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10-10-2010, 01:44
This might be a stupid question as I am pretty new to coke, but I'm just wondering if people have ever tried plugging cocaine.
Ive never heard of this before and would probably never try it, just I've heard of people plugging many other things and I'm just wondering why not coke?

10-10-2010, 01:52
lol i can just imagine having a numb asshole and ending up shitting my pants cuz i cant feel it.
It might not be healthy tho since it would constrict your blood vessels in your colon and part of your intestines depending how far it goes in. But there is more surface area in your ass than your nose so more membranes will absorb it faster so i guess 1 plug wouldn't hurt and than snort the rest, but i wouldn't plug the whole coke session for the reason i stated above, it might cause damage to your insides.

I'm by no means a coke expert tho. I'm a downer person.

10-10-2010, 01:53
half the fun of cocaine if looking at those pretty, white lines and then snorting them up. best done playing monopoly with a few friends.

but plugging may be a smart idea. the high would last longer, so redosing could be done maybe once an hour as opposed to once every 20mins. please do try and let me know what happens.

its not "gay" to plug drugs.

Yeah I'm gay, but it doesn't mean i fuckin love putting anything up my ass. plugging is lame, but not uncomfortable, so the only problem would be your fear of appearing gay towards people on an online forum.

dudes that are too afraid to plug because they might come across gay are freekin gay.

10-10-2010, 01:55
I'd only advice plugging when your product is pure... Coke.

10-10-2010, 02:04
I'd only advice plugging when your product is pure... Coke.

people plug pills crushed up mixed with water and not filtered so there are binders and fillers in it, so it's not pure. why would the coke need to be pure? cut is kind of like binders and fillers.

10-10-2010, 04:26
people plug pills crushed up mixed with water and not filtered so there are binders and fillers in it, so it's not pure. why would the coke need to be pure? cut is kind of like binders and fillers.

maybe hes thinking leftovers from the manufacturing process that may be rough on one's insides

10-01-2011, 07:32
I've seen, after reading tons of threads, searching, and using Google, 2 main schools of thought on plugging cocaine, and they are completely contradictory....:/

The first is: that plugging coke (PC let's call it) is the 2nd best ROA next to IV administration in terms of getting a "rush". Thus, it is stronger so to speak than snorting. Also, the general consensus is that the high is more of a "body high" and less mentally euphoric/stimulating than when snorted.

The second school of thought is: that PC is a waste, the effects are not stronger in any way than the effects are from snorting cocaine, and it is a difficult, painful, uncomfortable way of ingesting the drug, especially in light of the frequent re-dosing common with cocaine.

Here are my questions, comments, and thoughts; any advise is welcomed....

1) Does anyone ACTUALLY know the BA for cocaine taken rectaly?

2) How long does it take for the effects to come on, and how long do they last when "PCing"? (Using snorted or IV'd cocaine for comparison)

3) Does the ability to remove insoluble cuts when plugging cocaine significantly benefit one's health? (Since if snorted, these cuts would all be put into the body)

4). Do the insoluble cuts even need to be removed when PC?

5) If it is true that PC gives more of a body high, is that more dangerous to one's health, and generally speaking, assuming all things being equal, which ROA is the safest/healthiest?

Thanks in advance

10-01-2011, 08:47
It doesn't work. Plus you risk hurting yourself with the plugging device because your rectum will be numbed almost instantaneously.

10-01-2011, 17:26
"XXL" do you know it doesn't work from your own experience? If so, what dose did you take? How long did you let the solution absorb b4 getting up? And any other relevant info would be appreciated...

12-01-2011, 06:58
Hi everyone, so tonight my friend plugged heroin and cocaine, separately, and this was his first time plugging anything. He said he got moderate results w/ the heroin, but when he plugged the cocaine he definitely felt it was a good ROA and worth doing in the future. The buzz was the same as snorting an equivalent dose, but there was a stronger initial rush that had a much faster onset.

12-01-2011, 06:59
You really want to stick shit up your ass eh?

Opiates are better for that tbh

13-01-2011, 18:48
^ well no, but my friend would rather stick something in his rectum than stick a needle in his arm.

