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22-03-2011, 18:00
I was reading a magazine called Drug Topics and I see a new trend of pills on the horizon that will contain niacin, which will be used to deter addicts from abusing oxycodone. I would assume the niacin would be activated when the pill is crushed, chewed or snorted (Acurox, which is oxycodone with niacin has been filed with the FDA awaiting approval). I know niacin does produce flushing of the face, which is a bit uncomfortable. What are other symptoms produced by niacin and how do you think it will work as a deterrent? :p:p

22-03-2011, 18:17
I cant answer your question but from experience I know and have felt the aweful effects of niacin. I have used it in the past to pass a drug test. If you use the niacin flush-free one all it does is flush your system of the drugs(I assume bc thats what I used it for). One time I accidently bought the one that was not flush-free and it was aweful! I felt like my skin was on fire and like my whole body was ccovered in hives and a heat rash!My Skin was also very red and hot to the touch. It lasted about an hour but was extreamly uncomfortable. But it worked bc I passed the drug test!! The worst part of the story is when this happened I was in my car with no airconditioning in the middle of the summer stuck in traffic on the highway during the day! It was horrible.
So maybe thats the reason they would use niacin in a drug thats abused. It would be extreamly uncomfortable for the abuser. And they would never touch the drug again!

22-03-2011, 18:30
One time I got some Lortab elixir, which is the liquid equivalent to the pill. I drank about a third of the bottle and my face got very hot and I had horrible heartburn. To say the least, it detered me from trying any more of the shit. I wonder if they use atropine or something that makes people very uncomfortable when taking it in large amounts.

'medicine cabinet'
22-03-2011, 18:52
niacin is actually a fairly common cut for heroin, you know if its in there because the rush feels hot and you get flushing in your face and hands, and for some reason i always felt it on the skin on my butt cheeks hahaha....

i mean, how much niacin could you put into a little pill to make it worse than shooting a big shot of dope that has been cut with niacin? its kind of unpleasant yes, but it goes away pretty quickly.

22-03-2011, 19:29
probably a high dose of niacin compared to cut on the street

22-03-2011, 23:52
my doctor recently prescribed niacin for anxiety and un-wanted thoughts. it works great!

of course, the first week I had to slowly increase the dosage so I wouldn't look like a bright red apple all the time. Now, I take 1 gram 3x a day. It is a HIGHLY effective tranquilizer. I'm serious; give it a try.

also, if you take it with aspirin the first few times it will make the flushing effect more mild!

it's great for detoxing too. and my skin looks a lot healthier after just a couple weeks. I've also read several studies showing it was effective in treating alcoholism.

"Smith reported 500 such patients treated over a five year period using three or more grams of niacin daily. Smith had a 50-60% success rate. Smith's work was apparently ignored, perhaps because he could not offer a biochemical explanation for the mechanism"


23-03-2011, 00:09
niacin is actually a fairly common cut for heroin, you know if its in there because the rush feels hot and you get flushing in your face and hands, and for some reason i always felt it on the skin on my butt cheeks hahaha....

i mean, how much niacin could you put into a little pill to make it worse than shooting a big shot of dope that has been cut with niacin? its kind of unpleasant yes, but it goes away pretty quickly.

Really? That's pretty curious..Any sources talking about heroin cut with niacin? I always assumed that prickly flushing feeling was from a slightly higher morphine alkaloid concentration. Shooting morphine pills for me was almost unbearable, the histamine release. Which sounds exactly like you are describing.

I'm not discounting you, just wondering where you heard/read that?

'medicine cabinet'
23-03-2011, 00:58

i dont know if the thread will pop up since its closed, but i def remember a few times ppl posting and asking if they had a bad batch because they way the rush burned and made their skin red and flushed. obviously i have never seen anyone cut dope with it, but from the effects i have heard from other ppl including myself, it seems like niacin is the culprit. im pretty sure niacin is a b vitamin, and b vitamins are a popular cut for each coast powder...especially thiamine.

also if you google heroin cut with niacin you get a bunch of results. you can really only tell when you take a large shot. that itch and burn is hard to miss,

23-03-2011, 01:05
I'm interested in this as well, I wonder if they got the idea from dealers cutting dope with niacin or the other way around?

Either way, I don't think it will be that effective as an abuse deterrent. If junkies/BL/other drug forums can find ways around the MS-Contin and OP OxyContin formulas, they can find a way around this.

Will be interesting to see how it pans out though in regards to how widely it is applied to opiate pharmaceuticals.

23-03-2011, 04:34
How do you take the pill then? Couldn't you just get stronger pills then? I mean, they can't put 10x the amount of niacin in an OC 80 than a Percocet, because both are one dosage unit.... I don't get it.

23-03-2011, 04:38
^Good point.

Maybe put a small amount in the center? I have to admit I don't actually know what an "active dose" of niacin is...

23-03-2011, 05:42
So im curious about this bc I used Niacin flush-free 500mg pills to clear my system of drugs to pass a drug test. Using the flush-free one stops the flushing of the skin. I would take 2 the night before with a large glass of water. It always worked. I passed the drug tests using it. Now I never took it while I was high on pot, opiets or benzos.

so I am curious if it would make your high go away bc they start working soon after you take it. Maybe thats why they would use it in pills to prevent abuse. Maybe it wouldnt be active when taken orally but active when crushed, chewed or injected. Or would the one that isnt flush-free be used in pills and give you the flushed skin feeling which is uncomfortable.

This is very interesting! Considering what it could potentially be used for and what I have used it for.

I also have a friend whos doctor prescribed it for anxiety and he says that it really works. he is also a recreational drug user who didnt think it actually would work bc he had always used a benzo for anxiety relief. His only complaint was the skin redness and the feeling hot/flushing of the skin.

All of this very interesting to me!

23-03-2011, 09:02
For oral dosage (and even abuse) this will have little to no effect. Niacin can be very unpleasant to IV, so when this is done in a clinical setting its injected slowly over a period of time. Injecting too much, too quickly can cause a range from anaphylaxis to circulatory collapse.

I can't say that I've tried insufflating it, but I can't imagine it would be pleasant.

'medicine cabinet'
23-03-2011, 14:20
^do you think that injecting a large amount of niacin in a shot of heroin could cause someone to blackout in an almost OD state but have a rapid heart rate instead of a slow one with labored breathing? this happened to me a while back, i know i wasnt ODing because i didnt do enough dope, but i remember capping the needle and then waking up to cops and paramedics hovering over me doing a sternum rub. i was told (by a fellow Bl'er who's fast thinking and even faster driving got me help) that i slumped over in the passenger seat and just had tears streaming down my face, plus my nose was running and i was drooling haha. but the weird thing was my heart rate was through the roof. i came out of it feeling disoriented but i was still high. baaad experience that one, luckily the cops didnt find anything except my syringes.

the only thing i could compare it to was when a guy i used to get high with shot a small ass amount of dope and broke out in a rash over 75% of his body, like severe allergic reaction, rapid heart rate, and within a few minutes of shooting it, he was on the floor unconscious. in his case tho the medics gave him o2 and narcan and he came out of it fine. i dont think he actually needed the narcan but they gave it to be safe.

so im now wondering if maybe these 2 incidents were related to niacin injection? because if it is indeed niacin that was giving the burning effect in the dope i used to get, then i shot a ton of it because the dope almost always gave that effect.