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    What is MSM? A meth cut 
    I posted in another thread that I snorted up a G of meth, and didnt feel shit. Someone suggested either I have severe ADD (possible) or that the meth was MSM. I have snorted meth on other occasions, with other batches of it, and didn't get high then either. I also snorted some adderal (dextroamphetamine) and no high there too. Is it possible to be immune to amphetamines? Ive taken a couple meth laced E tabs aswell and never felt shit then either. WTF is up with this.

    Can anyone explain this?
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    maybe you have some sort of weird receptor mutation? no idea...

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    I gave a little of the meth left over to a friend and his heart was racing like crazy, meanwhile Im ready to fall asleep off the shit. I guess I wont be touching this shit ever again.
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    MSM is methylsulfonylmethane. It is a good source of dietary sulphur (I believe it is naturally present in garlic) but that is when you eat it. Smoking it is toxic, I believe. It is frequently used as a cut in Meth since it crystalizes in a similar manner (I think).

    Do a search, I know there was a thread about MSM a while ago.

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    methylsulfonylmethane, your body wont be hurt from taking to much of it but you certainly wont get high... haha... maybe you should get a better source next time

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    Quote Originally Posted by euphoricnod
    methylsulfonylmethane, your body wont be hurt from taking to much of it but you certainly wont get high... haha... maybe you should get a better source next time
    My buddy jacked it from someone. So yeah, maybe I should get a better source. Or stick with the tried and true....powder, rock and down.

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    it might have had or been propanolamine. i'm fairly convinced that's what's coming across the border. do enough and you'll get a little speedy, muscle tightness, irritable, and tired. its pretty likely there's MSM in the stuff too. they've definitely graduated to advanced cuts. very, very hard to clean the stuff. and... what's left is maybe 1/20th of the original if that.

    what's ironic is that meth use will wind up being curbed not by LE, but by greedy mexicans producing a product that no one is interested in buying.

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    Its often used to cut crystal meth, it recrytallises on glass pipes similar to meth, tastes nasty though.

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    It's apparently good to take as a dietry suppliment if you suffer from arthritis & similar diseases (MSM that is, not meth! )

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    another one fooled by MSM....yea it happens....yea it smokes, and tastes like ass....i dont even wanna think what its like snorting that garbage though

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    Tis a dietary supplement, as everybody else has said. You can buy it at any pharmacy in pill/caplet form.

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    It just might be monstrously cut. If it tastes sweet, it's probably all glucose.

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    Even if you have ADHD an you snorted up a G of good meth you would be feeling it. Most likely it was cut to shit and if you have a tolerance you didnt have enough actual meth in that G to get high

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    I don't believe the ADD explanation is valid. I have many friends with ADD, and even the ones with extreme cases seem to be drawn to meth. One with ADD may not get identical effects from the drug as someone who does not, but it will surely fuck them up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastandbulbous
    It's apparently good to take as a dietry suppliment if you suffer from arthritis & similar diseases (MSM that is, not meth! )
    Hey, I do meth because it helps my arthritis. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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    Is Ketamine used to cut Meth. It looks just like it in the crystal form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLchinawhite View Post
    Is Ketamine used to cut Meth. It looks just like it in the crystal form.
    Most definatly not, K will knock you on your ass, meth will get u rushing hard.
    And i don't think K is smokable? (could be wrong)
    even tho its crystalized im pretty sure you cant smoke it like meth

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    I have a pretty solid case of ADD (diagnoses and medicated) and smoking a point of high quality meth will get me very high. ADD doesn't make you immune.

    MSM is easy to check for. Put some in a bowl and melt it down. Is it ridiculously watery looking or more "oil" like? If it's oil, you have meth, if it's watery you've got pleanty of MSM.

    How about recrystalizing? Does it recrystalize very quickly when the bowl cools down? If so, you have MSM. Good methamphetamine takes time to recrystalize.

    When you melt down the product for the first time in the bowl and blow some of the smoke out, is there a massive amount and leave water droplet like residue towards the carb? If so, it is MSM.