About the opiates you mentioned, do you have experience plugging these substances? How did you find this ROA to be? And what opiates do you know of specifically that have a high rectal BA? Anyone feel free to answer, thanks

13-01-2011, 19:39
seeing how alot of people have to take shits after they snort a couple lines due to cuts and what not or just a reflex wouldnt some of the coke get lost this way? just thinking out loud but this is pretty interesting.

13-01-2011, 19:47
lol i can just imagine having a numb asshole and ending up shitting my pants cuz i cant feel it.
LOL that's what I was thinking. It reminds me of coming back from the dentist and someone saying "Hey, you've a bit of drool right there." Might be a different statement with plugged cocaine.

Rio Fantastic
13-01-2011, 23:14
half the fun of cocaine if looking at those pretty, white lines and then snorting them up. best done playing monopoly with a few friends

Ah yes, the typical situation one would take cocaine in 8)

I think you'd just end up snorting it anyway, what with the compulsion to redose and everything. Plugging every 20 minutes doesn't seem very practical.

14-01-2011, 13:41
Best way to try is to dissolve a line, then squirt it in with a 1 mil syringe (squeeze your butts). Someone said something about imbibing a piece of tissue and sticking that in.

18-01-2011, 05:49
Ok, so mabe I got this totally wrong, but I tried 'pluggin' at christmas time. I wasnt in a position to snort it, and seeing as it had been many many years from I last took coke I tried something new.
I over shot themark though when I 'plugged' two grams in two solid lumps. It took a long time to disolve and it was a very, very good high that lasted me for quite some time and I didnt have the hassle of wiping my noose or topping up every once and a while.
However, the very next day my whole rectum was turned inside out! I couldnt walk, I couldnt sit and I couldnt go to the toliet for 3 days, eventually I had to take alot of laxitives to be able to pass a stool.
Still now, a month later when I go to the toilet, there is alot of blood as my rectum was trying to contract and damaged itself squeezing over 2 solid grams of as near as can be, coke.
Im taking alot of fibre, eating alot of fruit and no red meat at all because if I have to pass a stoll any thicker than my finger, I bleed like a woman! I have no idea why gay people do the things they do because I can tell you right now, nothing, nothgng EVER will EVER go up my ass EVER again.

Plugging - bollox to that, if your gonna do it make sure it is as fine as posible and dont lug too much at one go, sure you will have a great night but you will suffer like fuck afterwards.

18-01-2011, 06:03
^STOP taking fiber. It creates more bulk which is not what you want at this stage.

18-01-2011, 10:33
I 'plugged' two grams in two solid lumps. The lumps probably "ate" themselves through your gut lining, causing a serious ulceration.

18-01-2011, 13:29
Plugging a vasoconstrictor isn't a good idea, as our friend above found out. I plug methamphetamine, and even then I've had issues like he described (but not quite as bad). Not worth it (but it keeps me from the needle).

21-01-2011, 02:39
The best way to plug anything is to cook it first as if you were going to inject it through your veins. This gets out any impurities that it may have been cut with. Then just use a medicine syringe that they use for giving infants liquid medicines. Any pharmacy will give one to you free. Then fill the syringe and off you go. Also everyone gets different results from various ways of doing drugs. Your tolerance levels, your metabolism etc.. Weight or the size of the person is not really a factor. I have a buddy who is 6'3" 220 lbs. and doing one 50mg trazodone knocks him on his ass. I'm 5'9" and 160lbs. and I had to prove to him and my wife that it didn't do shit for me. I did 6 of them which was 250mg and no effect what so ever. If I am on a medication after about a month of being on it, It won't matter how much I take, bump, snort it will not work. My problem is I have been on meds since 1994 when I was disabled in a car accident and every doctor I have seen doesn't and never believes me when I tell them I have grown tolerant to the med. I was just on Seroquil for sleep. 250mg. I went to the doctors and I told the nurse that it doesn't work at all anymore and she said that it was impossible to grow tolerant to Seroquil. I sat there one night and did 10 15mg MSIR (morphine sulfate immediate release) at once. It didn't even help my tooth ache. My wife was flipping out thinking I was going to drop dead or something. But, then was shocked that I didn't show even a sign of being on a pain killer.

21-01-2011, 04:13
I thought about it once but I figured that having a super vasoconstricted asshole wouldn't be fun.

