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    My own little world
    Yo, they're teaching you the WRONG shit over there in Spain, bro...
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    Mad..I, son?
    I was eatin' a raspberry jam sammitch..

    Ok, but I was wondering about the peanut butter on your forehead...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brownz
    EADD is the forum to be.
    But I guess nobody in the lounge takes notice of me.

    So before you mouth off and fire into brownz.
    Let me tell you your all a bunch of clowns.

    :P :P

    ^ Respect *typical clicking index finger onto middle finger motion repeatadly*
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    I better watch my step in here, cause there's ants everywhere
    and its becoming clear that I need to start stomping
    part swamp thing and the other half is just mixed up
    so I puked on your couch like a freshman on his sixth cup
    big nuts get stuck on breakzhabit's pimp slapped cheek
    then JJ died from laughing, saying, "man, that guy's a freak!"
    so don't speak bruceleet, I think you better reconsider
    when 10 red dots light up your spot and this crazy man is on the trigger
    skin thicker than a rhino's ass
    you can't smash my house, even though its made of glass
    hopefully i didn't leave to many people out
    Last edited by Mehm; 29-09-2006 at 06:51.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BruceLeet

    I got hoes across the world with my vast bluelight connections
    From sassyxl to kitd i got the place to dump erections[/I]


    hahaha!!! thats me! lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by junglejuice
    Oh man kitty, that song was hilarious!

    haha innit
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    Apr 2006
    Santa Cruz
    Allright....yea thats right....give me a beat

    I'm not like one of these battle rappers
    I come original like 311 with a smash hit
    So sit back, light a blunt and listen to this shit

    Thats right I sport blue yellow because I'm a bannana slug
    From UCSC where we keep it real and I don't need to front like a thug
    Thats why you will never see me sporting lugz
    I will rock the es because thats how I dress

    We party so hard you don't even know
    While your at class I'm copping on mountains of blow
    So much white its like motha fucking christmas
    I'm telling you, you don't want to miss this.

    We might not have a football team but we blow that green
    So much smoke its like a sideshow
    We get stoney like we got looked at by Medusa
    While I'm tearing up your bitches poosa

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    Sep 2002
    Los Angeles
    Aight nigga, pass me dat mic, we gon' do dis... what what.... yeah... Alabaster Jones in the hizzouse!

    I woke up in jail at about three o'clock
    What the fuck nigga? Where are my socks?!?!
    My asshole is loose like a rubberband
    Jesus Christ, I hope dat nigga washed his hand.

    I get so much pussy
    That it ain't even funny
    Last night I ate some bad turkey
    Now mah shit is runny!

    Fuck ya'll motherfuckers,
    Say we're not supposed to talk about shit
    When you got a cock like a donkey
    You can't really help it.

    I like to slide my meat between the sweet love sheets
    Rapping with no beat
    Is like having sex with your feet
    It sucks and it confuses Grandma.
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    there goes Benefit again talkin about his grandma
    that's last week's news
    I done fucked her till she couldn't stand uhh

    I'm the one at the party stealing all the booze
    walking out with your frat's keg
    dude if you snooze you lose

    that BruceLeet dude he seems like a noobie with fire
    but to be real if owned an escort service
    him or his momma I wouldn't hire

    and JJ's ginger self must be off in Spain
    bro saying you're the lounge mod won't get you ass
    not even a ho from Santa Cruz would get on your shit
    this is saying if you had a blunt the size of my dick to pass

    now back to Benefit I've done seen him in real life
    and truth be told he looks like the dude on the far far right:

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    Bluelighter Benefit's Avatar
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    Sep 2002
    Los Angeles
    I ain't got no mutha fuckin friends!
    Thats why I fucked your bitch you DeVry loving mothafucka
    Lounge Mod Killers
    This one goes out to Bryan
    Ha ha, that's right!

    First off, I fucked your bitch and I jacked your hat
    West side when we ride nobody likes you in chat.
    You claim to be a playa but I fucked your i-girl
    I bust on Lounge Mods then I fucked a squirrel.

    jj tryin' to see me always saying "play nice"
    If your freckled ass was dying I would hope you get lice.
    We keep on coming, makin fun of all the Jews
    To whiney ass michael, fuck you and your Torah-loving crew!

    Steady flaming keep on maiming these moderatin' fools
    Finder is a bitch and a motherfuckin tool.
    Little lovely Lori fuckin around with DeVry bitches
    I been working on a move that'll make your pussy need stitches.
    So fuck these fucking roasts and fuck your chat too
    If you wanted a big dick, I got dat foo'!

    Don't let these fucking dorks own the board
    Lounge Mod Killers got some strawberry jam stored
    In the cellar.
    We got Rubix Cubes too!

