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11-11-2010, 19:17
When drugs are purchased, say 1gram of whatever, should you actually get 1gram of the said item or should you get 1gram including the baggie?

As an average sized baggie weighs 0.3grams its a fair amount off the 1gram purchased

ie 1.5gram of mdma weighs 1.52grams, actual weight of mdma alone = 1.21 grams

11-11-2010, 19:22
You should get the amount you paid and that should not include the price of the baggie. They should always back weigh out the container to subtract the weight.

11-11-2010, 20:01
Well obviously if you buy a gram of, say, marijuana, its supposed to weigh one gram. That is, one gram of marijuana. Not one gram of marijuana and plastic

However, where I am from (Southern California), it was always known, and accept that with heroin, weight was not what it was sold as. And thats fine. When we bought a "gram" we knew we were buying 0.8-0.9, and when we bought a "ball" (3.5grams), we knew we were getting 3.1 grams. So there was no complaining - we still called them those weights but we knew what they were. Its just what it was and it made things easier to use those names, even if they weren't exact. It could be troublesome/annoying when someone new/naive to the scene buy a "gram," get the usual 0.8-0.9, and bitch about it relentlessly. Eventually they too learned. Or complained to the Mexican national they bought it from and probably got shot (ok, probably not shot, just cut off).

Interesting fact that I learned from the Mexicans I used to buy dope from. A "mexican ounce" is 25 grams (leading to ~3.1 gram eights and 0.8/0.9 grams) because that number divides evenly into a kilo, giving them 40 "pieces" (25 gram chunks, the so-called "mexican ounce"). I thought it was pretty clever when I first heard about it. Works out better than selling 28 gram ounces and coming up with 30-something and a fraction pieces (ounces). So, hooray for mexican ingenuity. ;)

Did I even answer the OP's question? Oh well.

11-11-2010, 20:05
You're getting ripped if you're getting charged for the baggie weight.

11-11-2010, 21:14
thats about all that needs to be said ^ ^

12-11-2010, 00:00
In the place I live, most of time an heroin gram weighs 0.8-0.9g.
SWIM recently bought a G of heroin which weighed 0.6! Now he always brings its scale with him.

12-11-2010, 00:15
chillllll with swim, swim = you so whats the point?

some places it's understood that one gram isn't really one gram. in high school lots of kids would sell .8/.9 as a "gram," and same goes for basically any other drug.

12-11-2010, 05:23
In the place I live, most of time an heroin gram weighs 0.8-0.9g.
SWIM recently bought a G of heroin which weighed 0.6! Now he always brings its scale with him.

Cut the swim out, its frowned upon on bluelight and isn't helping you hide shit. besides that, welcome.

As far as heroin goes, ive found stamp bags to contain 30-90mgs in my area (Wilmington, NC) but I hear in pittsburgh and new jersey stamp bags generally contain 60-110 mgs.

When I lived in Milwaukee I would get bags of dope that ALWAYS weighed 100 mgs exactly (every once in a while it would be over, however that was rare) When I purchased 6 bags I would get 1 for free, it was flaky white dope cut with dorms (sleeping pills) All of it came from Chicago...

12-11-2010, 05:40
in paterson, a bundle, 10 bags, well lets say it'd be a fuckin MIRACLE if it equaled a gram (unless it was filled with a fuckload of cut lol)

but your payin half the price you pay in NYC, so you figure 2 NJ fire pat bundles for every 1 good bundle of fire from nyc (which weighs out usually closer to a gram)...still, 100mg bags around here of fire are a rare find. NYC dope seems to always be better IMO than what I get in NJ (not that theres not fire floatin around a lot, it's just theres a lot of knock off''s and sht stamps too so it's easy to get ripped)

i kinda love/hate the whole stamp bag thing. its annoying as fuck to open up like 10 little stamp bags when your in a rush/outside or in a car or something

id love to be able to know im buying a straight 1.0 G of dope (not tar though lol)

I do hear of people getting ounces of raw and shit, i've never had that kinda dough or connect though. Probably a good investment worth savng up for.

12-11-2010, 05:48
Man, its truly saddening to see how many people are getting ripped when buying their drogas. If anything, its a bit odd to be on the money over in my circles, most of the time each bag or whatever is over weighed a bit!

