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    Best method for ridding opiates of your system 
    Does anyone have any information for the quickest most effecient way of ridding opiates of your system? Would one take the same approach as trying to rid THC? Such as excercise and drinking cranberry juice. I know that opiate metabolites do not store in your fat cells... So would drinking very heavily a few days before your test work? I know it's worthless to do this with THC b/c THC is not water soluable. But opiates, such as oxycodone IS water soluable.

    So does anyone have and GOOD information on how I should go about this?

    Do thoes 'detox drinks' they sell that claim to rid your system of THC work for opiates as well? I know that they actually don't get rid of the THC, they only have you dilute your piss, but the drink boosts your creatine, PH, and specific gravity levels so if they check for thoes things, you'll be ok...

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wow, this forum hasen't really "taken off' yet, has it? LOL

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    Yea sucks doesnt it. I'm watching this thread for useful responses...

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    Sauna's (Sweat it out)
    Drink water (Wash it out)
    Exercise (Sweat it out)

    Those are the 3 that I would stand by, I have never used those rapid flush drinks (they seem to gimmicky) and have heard mixed results.

    I know that Niacin has been used to in addition to stream rooms to help flush the body [opiates], but I am not to sure on the specifics about what Niacin does.

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    i had a random drug test at for this job that let me keep working there even though i had overdosed on a speedball (my bosses came to the hospital cause they were my only contacts there)

    well, i drank one of those detox drinks and it cleaned all the thc out, but opiates still showed up on the test.

    they did let me keep the job even though i failed the test a month or so after i od'd, as long as i did outpatient rehab (which they let me miss work for even though it was a salaried job) and they were gonna drug test me once a week (at my charge). pretty fair deal. they didn't give me one single drug test after we made that deal. weird huh.

    yeah, anyways, i wouldn't trust those detox drinks, i really wouldn't trust anything but time.

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