Thread: The beauty of comedowns.

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    In a glasshouse, so i try not to throw stones,but it's just too tempting.
    As moffs gran says in human traffic when he's having to try and eat sunday dinner, NO DISCIPLINE, NO RESPECT, NOOOOOOOO MORALITY.
    Dad- "another kid dead due to ecstacy tablets"
    Moff- "JUST DIE"
    Heh that is like my house was a few years ago every sunday, thank god for weed vodka and those dodgy mates who had parents who couldn't give a shit.
    Nowt like a mitsi and base comedown.
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    aaaand I just lost the game

    I remember the first time I learned about the game, I was rather fucked in the head and just couldn't understand why anyone would play such a thing...

    P.S. The OP did a fantastic job.
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    Rob I miss you. Get free soon.

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