Tisk tisk drug world :(

12-11-2010, 06:53
from experience of me and some of my friend weighing p-town bags they can vary from .01-.05 grams

with the average bag weighing .02-.04 so no way are you getting a gram in a bundle in Paterson. however shit is usually pretty raw and really cheap so it is worth it.

but like stuckinaloop said i wish i could get raw g's. It would be safer too because it u get caught with a few bundles it is intent to distribute also, but for one bag usually you'll only get possession , which is some much better when going to court. As, long as the bag ain't a ounce or sumthin like that, then your royally fucked?

Anyways i have weight paterson bags personally and so have 2 of my friends so i'm sure about the weight. However, older dope feens say they were .1 and might have been cause bags were sometime double the price only a few years ago.

12-11-2010, 07:00
Alright guys, this isnt the "how much is in your areas heroin bags" thread, lets try to keep it directed to the OP and what he was asking to discuss, or i'll have to close this thread down.

12-11-2010, 07:08
@@deesuhall - yeah thats right on target 100%

damn id love to be able to just buy h by the gram though and drop it on a scale and see 1.000

@@the op, weed though, well any drug really, you should be getting what you paid for point blank. don''t see the logic in paying for a specific amount and getting less. there is no doubt your are getting fucked around with if your dude is including the weight of the bag in your purchase.

I never really fucked around with buying weight of any other drug besides weed for my own personal use, but i'd be pissed if my quarter ounce was 5.6 grams when i poured it out..thankfully thats never a problem around here. your gonna come up a g short or more especially if its a sandwich sized ziplock (atleast with weed) that is included in the weight of your purchase.

I mean whats the point of paying someone for a specific amount if your not going to get it?

12-11-2010, 07:19
One gram, is ONE gram. Well, it is where I'm from anyway.. Not 1 gram of "whatever" plus the fucknn bag.. That's bullshit.
I feel sorry for anyone who has to actually "pay" for bag when they score....
Just not fair fellas......

12-11-2010, 07:51
yeah thats obviously a small-time dumb dealer who aint gonna last

12-11-2010, 21:09
People that I deal with always take into account the weight of bag. For example, grabbing a half gram of some type of powder, usually weighs to 0.7g on the scale. The baggie weighing 0.2g. If its a slightly bigger baggie its 0.8g with the bag being 0.3g. Never pay for the bag weight.

12-11-2010, 21:18
when i was dealing with powder bc we got fucked over so much i'd place foil onto a scale and dump all contents out of bag and weigh it that way

13-11-2010, 15:33
Baggies dont count.... hell naw... that would be the lamest dealer ever. I wouldnt give him my not hard earned money.

13-11-2010, 17:03
Am i right in thinking 1/8 oz is 3.5 grams? I weighed some weed we got and it was 1.67 grams. Just over 2grams in the baggie. What the hell?!

13-11-2010, 18:00
yessir an eigth is 3.5 grams

you got ripped sir

13-11-2010, 18:17
lol, always have your dealers weight it into a cup, thats had it tared to zero, if they give you shit find a new dealer, call them a cheap cunt (aslong as they aren't some ghetto thug wanna be peice of shit) try to find dealers in suburbia, there are less fake wanna be shits

23-11-2010, 12:08
With heroin I never even bother weighing it. Too much hassle to go up to these corner dealers and complain about that. Also, some of the lighter bags I get are sometimes of much higher quality, to the point where I do not feel it necessary to complain or worry about it. You get what you get, and if you don't like it, you go to the dealer who lives across the street from him.

With weed it should always be on point out of the bag.

Cocaine in Miami is the most complicated. Some dealers give you a gram for a gram, but you can tell they added an extra .2 in cut or something because it is not very high quality. Then you have your dealer who gives you very high quality coke, and it turns out that a gram is actually .7 or .8g. So you complain. And eventually, you get what is owed to you and all of you bags are 1 gram, but they have been cut. There is no way of winning this battle besides finding the perfect dealer, but I generally dislike cocaine and only do it socially. So it is not worth it to me to find those perfect hookups like I used to do for weed or heroin back in my day.

I prefer pharmaceuticals for this reason when seeking out opiates. A 30mg roxi is a 30mg roxi no matter who the fuck you get it from, the only difference is price. A 30mg Adderall is always a 30 mg Aderall. It takes a lot of the hassle and frustration out of purchasing drugs, and unless somebody outright rips you off you never have to fight somebody or plot some form of revenge if you know that they are too tough to take on in a physical confrontation (I am very good at this, people get fucked over months after the fact [I am eternally vengeful and unforgiving, New Testament God style] and never realize it was me or even anybody in particular who got back at them), in order to get your shit back or get back at the individuals who fucked you over.

I'm still more glad to be mostly sober and not have to deal with this hassle on a day to day basis.