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    Essential Reading: The Best of PD 

    *Please PM a moderator if you find a dead link*



    I. Classic Psychedelics
    II. Extraction Threads
    III. Other types of substances

    IV. Substance Specific Focus Threads
    • 1. Natural psychotropics
    • 2. Synthetic psychotropics
      • A) Dissociative Anaesthetics
      • B) Phenethylamine Psychedelics
      • C) Tryptamine Psychedelics
      • D) Empathogens / Entactogens
      • E) Anticholinergic Deliriants

    V. Other Mega-Threads of Interest (Links previously at top of this index page are now listed here!)
    VI. FAQs of Interest
    VII. Illuminati Boy's Research Chemical Survey Results

    The Big and Dandy Thread Index:

    I. Classic Psychedelics:

    II. Extraction Megathreads:

    III. Other types of substances:







    D) Empathogens / Entactogens:

    E) Anticholinergic & Antihistaminic Deliriants:

    V. Other Mega-Threads of Interest:

    For psychedelic beginners, start here! :

    Main Threads

    Media Threads

    Other handy links:


    Favorites: (including polls)

    Bad Trips:

    The Main Bad Trip Thread - for questions not discussed below:

    VI. FAQs of Interest:

    VII. Illuminati Boy's Research Chemical Survey Results:

    Latest changes (march 3rd 2010):

    We have begun the process of reorganizing the Big and Dandy threads into a new, more efficient and user-friendly format. We will keep the main Big and Dandies, but there will also be several sub-threads for each which cover focused topics such as types of combinations, dosage/methods of administration, and side effects/aftereffects. This way discussion on the focused topics will all go in the sub-threads, which will make it easier to follow conversations and easier to find information later on, since there won't be multiple discussions going on at once that all get muddled together.

    April 22nd, 2009: Added a link to the new Big and Dandy 4-HO-DPT thread.

    May 1st, 2009: Added a link to the new Big and Dandy 4-AcO-DPT thread.

    June 12th. 2009: Created and added links for the brand new DMT and Mescaline extraction Big and Dandy threads.

    August 22nd, 2009: Updated links for new B&D 2C-E thread and added link to the old thread in the archive

    Augustus 29th 2009: Fixed broken link for B&D Mushrooms thread and removed duplicate link, reorganized DPT thread, started mushroom thread reorganization, added to the above list: 3-MeO-PCP, MDAI, mephedrone

    September 7th 2009: Added info links for psychedelic terms, adjusted header mark up, recategorized.

    Sept. 15, 2009: Added Big & Dandy Synthetic Cannabinoids thread

    Sept. 17th 2009: Cleaned up the 'other mega-threads of interest' list, named them in consequent manner, organized and added big & dandy solo trip thread to it. Radically rearranged this whole page, made content list and reorganized the rather obese list of miscellaneous mega-threads to the 'other mega-threads of interest' list.

    Oct. 17th 2009: Added the Pihkal and Tihkal button links for convenience.

    Nov 4th 2009: Added and reorganized mega-threads a tiny bit, removed the 'new' at 2C-N and 4-Pro-DiPT since at least a year old is not exactly new haha.. and I'm NSFWing this latest changes bit as its for the mods. Looks more tidy I think.

    Nov 23th 2009: Reorganized B&D and Main threads (added some), added new link at First time focus thread, added main link at natural psychotropics header.
    Addition: photoshopped page header pic.

    Jan 3rd 2010: Added yopo thread, renamed links in natural entheogen list to be more consistent.

    Jan 19th 2010: Added B&D Flashback thread, added low/high dose shroom to compensate low/high dose acid thread links, emphasized 'focus threads' following the First Time link.

    March 3rd 2010: Added deliriants since they are a part of the 'hallucinogen' category. PD is about psychedelics, not hallucinogens but since they are confused with each other so often the scope is broadened to:
    - give as much information as possible
    - try and help get rid of the confusion

    August 30th, 2010: Added links to and Big and Dandified the NBOMe-2C-C and NBOMe-Mescaline threads.

    Jan 5th 2011 - Added Methoxetamine & Dandified thread.

    Feb 27 - Mushrooms have been added to extraction threads

    Archived: this link is to the first Psychedelic Index Logo:

    March 6th - New B&D Methoxetamine thread link updated
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