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06-04-2013, 09:07
If someone was to grind up bud very finely, put it into a bottle with idk about 75ml 99% isopropyl alcohol for a few days, mixing it a few times a day, and then let it evaporate would one end up with hash? I also plan on mixing in opium as soon as I let it evaporate. Would I end up with opium hash? That would be amazing :D. Would I get better results with keif?

06-04-2013, 09:23
You dont want to let it sit in the iso for that long as it starts to strip more chlorophyll and other inactive waxes. The goal is to simply strip the active cannabanoids off of the plant matter which is why most agree that a quick "wash" where the iso is ran through the herb and then evaporated yields the more pure product. At then end of the day all you need to do is let iso and cannabis make contact and then filter the herb out, evaporate the alcohol and smoke what is left after evaporation. The longer the iso and herb make contact the more impurities you will have in your concentrate.

06-04-2013, 13:14

But any tips as to how long they need to make contact ?
Per 10grams let's say: seconds, minutes, hours, .. ?

06-04-2013, 14:17
rub flowers between hands.
rub hands
collect black hash

06-04-2013, 14:39
Sweet I didn't think it was that easy to make hash. Is it a good percentage of thc and cbd from the bud that is made into hash?

06-04-2013, 14:46
It's still not to clear on how long it should be in contact with the alcohol. I'd rather have it be slightly impure than to loose like more than 10% of thc because I'm dissolving it with opium. Opium hash omg two of my favorite drugs in one, I should throw some 4-aco-dmt in there for the hell of it lol.

06-04-2013, 15:48
Iso hash is hashish made using isopropyl alcohol to extract the trichomes and resin from the marijuana. Since isopropyl alcohol is 99% alcohol when it dissolves it should leave usable hashish that you can press it into your desired shape. You can also use this hash making method after you make bubble hash out of your marijuana first, then reusing it to make iso hash so that way you get the most out of your marijuana.
Materials Needed For Isopropyl Hash:

Isopropyl alcohol
Glass baking dish
Baking soda
Reusable coffee filter
Sealable glass jar
Razor blade

Directions For Making Iso Hash

1. If you’re reusing marijuana after making bubble hash, make sure it is completely dry. If you’re using fresh marijuana you can use like that. Mix the marijuana in a tightly sealed jar with the isopropyl alcohol, make sure there is about an inch more of the alcohol than marijuana.
2. Shake the hell out of the jar.
3. Repeat every five minutes for 20 to 30 minutes.
4. Now pour the marijuana alcohol mixture through your reusable coffee filter into the glass baking dish, while pressing out all the liquid.
5. Dispose of the marijuana, it’s useless now.
6. In your glass baking dish, there should be a thick green and black liquid. Let it sit out for several hours or overnight so the alcohol evaporates.
7. Once all the alcohol has evaporated, take your razor blade and scrape the dried hash off the inside of the baking dish. If you sprinkle a little baking soda on top of it first, it will prevent the hash from sticking to the razor blade.
8. Take all the hash you’ve scraped off and put it into a pile of baking soda, using the baking soda like you use flour with dough, by covering all the sticky parts and folding it over several times. Mix it in well to solidify the hash.
9. When the iso hash is thick and solid enough you can mold it into your desired shape.
10. To store your iso hash, keep it in a container with a slight dusting of baking soda that will prevent it from sticking to the sides.

If you want the source I can PM it to you. Can't link it here because it also links to a store on the site and several affiliates that seem to be vendors of various products.

I'm not sure about the baking soda, though... That's a new addition to this article, I think. I don't recall ever seeing that step before. Personally, I would not use baking soda in the process of making hash, but that's just me.

07-04-2013, 03:59
Thank you thats helpful. And yea I would like source PM'd to me please.

09-04-2013, 07:39
The better the purity of ISO is very important, You can get 91 % at most pharmacies and stores but the best is 97 or 98 % or if possible everclear works great, Never use the baking soda, just freeze the oil after the iso has evaporated, it will scrape up much better , cant guarantee it wont be sticky though, sticky is good, I use it in my G pen and love it this way, also the quality of the bud makes all the difference in the world, but you can make hash this way from trim too. Never waste your trim, make hash ALWAYS MAKE HASH with your leftovers, even stems contain thc. I prefer ISO over butane for safety and ease of production.

09-04-2013, 16:56
91% or higher isopropyl alcohol is best because it will take much less time to evaporate. I don't think you really want to leave it in the alcohol for a long time, just enough to get the cannabinoids extracted and not other plant goo. Just pour in enough to cover the bud and shake vigorously for 30 seconds or so and filter through a strainer and a coffee filter. You can do a second extraction for longer and put it in a separate container.

09-04-2013, 17:00
Acetone without additives is much easier to obtain, at least where I live.

11-04-2013, 22:40
Have a Google for "the gumby method" there's a good step by step guide on THC talk......its a piece of cake enjoy :)

11-04-2013, 23:47
The better the purity of ISO is very important, You can get 91 % at most pharmacies and stores but the best is 97 or 98 % or if possible everclear works great,

I will respond to this with various quotes I found:

Everclear has sugar in it that boils and caramelizes when heated enough. Isopropyl alcohol actually works better

Don't use everclear. Use isopropyl. The everclear will leave the alcohol starches and sugars that are in ethanol and leave them behind in your hash

12-04-2013, 01:16
Isopropyl alcohol works wonders.
It's good to use with a bunch of excess leaf.

12-04-2013, 01:40
What you're talking about is technically hash oil. Hash oil is generally more potent and more thoroughly strips the cannabinoids from the plant, while hash is just collected trichomes. Thirty seconds shaking will yield a more potent product, but shaking for longer will give you an (albeit small) more amount of cannabinoids.