25-01-2011, 04:20
I plugged a little bit of coke over the weekend. It was my first time using cocaine or plugging. A tiny bit, maybe 1/3 of a line gave me a definite rush - more so than snorting. I noticed a bit of numbness but it didn't bother me. I would try it again, I think it was a worthwhile ROA.

25-01-2011, 04:57
Yes it works IME. Never heard of "booty bumps"? Notice that the person who talked about turning his asshole out also did 2 grams in two bumps (sounds like an ulcer or puncture to me, as xxl suggested), and the lesson he took from it was
I have no idea why gay people do the things they do because I can tell you right now, nothing, nothgng EVER will EVER go up my ass EVER again.Sorry, I have a real problem finding anything else credible when someone says things like that... 8)
The classic way to do this, at least at one point in time in some circles in southern california, was to fill a straw with straight coke (no liquid), plug it on the bottom with paper, shove it in your partner's ass (this was a heterosexual activity, believe or not, albeit a kinda nasty one), and -- blow (also nasty, blowing your breath into your partner's rectum or vice versa). Probably wiser to turn it into a solution. And use an oral syringe. But that does work.

25-01-2011, 04:59
I have plugged cocaine before. I had a pretty large addiction to cocaine and the needle at a point, and as I was preppy my last shot with my last needle, I broke the needle off. I don't know if it was loose or something was wrong with the rig, but it broke and I was pissed.

I was still able to suck the solution into the barrel and I figured I might as well try and plug it and smoke the remainder of my stash.

I plugged away and have to say I didn't get very good results, if any. Didn't really get much of a high. I know it wasn't the cocaine, as I had been getting bellringers from IV shots from the same batch in the same session before I plugged it..

25-01-2011, 05:03
Honestly this sounds like a TERRIBLE idea. Your intestines are pretty important and I'm sure doing this causes some internal damage, which is why the gentleman was shitting blood and all that junk.

25-01-2011, 05:54
when i was a graduate nurse working in the ER back in the 80s, a woman was brought in by her bf for a coke OD. they had gone wild w/ lots of coke that ended up on his dick and in her puss. she died.

25-01-2011, 06:11
when i was a graduate nurse working in the ER back in the 80s, a woman was brought in by her bf for a coke OD. they had gone wild w/ lots of coke that ended up on his dick and in her puss. she died.

That is a sad story, but it sounds like a crazy party. They must have been like swimming, AND fucking in the coke!

Anyway, yeah of all the substances to plug this would probably be the last on my list. Doesn't seem like it would be nice, and with how often you have to redose...:!

25-01-2011, 08:48
I don't see why having to re-dose often would be a prob at all....
1) It could have a longer lasting effect than snorting does in the way cocaine taken orally does.


2) Even if plugged and snorted cocaine have the same duration, same degree of constant re-dosing ,how is that any diff or even worse than IVing coke? Or smoking crack? I'd think plugging sounds way safer than shooting or smoking cocaine.

This all depends on cocaine having a better effect plugged than snorted and idk that answer..

25-01-2011, 09:24
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31-05-2011, 19:49
Bumping this thread, I'm going to give this a try this week. I'll come back to tell you guys how it was compared to snorting it. Will use the same dose and will do this when sober.

01-06-2011, 20:38
Hmm I don't really seem to get good results from plugging it. It might be the quality of the cocaine (it hasn't been tested but I think it's okay when snorting it) or the way I'm plugging it. There's barely any information on the web about it in comparison to plugging E or opiates/opioids, sadly.

T. Calderone
01-06-2011, 20:52
I've heard that Stevie Nicks plugged coke big time. After watching her on a
documentary talking about how her doctor warned her to stop snorting coke
because her nose was so fucked up, I sorta believe this.

08-06-2011, 22:16
I just plugged 180mg (cut, so probably 70-90mg), feelsgoodman.jpg.
I like this way better than snorting, the high feels way better than snorting, as if it's way more mellow.

23-04-2013, 16:15
^ Just plugged ~130mgs and all i can say is that it's just enjoyable =D

I really don't like taking something nasally, not just because i just don't like it anymore, but also because my nose seems to be somewhat inapplicable for this ROA nowadays. So "up the arse" seems to be worthwhile alternative, since oral cocaine doses need to be very high (never tried that route myself).

