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    The Steroid Discussion forum in Bluelight primarily deals with the use of steroids and related ancillary drugs. Due to the nature of these substances and the requirements for safe and responsible use threads here will also be allowed to touch topics such as diet and nutrition, exercise techniques and regimes, bodybuilding, peptides, pharmaceuticals and recreational drug use.

    To ensure an orderly forum, these are the forum rules:

    1. No steroid sourcing. This applies to anything grey-market (including ancillaries) but does not apply to legal supplements such as Whey Protien, Epistaine, etc...

    2. Discussion of brands (illegal undergrounds labs such as Optimal Labs or legal pharmaceutical labs such as Schering) is allowed.

    3. No shit posting. Disagreements are to be expected in a forum filled with Testosterone but keep the bullshit to a minimum.

    4. No blatant trolling.

    5. This is not a forum for TRT or medical advice, although we will allow discussion under the pretence that bluelight is not responsible for any outcomes based on advice given. We will try our best to help although in most cases, your doctor is best dealing with your issue.

    6. Try to avoid posting "bro-science".

    7. Price discussion IS allowed, so long as it does not lead to dick sizing. This means no threads on the price of your gear or "my gear is cheaper than yours" posts. Price discussion is allowed in general flow of conversation.

    8. When seeking fitness help and cycle advice please provide:

    • Age
    • Weight/height
    • AAS experience (have you used AAS before, what doses, results?)
    • Goals (what are you trying to achieve with AAS?)
    • BF%
    • Diet
    • Work out schedule

    Violation of the above rules will warrant a warning in the first instance and CLAWS warnings for subsequent violations.
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