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    MDMA and Yohimbe 
    Yohimbe and I have a long extensive history. I consider him (I always get a masculine feel from Yohimbe) to be one of my allies.
    OK. Please do NOT rip on me for this question. I have EXTENSIVE experience with psychedelics over the past 10 year period.
    Has anyone here ever tried Yohimbe and MDMA? I have some 100% unadulterated MDMA and I want to experience a low dose of MAO Inhibition with a low dose of MDMA.
    I know about the "take 1/5 of the MDMA if you are going to do this" rule, however this applied to the Harmine combination and I do not have Harmine right now.
    I want to use Yohimbe.
    I am also wanting to be extremely careful.
    I used to party with a person who would take E and Meth almost DAILY for months and who would also eat Yohimbe pills out of my bottle. (This person was extremely nuts.)
    Anyone have any real experience here?
    Thank you.
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    * bump *
    advice wanted please...

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    It would seem that none of us have any to give you...

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    Thanks anyway.
    Last night I plugged 1/2 an OK. Preloaded with a bunch of 5HTP/B6 over a 6 hour period.
    Was a GREAT experience. Not too much to get too far into the experience, but just enough to have some good feeling open heart fun.

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    Yohimbe is not as strong of an MAOI as harmine/harmaline; its main activity is at the alpha-2-adrenergic receptor. I'm sure the combo with MDMA is safe at the right dosage, but nobody knows what that dosage is, so you should start *low* and work your way up.

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    XTC and Yohimbe??? 
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    I have rolled a many a times, and when I do I have a problem with getting up (as most males do on that substance) but I was reading about Yohimbe on Erowid. It is supposedly a natural root or herb that is supposed to help men with that a natural Viagra, and was wondering if taking the two together would be a safe combination? Has anyone tried this combo, or ever heard of anyone doing it? Just lookin for some feedback...thanx

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    If you run a search you'll get a fair number of threads about that combination. From what I remember its pretty much safe but I can't give first hand accounts

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    I wouldn't recommend it... It basically caused me to have a hypertensive episode. High blood pressure and high heart rate for many hours. This this was from 2 90mg tabs of molly 8 hours prior and 20 drops of yohimbe. 10 seconds after I took the yohimbe it felt as if it had brought back my roll. 30 Minutes later all of the bad effects set in. I felt as if I was going to die and I was in extream pain. All I could do was try to stay calm untill the effects wore off...

    Not fun and not to be repeated for me. If you insist on doing to start with a really low dose of yohimbe. Better yet don't bother...

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    I split a yohimbe with my bf while on a pill and it was a horrible experience for both of us. My heart was pounding and I couldn't stop shaking for about 6 hours. I personally wouldn't recommend it.

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    Same experience was rolling took some planning to get some, then heart started going crazy felt like i was gonna have a heart attack, to freaked do anything

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    Yohimbe is a mild MAOI and should not be used when taking MDMA. This can cause serotonin syndrome.

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