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    30mg percocet??? 
    my uncle is talkin about he had a 30mg perc once and he said he can get them tonight if i want them ,but i have never heard of such ...wouldnt that be oxy-contin with that much "percocet" as he calls it

    or is there a 30mg percocet ?

    he said it was a little blue pill ,whats the best way to take it if legit??

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    your uncle?

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    Sounds like a an 80mg oxy, but theres no way to say. Look up the markings on before eating it as 80mg would be far too much.

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    They are probably 30mg roxicodone pills.

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    I don't know what they are, but there are no 30mg percacets. And no dose of percacet would be small, they have alot of tylenol (to drunk to try to spell the generic) in them.

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    it is IR oxycodone ......i got it i stuck it under my tongue ...i feel rather good

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    Quote Originally Posted by s0nic
    They are probably 30mg roxicodone pills.
    That's probably right...but who knows...

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    Everyone calls em perc 30's here, so I thought they were percocet. Maybe they're roxicodone or just oxycodone IR, but they are a small blue pill. And it does feel comparable to taken a 40 of oxycontin.

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