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    Party in my flat this weekend. Everyone is invited.

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    wish i lived in scotland

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    Anyone know of decent raves in Ireland anymore?

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    The Shire
    Best House nights/events in the midlands(ish) anyone?

    In my early 20s, from Telford, Shropsire, & Massive fan of House music here, funky/soulful, new stuff and classic house.

    I'm one of those lads who wishes he had been around the scene in the early 90s , and i am determined to never go to a shitty local town centre nightclub again, with their shitty r&b and cheesy chart dance stuff.

    I know my house music well, right from its beginnings, but not the venues/events, and i don't know where to start to be honest.

    Why i why did i have to be born as late as 88? Argghhhhhh!!

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    26/27-11-2010 Awakenings Am*dam

    For almost 10 years the best in town.....CHEERS

    23:30 - 00:30
    Ripperton (live)

    00:30 - 02:00
    Joris Voorn
    02:00 - 04:00
    Carl Craig & Radio Slave

    04:00 - 05:30
    Ben Klock

    05:30 - 07:00
    Kevin Saunderson


    23:30 - 01:00
    Len Faki

    01:00 - 02:30
    Cristian Varela

    02:30 - 04:15
    Oscar Mulero & Reeko

    04:15 - 07:00
    Ben Sims & Friends (Ben Sims & Frequency 7 with Surgeon & Killa Productions with Paul Mac)

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    This weekend, Saturday/On going - Scum-o-ween - Massive free party/squat party rig link up, somewhere in London GET IN ! ! !

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    Quote Originally Posted by FractalDancer View Post
    If you're in London there are weekly psytrance squat and club parties, they are excellent There are a few psy events in Manchester, and several summer festies around the country like offworld, sunrise, glade... depends what you're into really. If you like more commercial stuff you might fancy Creamfields and Gatecrasher.

    How do I go about finding such parties? The psytrance link given earlier in this thread doesn't link to a list of events....

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    Pretty easy, get on psytrance forums, crew websites and facebook groups -- and send in your number to get on the list. Unlike the rest of the squatparty scene, psytrance promoters are quite open about their events. And since their events doesn't get shut down often I suspect they must probably be renting the venues these days, just keeping it so not to scare off the traditional audience. But then again I might be wrong, just an observation.

    Either way their parties are great though, pure underground. Even if I don't like psytrance at all I like to pop in now just for the sweet hardcore vibes of it.

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    If anyone's in Berlin 15th of June I'm going to see deadmau5 probably with an extra ticket :P

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    Does anyone know if there are any decent hardcore events around the Bristol are in the coming weeks??

    I haven't really been to one for years so I am kinda out the loop and went to absoloute hardcore at lakota day before easter and it was REALLY quiet so don't wanna make the same mistake again!

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    So, it's Saturday tomorrow, you know what that means! There's a couple of free parties happening south of London as far as I'm aware, anyone going to either of them?

    EDIT: For clarification, not asking for info regarding them, just wondering if there's any BL party people based in the South.
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    I'm desperately looking for some trance/house/psy party today. I knew a few clubs in London back in the days, some got closed, some I don't know if they're open. There are just some ads for Fridays on various sites.

    What clubs could you recommend located somewhere in central London or not far away? I realized everything that is going on is in the South and I'm in the North. Yesterday I was late back at home and missed a party in the Gallery.

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    318 - UK psytrance forum

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    Who cares? Let's have sex!
    What's there to do in Berlin?

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