Against my expectations there is no sudden rush, at least with the dose tested, but a slowly building feeling of overall well-being and mental comfort.

18-11-2013, 07:06
I recently heard about this. I gave it a try. First off I am gay, but I never have had anything in my ass so lets put that theory aside. Using a small enema bottle is pretty simply and has no discomfort. I mixed it with water and injected it. My experience was it took long to feel it. Maybe 20 minute. The feeling was different. Not that hyper feeling, more mellow. It started slow and kept getting better. It definitely is worth trying. I wouldn't do it all the time for fear of damage in there. I was wondering if anyone ever just inserted coke with out any liquid. Does the water slow it down or lessen it? If anyone has done both or just the solid please let me know the result. Thanks.

18-11-2013, 15:58

You definitely don't want to just shove powder up there.. ha. You need to break it down into a solution.

18-11-2013, 22:27
I didn't read most of this thread cuz I'm hurtin waiting for my man, but it works great and has a rush; tis much better than snorting.

Psychedelic Jay
19-11-2013, 02:19
Plugging is the way to go...

Just don't go on binges...

Fucked Up Now!
09-06-2014, 21:34
All right, So swim and her friends had been partying it up this week and swim was drowning in this pure as shit, straight off the block stuff. Swim used to BANG it, but that was way back in the 90's. Swim has been snorting the good stuff for days now, and now her nose is so clogged no air or blow could get through. What was swim to do? No needles, so that's out of the question. Swim is thankfully for that since IV almost killed her 10 years ago, so she'd decided to plug it, having never done it before, she experimented.
Swim first cut a line and dissolved it in 10 ml water and using a baby syringe (no needle) she took it right up the bum! no good! :?

Next she took her enema bag and put a BIG RAIL in it and with the bag half full, that too went up the bum too but was hardly any better.

It had, by this time, been hours since her last line thanks to the cement in her nose so she tried one last thing. Swim took a RAIL, again, and added 3 drops of water. Mixing it around to the consistency of pancake batter she pulled it into the baby syringe and it gave her 1 ml of pure, uncut, coke paste. Then Swim put the syringe back in her pooper (cleaned out with an enema by this time) about 1/4 of the way and pushed (Swim strongly suggests at least trying hard to take a crap first before you do this)

There was a little relief from the craving but nothing earth shattering so Swim stuffed her finger up there and pushed it all around coating her colon then took a shower to get ready for the day.
After Swims 10 min shower, as she stepped out of the tub, it hit!


Swim remembers well her crazy teenage years, and how awesome IV Coke felt. This was a similar body high, not as big of an initial rush, but unlike IV the high kept building and BUILDING! Swim hasn't felt this fucked up from coke in 10 years and she just keeps getting higher.

Swim was getting TO fucked up TO quickly and was scared because she'd used a lot of really pure shit and she wasn't coming down at all. She was worried about OD'ing cause her heart kept beating faster and faster. Swim then took the syringe and filled it with water a couple of times and rinsed out her bum. It kind of worked, she stopped getting higher by the minute and started to even out.

The lesson Swim learned? The less water the better, just make a thin paste, and spread it around inside as much as possible.

She told me to be careful with the amount you use cause it lasted 10X longer than snorting it! She's sitting here with me now, still SUPER fucked up and it's 45 minutes after the fact! Swim says she will never shoot or snort again. Plugging is for her apparently, as long as she stays careful about the dosage and how many times she does it so as to protect that delicate membrane in her tushie, but she has never, EVER, ridden the white horse for so long.

To bad the stuffs almost gone, Swim could have been flying all week!

