Thread: bupe withdrawals, how are they?

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    Bupe is very hard to kick. SWIM really does believe it to be just as hard as other opiates. Opiates such as oxycodone and morphine are more physical to me, while bupe feels very mental. It gets SWIM so deppresed coming off of it, and sleep is impossible due to the constant thoughts speeding through SWIMS head. Plus it takes forever to leave your system. The withdrawals stay the same for so long, and you almost begin to lose hope, which makes you want to relapse again. SWIM does believe it to be a miracle drug because life is so much easier on it, then other opiates, but its by no means easy to kick.
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    You have to wean yourself down off of it..... I was highly addicted to heroin and I got on suboxone which to me is a miracle its a life saver as opposed to methadone which gets in your bones , and the withdrawl is the worst withdrawl you will ever experience. I was on suboxone for over a year and then was weaned down, i withdrawl. Unfortunately I didn't go to meetings or did anything I was supposed to and I relapsed bad. Now I'm back on suboxone along with counseling and they are starting to wean me down. So as long as you are weaned down and you go to aa or na meetings and follow the recovery program, you will prevent relapse 90 percent.
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    Thank you!!
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