    When you take a hit does your stem turn extremely white very easily? Another sure sign of MSM.

    Also, snorting ADHD medication is really silly. Those pills are massive and the amount of amphetamine in the them is really not that much. Chances are there is a lot of binder and filler coating your sinuses and you aren't getting much active product into your blood stream that way. Try eating those pills.

    At the end of the day, you got bunk gear, bro. Sorry.

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    hi can anyone give me any advice on how to tell if or what gear i get is cut with. over last 6months i have had various differnt types, including*Stuff that looked like hardened wet washing powder in mass and broke without use of heaps of force,into tiny little crysallike shards very potent, not much smell tasted like shit very clean high (ingested) no hard core comedown at all really easy on my body. * this stuff was hard as rock was caramel and creamy swirls as if a piece of actual rock like sandstone broke with lot of force into powdery like lumpstook agesto dissolve in hot water some reason this type reminds me of the smell of calamine lotion, foggy high not euphoric with that zoom same come down very flatlined* this stuff looked similar to a dark purple/deep burgundy quartz crystal that hard th break apart not much smell tillyou crush it goes toa shiny crystaline powder almost how jelly powder looks and then it stinks tastes foul too, acidy ok high body goes into damage control doesnt like this shit and very mediocre post comedown. i have ben told that anything that is coming in hard rock form including the 3 above these days is becauseof itscut with msm and to tell by mixing it with boiling water putting in fit as if to use and see if it crystalises back up as it cools,i tried this with the last 2-no more ofthe first typeleft- *-( and dot variousdegrees, 1stayed clearish except for a little sedementy type thing that formed at the tip and floated around, 1 got half crystalised with really long and oddshapedrods someeven part circular, 1 crystalised solid within minutes to an cracked opaque glass look. i dont knowwkat to make of this. also what are theside effects of msm on your body cause i had crystally sharp things coming out ofmy skin that burned when i hot hot and have massacred my skin which is super sensitive,i thought it was fibreglass fibres also my circulation isnt crash hot but my legs, ankles swelled really fast really bad,ive had this before and assume gear related its usually if ive been up for days and had my trotters on oink oink,but not both legs same as usual left was way worse and basically seeing all those sharp crystalls in that fit out on a tissue was like slivers of glass and i freaked thinkin bout it doing that in my gut , kidneys etc so i have this stuff dont want to move any or use any until i know more i wouldnt want to inflict these side effects of mine on anyone even if im a one off i need to know.thanks if i have posted wrong or something let me know as its my first post, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchy=) View Post
    Most definatly not, K will knock you on your ass, meth will get u rushing hard.
    And i don't think K is smokable? (could be wrong)
    even tho its crystalized im pretty sure you cant smoke it like meth
    You can smoke K, but you'll only be high for like five minutes. Waste of K.

    To OP: ADHD or ADD will not make you meth-resistant.

    I don't do meth personally, but I do know that it's become more and more cut in my area.

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    MSM doesn't look like crystal, more like clear plastic.. I'm talking about bunk or heavily-cut material passed off as crystal.. not shake-n-bake etc coming in all shapes and colors

    I once had some heavily-cut crystal with MSM. The shit flew across the room when chopped with a razor blade and broke up into chunks... Rendering it useless. I don't doubt that there is more stealth crap out there that's impossible to differentiate from the real deal with these simple tests tho...

    As per effects, it made me foggy rather than clear-headed/sharp, lethargic and had some pretty nasty side-effects - mainly migraines and hypertension... dirty feeling all around

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    One reason u could be tired after snortin that much is opiates. I if u addicted to opi then u can get tired after doing that. Well initial hoorah for a bit then extreme tired. Take moreopithenu be flyin real good again....

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    Hi Zolmama, welsome to BL and BDD!

    This is quite an old thread- originally from 2010. In BDD we tend to try not to bump old threads to add more info - if you have a question, please feel free to start your own thread. Take a look at the "State of BDD" sticky at the top of the forum, and also the BDD guidelines found in my sig

    I'm going to close this now, but if you have any further queries please feel free to send me a pm

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