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    Comparison of biological and psyochological impact of illicit drugs compared to legal drugs.

    Or more to the point do illegal drugs do less or more damage to our minds and bodies then legal drugs?

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    C'mon people! Quit being lazy stoners and try and do something creative. I'll just go ahead and start off..

    Q: has marijuana ever gotten you into trouble (e.g. rehab, jail) because of the current legal system in your country?

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    A: Yes i have been arrested and put on probation for getting caught with possesion of marijuana.

    EDIT: Or wait... are we suppose to answer them... or just make up questions?
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    No dude, don't answer them! We're MAKING a survey, everyone has to think of questions that could be used on the survey. So everybody try and think of some good questions.

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    All the suggestions have been great, however, I love this one, which I think everyone would say yes to:

    5) If your a regular ecstasy/amphetamines user, do you dislike 'drunk people'? Do you purposely avoid drinking venues?

    From my point of view, I think bluelight is a very important source of information. I have never bothered to test a pill myself, however, 95% of pills I have encountered at clubs or through my contacts, I read about on bluelight first. Every time i am going to drop i look at blulight first and see what is out there. I will not take a pill if i dont know anything about it. One of my rolling buddies thinks that all the dealers get on bluelight and promote their own pills and give them a good rating even if they are shit, but I like to think that bluelight is a users community not a sellers community. so my question is:

    1. How much do you trust bluelight ratings? 1=not at all, 10=trust the other users to give an accurate account of their mexperiences.

    For me, i would answer 7-8, cos most of the time, the bluelight/pillreports agree with my own experiences. The only time they dont agree, I think its generally inexperienced users saying pills are better than they really are, or people that try and rate pills individually after taking them both at the same time

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    Research Chems: (risque subject i know... but.. we're here to educate).. please ignore any typos im a bit scattered

    Have you ever tried a research chemical (add erowid link here) ?

    If so, please answer:

    1. Did you educate yourself as much as possible on the effects of this research chemical(s) ?

    2. Were your doses weighed out on scales that weigh at least 0.002g accurate?

    3. Do you believe there may be some serious dangers when dosing these drugs?

    4. Do you know what Dose/Response Curve means?

    5. How often, if more than a couple of times, do you take these sorts of drugs.
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    Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!!!
    Keep 'em coming- just love some of these suggestions! Spread the word!

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    Here are a few to start with. May come back with more after a bit of a think and after checking they arent already on here.

    1. At what age did u first use any drug or alchol or smoke.

    2. Prior to your doing each of the above........what was your attitude to them?

    3. How did u arrive at the point where u actually used each of the above?? (ie, I always had a negative idea of drugs and would never take them. A friend whom I trusted told me he used them and spent time teaching me the facts...and invited me to try. I did.....

    4. What was ur parents attitude to drugs?

    5. Did you feel that your parents were truly educated about drugs.

    6. Were you able to talk to your parents about your use of drugs?

    7. Was there anyone outside of your group of drug users that you could talk to about it?

    8. Have u ever used drugs alone?

    9. If u have then when was the first time and when was it in relatriuon to the first time u ever took drugs at all.......and how many times have u done that since.

    10. Why did u take drugs alone?

    11. Why did u try in the first place??

    12. as your use continued, did the reasons change and if so how did they eveolve for u?? (ie maybe first time to experiment then next time to enjoy the same feeling and maybe 12 months down track cos I was hooked or whatever)

    13 Have u ever stolen in order to get drugs?

    14. Have u ever sold drugs in order to try and support ur habit?

    15. Over the years, how much money would u think u have spent on drugs?

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    Is psychedelic drug use a part of your spirituality?
    If you are a resident of the united states, do you feel that your right to freedom of religion is violated by the current laws regarding psychedelic drugs?

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    Re: The Bluelight Survey - We need your input! 
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    Originally posted by johnboy

    So how can you help? By letting us know what you want to be asked. For example it has always bugged me that no survey ever done here has ever asked"Do you test your pills before you buy them?" or "Have you ever refused to buy a pill because of a test result?". What bugs you? Let us know by posting in this thread.
    excellent thread John Boy. i hope you get the feed back you want

    I cant say ive ever read or taken part in many drug surveys. really the only drug related surveys i have heard of arethose that appear on the nightly news etc etc...and how reliable are those most of the time?

    but anyways...if i was to take part in a survey of some form or ask questions in reguards to a drug survey it would be these...that i would want included...

    1: What is your idea/ what is harm minimisation?

    2: If you take substances do you think you could handle yourself if things took a turn for the worse because of what you took?

