Thread: XANAX, does it come up on probation piss tests?

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    XANAX, does it come up on probation piss tests? 
    does xanax come up on a probation piss test in massachusetts? any input on it coming up on any probation piss test would be appreciated?
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    sorry for the late answer but this is a pretty esoteric question. Xanax is legal, AFAIK, so why would it matter if it came up?
    Perhaps it would be better if someone american answered, as the legal parts are beyond me. maybe even ask it in legal Q and A.
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    well i'm from the states and yes they are legal. now i can understand a little bit of the question and that you're probably wondering what they would say if they asked you why you have something like Xanax in your system for right? well it's technically legal, BUT it's only suppose to be legal IF you have a persrciption. they may ask you what type of perscription drugs you are taking if any and ask to see the bottle to prove it etc etc if they're really anal. but whether it shows up or not in a urine test, i wouldn't kno.
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    Not only do benzodiazepines show up in urinalysis, they can tell the type of benzo. I saw one today= Benzodiazepines: Alprazolam: Positive.
    You better have a damn good excuse for it. Benzodiazepines are scheduled chemicals, after all. (Schedule IV I believe?)
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    Yes they do register on a piss test. I used to have to be the poor bitch that had to do drug testing on people as part of my job. I hated it.
    If you do test positive on any licit drug, you'd better have a perscription for it. What will happen is that you will be contacted by your PO and asked to explain yourself. As long as you show them proof (like the RX pill bottle the drug came in) that you have a perscription from an MD, there is nothing they can do about it.
    I would however, be careful. I mean try to make it look like your're not taking 10 pills a day by bringing in an empty bottle that was filled yesterday. Know what I mean? If your're taking someone else's perscription and you already took the test, your're toast.
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    ok, I realize this is an old post, but how long will xanax stay in your system? i got a piss test myself in a few days, and now I am starting to become a little worried. is it possable to duplicate a perscription note, or do will the PO check in to it with the dr? any info would be much appreciated. Thanks. ~TheDealer'sWife
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    I get tested all the time as im on methadone and I take xanax.I have never been dirty and I use it on saturday and sunday and test on wed. morning.I have a fast metabolisim but I think 72 hours and you will be fine as it is a fast acting benzo...good luck
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