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    i've done it alone a few times, it's okay to start with but you actually need someone to connect with on ecstasy or you just rush out and get really bored.

    do it with friends that's what it's for lol.

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    ...but if you are new to an area and have no one to roll with *coughlikemecough* then go for it. Good way to chill the night away or at least not be bored out of your head.

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    I'm rolling for the first time, right now, by myself. I'm glad I'm able to aquaint myself with the substance before going out and ingesting it, because I'm sure the next time I try it (shouldn't be too long as I bought 5 pills), if it's with people, I won't spend so much time wondering how it's gonna be, and spend more time genuinely enjoying myself.

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    I have done it, I found it was a good experience. However, whenever they are bunk pills it kind of sucks = \. As other people have stated, just do not over do it, which is easy to do when you roll by yourself.

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    I've done it a few times. Not really enjoyable to me as you just want someone to talk to.

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    i bad tripped when i did it alone. your mind isnt destracted so you start thinking alot and some of those thoughts start to become negative thoughts. idk its different for everyone. i can only roll by myself only after i rolled with my friends and i go home pop on my ipod and pop another roll and lay on my bed.

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    I almost rolled by myself, but ended but calling my friends to come over. We smoked out while I was the only one on MDMA. I don't think I would like to roll myself ever. It's better enjoyed with other people, but that's just me. I'm sure a lot of people love to roll alone.

    Any time I've ate MDMA/MDA its been with a few people.

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    I've rolled solo once. The experience was just totally wicked, and made me really appreciate / understand minimal techno. I didn't want or need company at that time, since mistress euphoria was being quite an entertainer, and people would only distract the bliss.

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    I dont enjoy rolling by myself. I wander and run around the house, trying to find something to do, sweating profusely and dancing to all sorts of music that I could get my hands on. Its not fun because I want to be social, with heaps of people and party away! I dont get any introspective thoughts, just a constant barrage of random shit (where is the chicken, oh I got a pen on the table, now what is it that I should be doing right now and why is the phone ringing funny?)

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    A few times ive popped a pill not neccesarialy to roll by myself, but with no plans in particular. Il do things i enjoy untill a friend calls or comes by, and then im rolling with company. Also i just went out of my complex met a cute girl and spent most of the night with her. Sometimes its fun to takea pill by yourself and just where the day takes you. I can guarantee it will be interesting. I wouldent recommend more than one pill though cause its best to be super fucked with your mates.

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    I very much prefer rolling in the company of friends. It's just very satisfying to share the experience.

    Whenever I've been alone, I get bothered. It just feels wrong to not be with people while on ecstasy (ideally others than are on it too).

    I'm afraid if I were to actually take a pill with the intention of being by myself, I'd go crazy trying to find someone to talk to or be with. I just want too badly to share everything while on it.

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    i highly recommend rolling by yourself. you will have the most important part of the night in your full control, at all times: music. if u truly r going solo throughout the whole night, then i would suggest porn and masturbating. i dont even wanna get into how i feel about that,lol. its a different type of roll 4 sure, than say you had a bunch of people over rolling. u really get to explore ur headspace. basically, when u put aside being around other people rolling, glowsticks, vicks, and all the "i love you's"...this is where u can get really deep into the drug. my best times were with friends, but rolling by yourself is on another level. the latter i would rate 'more important' as opposed to 'more fun.'

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    When I first started doing E I rolled by myself all the time. I had great pills didnt have to share and had my music. The best part of rolling alone is that your not babysitting anyone which makes it more enjoyable, I loved it. Now I roll with my girlfriend, but there has been times where I had to babysit and I hate that shit totally kills it. Although E parties are great fun if there not held at your house so your not responsible if anything bad were to happen.

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    even tho rolling with ppl is better than by urself, doin it solo aint that bad. it can be a pretty chill experience. the couple times i did, i spent half the time callin up hella ppl cuz i wanted to talk to someone, the other half listening to music. i recommend mellow relaxing stuff, other shit makes u wanna dance and that just dont work wen ur alone. finding a comfy sofa or couch (massage chair if uve got one), and listening to mellow shit is a fuckin awesome good time. definitely better to roll with some company tho

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    I've rolled once by myself and it sucked so bad. I just wanted to talk to someone. I didn't know what to do with myself, I just paced around my house listening to music. definitely a waste of a pill.

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    Its definitaly something everyone who likes e should try. Havent you ever been rolling with your friends and wishing you could be somewhere else rollling. I know i get tired of being in a small apartment 10 plus hours and wish i could get everybody to go dance outside in the grass or somthin.

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    I rolled by myself once, it was my first roll and I bought the pills for a rave, but I was too anxious to try it so I popped right when I got home lol. Rolling alone isnt for me, I need to be with friends when I pop.

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    Rolling by myself was quite enjoyable for me. I relaxed, listened to music, felt very comfortable being in my home environment without any distractions. I did not feel a need to be around others, call people, etc. I just took in the experience and felt good about it afterwards.

    I can't say if I prefer being with friends while rolling or being alone...Two very different types of E experiences that cannot be compared IMO.

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    Every body has their own taste, i like rolling by myself with some good MDMA pills and at least a pair of MDE pills as well and go to Larry Carlson's site to see all the weird trippy funky shit he has there.... but i don't mind hanging out with friends or my cousins at clubs. Now a word of warning, check your pills you wouldn't want to get a Meth Bomb, or pure MDE pills there are people that can't handle hallucinations....

    Enjoy !!

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    ive done it by myself, its not that bad a thing to do....

    some of my best experiences have been had when i've gone out clubbing by myself dropped a bick or 2 And spent the night chatting to random people
    usually come home with several new numbers in my phone and a hole lot of plans made with people that come to nothing haha

    tho i must say i have picked up some girls that are way out of my league on xtc
    gotta love that confidence boost yay!
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    Either or i enjoy rollin at the house or going out..being as i'm new to this area i stay at home more than go out..prob should go meet some people maybe better to do that sober

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    its fun but dont look at porn cuz ur prolly gonna if your alone. then you'll get pissed and leave if its early enough.

    I FUCKING HATE coming home still rollin, especially MDA. That shit increases my sensual so much.

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    i've been the only one rolling out of like 3 people maybe twice and its always a good time.. i mean, your rolling, chillin out doing whatever, whats so bad about that? but yeah, i'd rather be using it while doing some fun stuff or rolling with others for sure. but i wouldnt say its bad in the least haha..

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    im rollin solo tonight, its an ok experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid arcadia
    its fun but dont look at porn cuz ur prolly gonna if your alone. then you'll get pissed and leave if its early enough.

    I FUCKING HATE coming home still rollin, especially MDA. That shit increases my sensual so much.
    LMFAO i hate that...

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