    3: Define the term "Overdose"...

    4: What resources are you aware exsist for drug users that need advice or somewhere to turn?

    5: Do you use drugs for recreational reasons or to escape certain pressures you are facing?

    thats bout all i would ask that i could think of for now. i may add some more later

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    Originally posted by mrephedrine69

    3) Do you believe the current penalties for minor amounts of ecstasy (less than 5) are appropriate?

    4) Do you believe ecstasy is dangerous?

    5) If your a regular ecstasy/amphetamines user, do you dislike 'drunk people'? Do you purposely avoid drinking venues?

    Very good questions these

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    I only have one question.

    (Q.1) Do you put time into researching a substance before using that substance?

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    How many pills of ecstasy would you take on average in a night?
    Do you prefer ketamine, speed, mdma, mda or other in your pills?
    What are the most common adulterants in pills you have received as ecstasy other than mdma or similar?
    1.(ket,speed,pma,RC’s etc.)

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    Q: Have you ever been on a long term binge of psychedelics that reality and fantasy have become indiscernable?

    Q: Have you ever been discriminated against by friends, family, or potential jobs because of drug use?

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    it has to ask in a way "has your drug use been beneficial to yourself or others?"

    cause the last one i saw here was asking "are you depressed? Do you have problems? ...Do you take drugs?"
    the way is was presented, the only conclusion possible was to link problems/depression/... and drugs
    not once in the survey was it possible to explain something like "yes i'm sad, that's because my dad just died dummy, not because i eat mushrooms"

    it was so subjective i wanted to punch the fucking morons who made it for being such biased bastards

    many questions also didn't have all options necessary
    like "next year will you take more or less drugs than this year?"
    and how about the same amount?

    it would be good if people could express where they think the drugs induced problems come from
    ex : not just "have you seen problems with this drug?"
    but "what created the problems and what could prevent them?"
    it would allow us to point out that often the problems don't come from the drugs but from the misinformation/prohibition/taboo/...

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    (does it have to be yes or no?)

    Have psychedelics affected your life in a positive and/or negative way?

    Do you use psychedelics to seek understanding?

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    Originally posted by Chummp
    "Has your drug use ever lead you to crime?"

    Perhaps you smoked ome Cannabis and killed your mother with a frying pan?

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    I rarely bring this up mainly because people tend to either lable me as a junkie so passionate about his habit he thinks hard drugs should be legalised, OR people are just to ignorant to hear my point of view, so they dont listen and process my (possibly) valid inferences. I'm in no way new to drugs or ignorant of the fact they alter attitudes, so I'm in no way implying the negative effect of drugs constantly bombarding us on the news or in newspaper reports is purely propaganda fabricated as a drug deterrant.

    If I had to put it in question form, I would say:

    Question 1.
    Do you think laws imposed on various aspects of the drug culture (eg. possession, trafficking, etc), compliments the increase in reoccuring (and reported) instances where regular/habitual usage of the drug/s has a largely negative and/or permenant impact on a persons mental/physical health?

    Question 2.
    Could the actual laws be causing more problems to arise than the drugs itself?

    Question 3.
    Do you think its possible that a person of good mental health is more likely to use drugs while less frequently suffering commonly reported side effects, compared to that of a person who may suffer from any level of diagnosed/undiagnosed mental problem/s?

    Background and Reasoning
    1. I think its worth some research into how tightening drug laws seem to compliment the number of reported cases where a user suffers 'side effects' like depression, paranoia, psychosis, etc. As laws become increasingly strict for thoes caught possessing/trafficking/etc illict substances, reported cases of thoes conditions above seem to increase, largly fueling the bad stigma attached to drugs.

    2. Instilling fear into people through anti-drug campaings and the use of police presence in and around clubs is apt to make people nervous about taking their drugs into a club, or doing a drug deal at a club instead of the privacey of, say, their own home. Stricter laws means more nervousness, which will increase cases of paranoia or psychosis and their severity.

    3.This is strictly from my own observations. Its not my firm belief that people only get fucked up on drugs because the laws are too tough, but as someone keeping an open mind on drug use and harm reduction, I can't deny the relationship between the two. I've never heard any reports on drug usage that has been positive, and probably never will. Biast, conflicting and volatile research results makes the general concensus that drugs only ever fuck people up.

    And I wont deny seeing people consumed by that path. But I also can't deny that, aswell as quite a few of my friend, I myself have been doing this for a good while (the last 4 years, 3 of thoes years I was using daily), without ending up in rehab or a psych ward. And the people who frequently succumb to dark depth of drug abuse more often than not suffer from some kind of problem mentally, which goes unnoticed because they might only be mildly affected, but with regular drug use, the problem surely will increase the prevelence and severity of underlying problems.

