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    Safer Research Chemical User's Guide 
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    Tractatus Investigationis Chemici
    (Handling of Research Chemicals)

    Being a semi brief but concise treatise on the safer and more responsible investigation of the compounds commonly referred to as ‘Research Chemicals.’

    Fraters Illuminati Boy, Et Al.

    The information herein presented has been created to assist in promoting harm reduction relating to the investigation of so-called ‘Research Chemicals.’ Nothing in this document should be construed as an enticement to violate the laws of your land. Nothing in this document is meant to imply that ‘Research Chemicals’ are in any way ‘safe’ or ‘legal;’ as the former is a relative judgment even when sufficient data is available and the latter is usually predicated on the variable of one’s particular location in space-time. All of the information for this treatise was based on theoretical conjecture rather than empirical research. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or cause anything that might be misconstrued as a disease by Health Canada, the FDA, or the WHO.


    Title Page
    Very Basic Information
    Inquiring After More Information
    Deciding Whether to Become a Researcher
    Acquiring Compounds to Research
    Testing / Verifying Compounds
    Ways of Measuring Out Doses
    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dosing, but Were Afraid to Ask
    Reporting (AKA Everybody Run Here Comes SWIM!)
    Risk / Benefit Reevaluation
    Some Required Reading
    Some Additional Resources
    Appendix A: Shulgin Rating Scale.
    Appendix B: DOSRS Rating Scale.

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