Thread: Xanax + Alcohol + Adderall + Cannabis + Ambien - first combo - Well fucked.

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    Xanax + Alcohol + Adderall + Cannabis + Ambien - first combo - Well fucked. 
    Well I'm baked and still hung-over from yesterday so I'll get right to the point with this one. I should note that I have no benzo tolerance and not much of an amphetamine tolerance. I have taken Ambien is the only drug I had never tried in this combo until tonight.

    Along with a few friends I ate 1mg Xanax. I was already somewhat stoned when this took place.

    I'm watching TV and starting to feel anxiety disappear, not that I had much to begin with that day. Sitting in the couch felt extra comfortable and I was pretty much just chilled out.

    A couple others have joined us and just partook in the Xanax. So I ate another half, bringing me to 1.5mg.

    We went for a walk back to one of my friend's pad. I met a couple other friends over there and we gave them some Xanax. I ate my other half of that last Xanax bringing my total up to 2mg.

    By this point I was walking kind of like a drunk, leaning up against the walls in hallways as I walked through them and swerving around. I felt buzzed simimlar to a weak alcohol / opiate buzz. But it wasn't as much of a "feel-good" buzz. However I was just totally chilled out, completely mellow, but also with a loss of inhibitions so I had a higher tendency to talk some shit for no good reason.

    For some reason one of my friends wants to do some Adderall. I was like, "You'll probably want that more later when you have an exam to write", but she was like, "Hell naw" and started crushing up the beads of a 30mg Adderall XR. She cut out 3 lines for the 3 of us partaking (I decided to, what the fuck).

    I swear I can barely feel that Adderall. Normally I would be buzzin' and wired from snorting 10mg of Adderall, but I wasn't. Maybe it changed my buzz slightly but not the way I was acting and thinking. Around this time we smoked some weed.

    We went back to my place and had some drinks. I was still smart enough to know not to drink very much, but I also knew I could handle a small amount of booze to mix with this. So I had a rum Daquiri ... maybe 2 shots in it.

    Well after that Daquiri I was well fucked. Zoning out occasionally, buzzin' pretty good. I can't remember much from this time but I know I didn't do anything too crazy (or even move around much).

    I must have convinced myself that I was "coming down" because I know I ate a 3rd 1mg Xanax around this time. Most of what was going on around now consisted of me and my friends and housemates all walking around with grins on their faces, not really knowing what's going on. I believe we also smoked more pot.

    That 3rd Xanax was kickin in... I was pretty faded but didn't feel like I had to fall asleep if I didn't want to. I started working on a 2nd drink, which apparently I did not finish because I see it sitting on my floor only half-drunk right now.

    I guess the "party" split up around this point cuz everyone was really out of it and wanted to walk home while they still could. I went and sat at my computer and started talking to a few people online.

    The fact that I could still type fairly well dispite how fucked up I was must have somehow lead me to believe I wasn't fucked up enough. Also, since the Xanax wasn't exactly making me want to fall asleep, I decided to try an Ambien 10mg. So I ate it. I also remember thinking "Hopefully this shit will make me trip".

    I keep looking for visuals and signs of tripping. Instead my headspace changes quite a bit. This stuff seems far more hypnotic than the Xanax. I don't know how to explain it except maybe it seemed a little bit like a weak DXM headspace. It also made my buzz feel a bit nicer and put me in a good mood (rather than just a chilled out faded mood).

    Damn no visuals, and I'm not even that tired yet. So another 10mg Ambien down the hatch. I continued chatting with people online and somebody suggested that they only started tripping on Ambien after smoking a bowl. Well, I had smoked a bowl somewhat recently (I am sure one or two ganja sessions took place that I forgot about) but I decided, "What the fuck" and packed another one.


    I wake up and notice that I'm diagonal on my bed on top of my sheet and comforter with all my clothes on. I remember everything that happened (more or less) that night until I was about to smoke that bowl. So I looked at my bowl and saw there was ash in it, so apparently I did get to smoke it.

    In theory I could have done anything, but in all likelyhood I simply smoked that bowl and passed the fuck out.


    All in all it was a pretty fun night. Today I woke up kind of groggy and felt a little out of it, and thought eating some more Xanax would be nice. I can see how this stuff can be very addicting.

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    lmao really enjoyed reading that especially when you "passed the fuck out"

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    Good report, so all in all you all just got fucked up.

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    Nah they got well fucked!

    Sounds like fun though. I wish I had friends!

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    sounds pretty fun. the only time i actually got fucked up on benzos (~5mg ativan) i also ended up eating several adderal 20mgs then topped off with weed and a beer or two. it was almost comparable to a very confusing, non-empathetic roll, but still very enjoyable.

    ambien gives me a DXM headspace with no real visuals to speak of as well, though ive never combined it with anything but weed.

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    good report, glad u had good times getting fucked up ;p


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    Xanax and Adderall? Up, down, up, down, up, down....

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