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27-12-2013, 19:42
I got some oxycodone from my dude earlier and they had NP 15 score marks and I'm just wanting to know I anyone has any info on these like what's the manufactures name and how long has this specific type been around. It's not for any good reason, I'm just curious

Edit: oh and my FiancÚs friend likes to bang them (I'm not trying to make you think I'm the one that's banging them cuz I know we can't do that on this forum but there is no way I'm stooping down to shooting up, screw that) and I'm wonder if they would be fine to shoot up. I mean I don't think it would make any difference just because it has different score marks than the ones we usually do (A's, V cuts, and M boxes) but again, just curious

Felonious Monk
27-12-2013, 22:08
They're made by Zydus Pharmaceutical.

My 10mg Oxy script came as NP 13 tablets this month. The 10s are kinda low quality to be honest. Very hard outer outing, can't break them in half by hand, and when crushing they only give a rocky powder.

29-04-2014, 04:43
Okay so I've read on some other threads from other sites people discussing these 30s talking about how bad they are. Especially injecting them saying things like they don't crush very well, they are horrible, they are so hard to suck up, etc. well today was my first experience with them and my friend and I both got 3 of them. Before crushing them up and bangin them I looked them up online to see how other peoples experiences were. Almost everything I read was negative. Even with the negative reviews my friend and I both shot each of our three and I am here to say the truth about them. They are absolutely just as good as the vs ms a215s etc. if not better. Crushing them up was a tad more difficult then other rs but by no means impossible and it crushes into a perfect powder without much effort. I used about 135-145 units of water to get a good 95-100 unit shot. The people that said they were hard to suck up are straight up lying. These were the easiest to suck up that I've ever done. So easy in fact that I thought they wouldn't be worth a damn because the liquid sucked up was almost completely clear. But just 20 seconds after the shot I had no more doubts. The rush was great. If I had my choice between these and any of the other regular ones is choose these. No joke. Don't believe these other idiots and liars. They're great.

30-04-2014, 05:43
Oi vey. There is no point to shooting oxy pills. All you increase the risk to your health. Get some damn micron filters if you're going to do that.