View Full Version : (benzos) Orange 2mg Xanax bars

12-02-2012, 20:01
Has anyone heard of any orange 2mg xanax bars? Not the football once that are .5 (maybe .25 if I'm mistaken) but a regular looking 2mg Xanax bar. It is labeled Xanax on one side and a 2 on the other...cant seem to find anything. Ive been doing xanax for a few years now and have never herd of this. Can someone shed some light as to i they are real or not? Looked professionally done...more professional than the Onax bars going around. Any info is greatly appreciated

12-02-2012, 20:43
hmph. i've seen yellow and white ones, circles and bars...never seen anything orange other than the .5 mg.

i couldn't find anything online either. name brand xanax 2 mg aren't orange.

i'd go and ask your source. seems kinda sketchy IMO

12-02-2012, 21:17
Hey. . I've been a regular ALP user since 1991, and never seen these personally, but I have heard of blue bars, red bars (and now orange) bars making the way around Texas very recently. I recently completely lost my hookup, though, so I can't get anything at all, much less the color bars. I would be wary of them, personally. I seriously doubt if any legit manufacturers would suddenly change the colors of legitimate product. Just my opinion . They might be homemade, in which case you have no clue what is in them .

12-02-2012, 21:48
There are yellow Xanax bars for sure, though I'm partially color blind so maybey it was orange.

12-02-2012, 22:26
i've seen yellow green blue and white bars nothing else and i've been doing them for over 8 years

13-02-2012, 02:20
Gonna cop some more right now...ill post a pic

13-02-2012, 14:29
We're not here to do Drug IDs. Please read the rules.