    So this is how we gon' do this, fuck DD, fuck jj, fuck Finder, and if you wanna be down with these motherfucking fleshlight fucking faggots than fuck you too, we the motherfucking law!
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    I bust nuts in hoes eyes, and poop in hoes mouths
    and all you guys shoot up pills on your mother's couch
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    If i could rap,
    i'd rap you a song
    but since i cant rap
    im fuckin' stealin' yo' bong.
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    yo you don't just have to steal a bong
    if you're interested in something long hard and shaped like a dong
    to put your lips around and your grips around
    baby holla at me before I'm too drunk and gone
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    baby, i holla'd last night
    but you coma'd on sight
    ma cunt was drippin'
    but you kept on missin'
    so i went to jungle juice
    who pulled out his dirty moose
    who fucked me long hard and gone.

    lol wtf.
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    ^thats harsh...

    ok. ima havva go...

    here`s a big shout out to beyonce !
    hey babe how ya doin today ?
    i just gotta say
    you got the butt to slay
    every man in town
    im goin down, right on ya brown
    break that smile out from my frown
    the kind that goes all the way from uptown to down town...
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    the de luz what a fucking putz
    ain't even good enough to blow my nutz
    couldn't even keep up with my strutz

    that's right I'm the best thing since beer
    No I won't fuck your momz
    I can't help it your dad is queer.

    I suck at this.
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    ^^ *pat pat* its alright, we all kinda really really badly suck.

    oops, sorry for being harsh if i was harsh because i dont have any clue.

    gangsturrrrrrrrrrrrr peace out.
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    ^ awesome
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    i may not be able to rap bro, but ima gangsturr at hart.
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    Not exacttly a rap, but here goes:

    As the compound consumed starts to absorb,
    Artifitial feelings and purified thought.

    The distilation of ones own mind breeds,
    New paths of thought planted like seeds.

    You question no futher you reason for being,
    Simply accepting you existance,
    Not caring for what it might mean.

    A sense of understanding that slowly fades through the night,
    The next moring will bring either peace or confusing fright.

    There is no hidden reason or deep meaning,
    Just a mind trip with an incredible feeling.

    MDMA, False feeling and brain decay?
    Fark it I'll party anyway...
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    Bluelighter Benefit's Avatar
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    Los Angeles
    What the fuck is that?

    There's an entire forum for crappy poetry pal!
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    Apr 2001
    l2r throws in with rhymes like tyres that can tread
    not reading past the first sorry page of this pussy arsed thread
    busting lyrics like the sum of nut that i've given to your mothers
    dropping jaws breaking laws ripping panties like no others
    like many other rappers all i do it talk about myself
    with the occasional violence and cursing word that's dangerous to your health
    even paraplegics with barbed wire up their arse can pull off this stunt
    but i make it sound so good i'm like a predator on the hunt
    enough of this shit, i don't like public masturbating
    i'm sure y'all reading this must be finding me irritating
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    Bluelight Crew New's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    New Jersey
    Well, here goes...

    I started stalkin' since the dawn of time
    I hadn't seen anything quite sublime
    but after seeing the shit on this shelf
    I started ta consida shootin' myself
    But then i saw the answa all along
    about tellin' allz yallz how yallz be wrong
    droppin' name bombs involving jizz
    don't reallay take no rhymin' whiz
    What the hell, Phonic? That ain't sonic
    That's skillz out of here, but in da lounge itz moronic
    Rusty Cage don't sound so shurr
    I think we need oxy-clean up in hurr
    de_luz, de_luz, de_what_the_fuck?
    I haulin' yo e-ass onta a truck!
    AxL BLaZe rhymes in a haze
    his beats flow like may-o-naize
    Knowin' my limitz befo' I repeat
    The is N to the Ew, supplying the heat!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benefit
    What the fuck is that?

    There's an entire forum for crappy poetry pal!
    Is this better?

    My rhymes are like an addiction to amphetamines,
    I make you fiend for more, without them you start hallucinating and seeing fucked-up dreams.

    I don't pretend to be a gansta in what I preach.
    My sole aim is to educate not just to teach.

    Like a lyrical master with a grasp of the word,
    I can switch styles and even talk gansta, ya huuurd?

    Don't exceed your limits in what you can spit,
    For BL holds many ego assasins like Benfit that will gladly take the hit.

    Flow must words that come out on time,
    Like my previous shitty poem, it's all gotta rhyme.

    That’s enough lessons for one day to be learned,
    Careful who you battle with, for you might get burned.

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    This fool here?
    He must be queer.
    He ain't seen pussy in 20 years
    And the last time he had?
    It was his Dad's!
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