    Food for thought I guess ...

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    1) Do you pre and post load to minimise neurotoxicity and improve the overall experience (including comedown) ?

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    A lot of the surveys these days adequately cover the drug side of things, but do little to reveal the motivational aspect of drug use.

    That is, they ask about how/when/where the drug user takes drugs, and sometimes the effects of them, but not why.

    1) Do you take drugs to
    a) escape from something
    b) enhance a social situation?

    I also think an open-ended question(s?) needs to be asked about how the drug user feels their use fits into society.

    e.g. Do you think that drug use is acceptable within your social context?
    e.g. Do you think that drug use in your peer group is becoming more or less acceptable?
    e.g. Do you prefer illicit drugs over legal ones (tobacco/alcohol), and if so, why?

    and perhaps a politically-minded one. Governments go on and on about how they wan't to stop drug use, but that's not really possible without any sort of insight into why drug users take drugs.

    Do you think that the dangers of drugs are portrayed to be more serious than what they are?
    Do you think that drug use has made you similar to the drug stereotypes that are portrayed by government/media? (junkie, addict, etc). [Or perhaps, how similar?]
    Do you think that drug use in society will decline?
    Do you believe the criminal justice system is the appropriate way of dealing with drug abuse? If so, why? If not, why not?
    Do you believe that there is an acceptable level of recreational drug use which should not be corrected? If so, why, and what level? If not, why not?

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    The Bluelight Survey - please read 
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    johnboy (BL's press agent) has asked us to give the following as much exposure as possible. This survey is looking for an international response, so post away here. Personally I think its a very good idea getting drug fuckups themselves to help choose survey questions, you only have to look at the pathetic surveys on places like TalkToFrank to see how crap they usually are. Anyway, this is what johnboy posted:

    Originally posted by johnboy
    Surveys, surveys, surveys. Seems like there always a new bunch of lab coats that want us to help em with a survey. For some time now we've been happy to help them out, as one thing that Bluelight has always strived for is transperancy, and the only way for "them" to find out about "us" is to participate. The only problem is that we don't get to decide which questions we are asked. The time has come to change that.

    Bluelight, in partnership with Dr Cameron Duff of the Australian Drug Foundation and Dr David Caldicott of the Royal Adeliade Hospital, as well as many other like minded people in the harm reduction community, have begun developing a major survey tool which will allow the users themselves to have input into the research. Also we will allow the resulting data to be used by anyone who wants it, as quite a bit of the survey data we have helped provide over the last couple of years has never been released.

    So how can you help? By letting us know what you want to be asked. For example it has always bugged me that no survey ever done here has ever asked"Do you test your pills before you buy them?" or "Have you ever refused to buy a pill because of a test result?". What bugs you? Let us know by posting in this thread. Any and all feedback is welcome.
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    ^^ very good point VelocideX. I would like to see some data on the motivations for people's drug use.

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    Hooray Johnboy! Great work with the good DrPlatypus as always...

    * one thig that always bugs me is the categories of use frequency - they are always far too broad for my liking. They rarely have scope for light-end users ("every month or less" is quite different to 3 times a year) or don't account for dose size ("3 pills a month" - is that 3 seperate occasions or one big night?). I'd also like to see questions on the length of use and long term useage patterns.

    * I'd love to see questions that examine the depth of user awareness of basic MDMA or meth biochemistry. See how many users are aware that MDMA causes a massive serotonin release versus those who know "it makes me feel good".

    I agree that having a defined scope for the survey would help us give you better suggestions - it's easier to think about questions relating to a certain aspect rather than the whole shebang. I also think your example questions are great - things that have often bugged me too.

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    Those are fabulous questions VelocideX . My own interests are very similar to the last set i.e. with an intelligent, affluent group of users, why hasn't there been any serious political commentary on drugs policy in this Australian election? The only party that's tried is the Greens, and they've been mocked, even by Bluelghters Is it because this group doen't care what anyone else thinks? Do they think that there is no chance of change? Do they feel so far removed from the political process that they don't have a say? I can see the Bluelight survey uncovering alot more about society than merely the drugs aspect, while concentrating on drugs. How can it fail- recreational drug use is one of the issues that has defined turn of the century youth culture.

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    I want questions like : Have you ever heard of 2c-i, Have you ever take 2c-i. I want to see how many non-online people have heard of rc's.

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