetamine episode. sure has helped me, keeps me from staying up until alll hours of the night

sunshine swimmer
17-06-2009, 06:29
Yeah it Australia it is very common to smoke some buds when you start coming down from be it X pills, speed, meth what ever

17-06-2009, 08:20
i think you could use it to mellow yourself slghtly on meth, make you feel less twacked out. its worked for me, i feel less tweaked out and more calm but still bugging.

17-06-2009, 10:05
i fiend cannabis to the point where i find myself constantly chopping up for 3 or 4 hours doing nothing else than smoking cones and playing video games. If you can keep smoking right through the comedown im usually so worn out that i just crash out and sleep, although if you're looking to have a night out anymore than a few grams will fatigue the fuck out of you.

17-06-2009, 12:33
I love amps and weed. Yes, sometimes i barely feel high but most other times i feel head-stoned yet completely alert and coherent, and the body high is amazing.

BiG StroOnZ
17-06-2009, 13:16
wasn't there a thread on this like a few days ago?

Amphetamines + Weed = Accelerated Thought, Overly Talkative, Full of Energy, Moments of Clarity, all of this followed by a horrible and shitty strung out crash, accompanied by insomnia :\

17-06-2009, 16:33
It is a real good high, if you get ripped as before you start hitting the crackie especially, or when you are coming down, when coming down of charging you need to smoke a fair bit more though.

It gives a more spaced out, euphoric sort of high I find and a great body buzz.

17-06-2009, 20:38
yeah ive done this .

Its really weird , like you dont feel relaxed while doing it .

But you can feel the head change with weed , but still think straight .

You wont feel mellow , but really fresh .

Weed does change the way your feeling though , definitley .

Why not try it ! ? :P

27-06-2009, 20:29
I've done this once. I was on 70mg lisdexamphetamine and wanted to calm down so I blazed a j and took a bong rip. The amphetamine certainly overpowered the cheeb but it wasn't an unpleasant combo, just not the best and hardly synergistic.

27-06-2009, 23:07
Weed is amazing on meth, bad for your heart though. I've smoked on adderall a lot but that is a crappy amphetamine. I've found I can't handle amphetamines without some kind of depressant. I get too antsy an anxious without it.

21-08-2009, 07:13
I just posted recently that I had a really bad experience after doing my normal script of amphetamine (about 70mg total and then some ativan + a little booze during the comedown) I was feeling normal, not drunk, spun, or high. Then I decided to smoke some weed and my heart-rate went through the roof. I blacked out a few times and my heart started beating fast and hard and arrythmic. Pain in the chest and high fever. A friend quickly started rubbing ice on my arms and face and turned every fan on in the house to cool me down. I was slouched over and felt nearly dead.

Would weed really do this?? Was it the amp + weed + benzos?

21-08-2009, 07:20
I've yet to try this combo always wanted to though! When I used to do Dex-Amphetamines alot I didn't smoke all that much. Now all I do is smoke and can't get em anymore, damn. I remember taking 20mg D-Amphetamines at like 9:30 in the morning at school and ended up not going to sleep til 5:30 that night! Taken them many times before that too and much later in the day(5-5:30 pm) and have still never been wired or stayed up that late. Is that just me or does everyone get that too?

21-08-2009, 10:35
When I smoke while on speed I dont feel the effect as much but I feel absolutely no comedown from the weed either, its nice :)

21-08-2009, 14:20
depends on the individual but generally its a dumb idea to mix the two.

21-08-2009, 15:08
Good combo. I reccomend getting REALLY stoned on good weed and smoking or snorting some meth. If you wait until after the amphetamines it takes a lot more to get stoned but it is great for the comedown. You do need to smoke more than usual though.

mr. benfield
21-08-2009, 19:20
honestly, this is one of my favorite combos

great euphoria, stimulant high with the calmess and slight psychedelic effects of marijuana

Social Suicide
21-08-2009, 21:54
This is my favorite combo. I think weed goes a lot farther when I'm all spun out. Highly recommend it. <3

22-08-2009, 01:06
Really depends on the person.
If you're a regular pot smoker... you can smoke weed on just about anything.

