Thread: mdma pills in melbourne ?

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    mdma pills in melbourne ? 
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    Dec 1999
    melbourne, austarlia
    hi all
    what are some good mdma pills getting around melbourne at the moment?
    i always test before i pop, but i still don't like buying, then finding out i have got a speed pill.
    also, if i get a pill that is, say half speed/half mdma what colour should i expect with my ez-tester?
    thanks, pink ;-))

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    Melbourne, Australia
    hey PinK!
    Simply look out for MDMA caps. I've been bumping into heaps of people who have or can get them, so i assume there is stuff going around. I managed to have my first MDMA cap at NYE, and now, that's basically all i will be looking for unless a crash hot pill comes in like a CK or GREEN EURO DOLLAR!
    Happy Hunting!

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    Dec 1999
    I totally agree with mr Klownz.
    There are a few nice mdma caps goin arount at the moment. i also managed to find some extremly potent mdma paste.. Kinda brown in color, cristally yet fluffy and sort of clumped together like it was wet, not sticky though.. had some new years, and after we put into caps, a couple of hours later the shit actually ate its way through the capsule...
    I kinda thought that if it can do this to a cap then it must be good for ya.. So i disposed of the cap and dicided to just eat the stuff. Bad choice.. at first i couldnt taste anything (you know the mdma taste) 2 seconds later i was close to ralphen my guts up.. It sure was mdma!! couldnt hold a straight face for about half an hour later.. The next day there was a burn mark on my tongue where it had eaten my poor unexpecting taste buds.
    real clean feeling, floating for ages, absolutly no come down, exactly what it should have been like.. But what else would you expect from something that cost nearly $400 per/g.. wish i still had some...

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