28-12-2014, 06:14
Two nights ago I copped an 8 ball of coke which was very clean. I invited a lady friend over to share a little bit. We chilled snorted a bit and she left. I stayed up the whole night/day snorting trying to finish the supply, timing every application by 30-45mins(afraid of OD). The next morning I was still binging using my nose. By the evening my nose was raw. It was running, slightly stuffy and my nasal passages were inflamed creating a lot of pressure in my face(unless I snorted more). I got on the forums and starting reading random stories and found the booty bump/plugging thread. Remembering I had a turkey baster from Thanksgiving I decided to give it a try.
I must of been down to my last gram, which I really want to finish just to end the binge. I took half of it and made a few lines and the other half I decided to make a solution to booty bump or plug. So I mixed about a half of gram of coke with 8 oz glass of water. I filled the baster with 30ml of the solution. I sat on my toilet and applied some lub to my asshole. I never had anything in put in my ass except one time when a cougar made me experiment when she wore a strap-on when I was high 9 years ago. So my asshole is very tight and I have no experience of putting anything in my ass or by myself. So I snorted a nice size line then looked at the baster. It was about a $.25USD width and I was still little intimidated. But what ever I reached around(I should of reached underneath) and found my asshole. I pressed the baster into my ass very slowly feelings a lot of resistance. I made myself relax and applied pressure and in the baster went(I have to admit under the circumstances it was erotic). Sitting on the toilet I ran my hand down to the plunger and applied the solution inside of me. The solution stayed in pretty much except a little leakage when I removed the baster. I was surprised I didn't feel like I had to shit. I clinched my asshole awaiting an urge to push and didn't. I felt great! I wanted more in my ass and I wanted to get higher, luckily I had more solution left.
I fear when I binge-out because of all the terrible stories I've read about of ODing so I tried to wait 45 mins to reapply. But I couldn't, I went back to my bathroom 15mins later. I gave a push and I shot some water out of my ass. Since I didn't feel the need to shit I didn't let it all go. I felt my asshole it was still slimy from the lube but my asshole didn't feel my finger, it was numb. There was no pain. So I reapplied and then I got an awesome rush. I felt great. Since I only do coke once a year and its a 3.5g binge, I'm thinking I will booty bump most of it.
My advice is always be careful when doing coke, its a fatal risk you can take. I have never had a bad experience but Im not a heavy user, I like to experiment. I got over the come down by drinking a lot of water, advil and rest. It wasn't that bad but I still felt like I went on a binge. Next year I won't be snorting that much.

29-12-2014, 00:54
I wouldnt but then again anything but cooking it up into rock is a waste of time for me.

Ann Annonmouse
25-10-2015, 03:10
Well, yes since one of most popular way to cut safely is using a powdered baby laxitive, sometimes mostly at 50%. That's why you have to shit right after doing your first line, and sometimes even after that, until your large intestine is pretty much all emptied. I know this because my Son's Father was a HUGE dealer! Back when I was pregnant and saw everything with a wide and sober eye. Never wanted to touch the stuff after. The stuff he would get was so pure that even his connection would warn him to cut it at at least 50%, that's how strong it was. I even remember him trying it right after getting it one time. He couldn't even finish cutting it that night. He almost felt like his heart was going to pound right out of chest! He had to stop once my Son was born. Otherwise I told him I just could be around this any longer. I was just about ready to call 911 that evening. I could NOT imagine anyone clarifying this and putting up their rectum.

13-10-2016, 04:18
For those who say plugging doesn't work, plugging is the absolute best route to go in my opinion if you don't IV. I'm scared of needles and really don't wanna try crack because I heard the rush is the best and is what everyone really chases since the high don't last long so I guess I can't really speak for the smokers. So because of these reasons I started plugging. Snorting was pretty good for awhile but I stopped getting what I wanted out of it after awhile and got nose bleeds and decided to try plugging and I don't think I will do my yayo any other way. As soon as i put the cocaine in you butt feel it absorbing through my rect instantly when dissolved in water and from there it evolves into this slow pulsing sensation creeping and spreading further and further across my body until it turns across a full rush across every part of my body which hits you in strong intense pleasurable waves. As the rush rises so does your heart rate slowly and you can also feel your since of euphoria and the other mental aspects of the high creeping up to reach stronger levels. It's about 15 minutes to reach the peak through this creeping process making you wonder how high you can get. Once you reach this peak it is beyond anything you could imagine from snorting and the high last atleast an hour sometimes more and everytime I plug I get the same awesome high everytime. I literally just did a plug and typed this and it was just as good as my first time plugging.

19-01-2017, 22:30
I've heard that Stevie Nicks plugged coke big time. After watching her on a
documentary talking about how her doctor warned her to stop snorting coke
because her nose was so fucked up, I sorta believe this.

Rod Stewart used to plug coke.



22-01-2017, 12:11