To me, pot is relaxing...

22-08-2009, 05:37
Weed enhances amphetamine euphoria a whole lot for me, while also reducing the uncomfortable amphetamine side-effects (agitation, jitters, etc).

22-08-2009, 05:45
on the contrary, this is the worst combination of psychoactives I have ever experienced.

mr. benfield
22-08-2009, 05:56
Weed enhances amphetamine euphoria a whole lot for me, while also reducing the uncomfortable amphetamine side-effects (agitation, jitters, etc).

yeah, it definitely reduces the bad effects. ironically, it reduces the paranoia for me

23-08-2009, 06:21
i had 3 xtc pills on friday night at 10pm felt myself coming at 3am smoked a few cones and it brings the euphoric feeling from the pills back on and after few hours have a few more cones bring it back on keep doing that for about a day but after awhile the high starts to get weaker but its still there.

23-08-2009, 07:41
Everytime i do amphetamines, then smoke, i seriously feel nothing.

good chasers for comedowns though

23-08-2009, 20:13
i once took like 50mg of adderall and then smoked a joint and i did not feel any effects from the weed.

DJ 303
23-08-2009, 20:17
can be great, can be savage.
i find amounts, timing, strength, and sequence to be a key factor

28-08-2009, 13:06
When I was a bit younger and almost excessively cautious about my cannabis use, I swore by this combination. On nights when I would smoke with a friend and we went out somewhere, I would always feel a bit paranoid about cops noticing us, people knowing we were high, etc. I found that if I took a relatively low dose of Adderall before smoking (10-20mg when my tolerance was still really low), I could compose myself better--or at least felt like I could--in public and enjoy myself a little more.
I think moderation is key to avoiding that spun out feeling; one that a lot of people ignore.
Nowadays, more often than not I use cannabis during or close to an amphetamine comedown to help me sleep--sometimes it is the only thing that will allow me to do so.

Timing makes a huge difference for me. Whichever substance I allow to take effect first is the one that is generally stronger, even if it's a small difference like 15 minutes. Does anybody else notice this?

29-08-2009, 01:37
I completely agree with you dharma, timing is everything.
Stronger is usually the best to take first, and then let all the other ones take at the appropriate time depending on what sort of experience you would prefer.

Hot Dog Of Doom
29-08-2009, 01:38
I enjoy this combo alot, imho the weed adds greatly to the euphoria.

29-08-2009, 01:49
This is best during writing.

I disagree. I find that I write better when I'm just on speed, or just stoned. But the combination really wears me out mentally. Maybe it's because I tend to go on binges with prescription stimulants, and it has to do with the lack of sleep/food, idk...

However, my favorite thing about Adderall is the clarity of thoughts and the undying motivation to do whatever the fuck I put my mind to. Weed has pretty much the opposite effects, at least for me -- and I love it for that equally. But the combo sometimes fucks up the good aspects of both drugs.

Tbh, I actually combine them weed and methylphenidate all the time. It's still a bad combination for doing shit, though. I would stick to one or the other for all academic, creative or work-related endeavors.

But there's something about a good, energizing Sativa (think Sour Diesel, for example) that always kicks off amphetamines or methylphenidate for me.

Indica weed and stimulants is a stupid combo...

Also, a funny thing is that I've never had good experiences combining weed with caffeine or cocaine. I specifically like it (sometimes/sort of) with dexmethylphenidate. I'm a very specific person in general...

29-08-2009, 06:10
As soon as the speed starts wearing off, if you have any anxiety at all and you smoke. prepare to be severely fucked up and spun out. If your a serious hardhead then prepare to just be fucked up.

the true after effect :p

29-08-2009, 06:26
agree great combo , u feel the effect of marijuana just not the lathargic?lazy sleepy part...

21-08-2010, 04:40
Sorry to bump this thread but I HATE this combo...

I am a regular smoker, and when I smoke while speeding my thoughts tend to go through the roof, and I am not as happy as I was before. Which is really strange because trust me, nothing makes me happier than seeing my weed and packing it knowing ima get blazed as a MF ;)

I usually save it for the comedowns, it helps then.

I will say though: one time after a night of LSD and alcohol, and getting about maybe 5 hours of sleep, I woke up took 30mg of adderall, and 1mg of xanax, and me and a friend smoked at least an 8th of high quality medical weed all day, and it was A M A Z I N G i find benzos really help with the "staying in control" when your thoughts are racing, particullarly xanax.

overall though, amphetamines by themselves with marijuana is a terrible combo for me, and this is coming from someone who smokes every day. To eachs own I guess but I wouldnt recommend it.

21-08-2010, 18:57
awesome combo imo. throw some alcohol in the mix and you'll be blacked out but still going before you even knew what hit you. been a couple nights now where i wake up the next morning thinking 'damn, what a lame ass night not shit happened' then hit up one of my friends and they got a whole list of ridiculous shit i was doing and don't remember any of it.

without weed addies make me sit there and spin in circles from the anxiety it gives me.

junkie skumbag
28-08-2010, 14:49
i find i smoke ALOT of weed when im on amphed's i do feel stoned but it dosent get me to where i wanna be plus i have to smoke alot more to get the disired effect

28-08-2010, 15:16
I havnt tryed presciptions like adderal or ritalin, but I get the impression from these posts that legal amps are shit compared to illegal amps. Ive tryed speed/base and I love smoking bongs on it. So do plenty of my mate's.

Seem's pretty common in Australia.

28-08-2010, 15:41
I personly think that it is a waste of weed to smoke while high on methamphetamine,although after staying up on speed for several days and nights,and coming down ,during the come down if I smoke weed especially at night after being up, it gives me a kinda trippy wierd feeling that is good,sorta psycedelic after not having sleep for 48+ hours then smoking weed,of course you might start seeing stuff out of the corner of your eyes sometimes after a speed binge of 3 or 4 or more days,but when smoking weed after a binge it defintely makes for a trippy high and you do not "see" things like on acid or whatever,but it (the weed) enhances lights and stuff when coming down from a speed binge,I actually enjoy the trippy,but paranoia that weed brings after being up on speed.

29-08-2010, 13:13
Im perscribed adderall for my ADD and I find the weed+speed combo not that great, it really makes your mind race and isnt the most confortable high for me.

Really the only combo from weed I dont like.

But benzos+marijuana after coming down off speed is fucking amazing. I feel great :)

29-08-2010, 13:16
HA i duno once i did a shit load of speed and started to feel sick when i was coming down so i decided to smoke a spliff to myself and i got reaaaaaallly stoned but it was actually so buff, i fell asleep and awoke an our later to discover i have been heavily drooling, there was huge wet patch on my pillow and my face was covered in saliva .. not so nice :) haha

29-08-2010, 13:27
I have really come to find this is my favorite combo. After I have railed ice I like to be high on it for a few hours then start smoking weed. It combines nicely with where I am in the tweak for some reason and makes me feel more euphoric than anything this side of oxys.

30-08-2010, 16:00
I enjoy this combo also. A cone or three goes nicely with my prescribed d-amp in the morning and throughout the day for that matter. But it kind of cancels out the motivating, productivity increasing effects of the d-amp which is why I take it in the first place. I just end up listening to music, surfin' the net, reading stuff or something and not getting much done work-wise. Helps me relax a shitload at the end of the day though when the d-amp is wearing off. Weekends and days off I don't mind though obviously.

I never saw much point in smoking weed on meth, though I have on many occasions. Atleast until the comedown or when you start to feel tweaky like you say, ugly :) Chills me out a little and adds to the euphoria. But I prefer to save my weed for the comedown when it comes to meth. Normally end up in some room with a bunch of people hitting bong after bong at some stage, lol my friends and I are a bunch of stoners I guess :\:D

tee aich see
30-08-2010, 23:20
It's a great combo for writing papers. Weed gives you creative ideas, and the speed helps give you the energy to get those ideas from your head onto paper.