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    morphine & demerol 
    so i've aquired 600mg of liquid morphine and such a shyte load of dem... question is what's a good recreational dosage of both (hate to waste this stuff) - and best method of using.. i've heard even smoking morphine, but i havent had much luck on reports or best dosage.

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    First, don't ask for dosage reccomendations, too many unknown factors about you, means too much liability for anyone who answers.
    We need more info anyway. What brand name of morphine? Is it for IV or Oral administration? Is the demerol pills?
    Fill us in, we'll try to help.

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    Demerol to me is much more fun that Hydrocodeine or Oxycodone. The tablets contain 50 mg or 100 mg of Demerol. Take one 50mg and go from there. Be careful because it is a decently strong CNS depressant.

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    Can you smoke morphine?

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    morphine can be smoked.
    if you have morphine in an aqueus state you can smoke it off tin-foil. but thats very dirty, and "un-cool"
    so you can take your morphine and let the solution evaporate and I'm pretty sure you will have morphine in a powder form (i'm not positive, but it is light brown in color).
    from there you can do with it whatever you wish.
    or you could just freebase it

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    I hate Demerol, but I'd suggest you start with 100mg if you have any sort of Opiate tolerance.
    As for the morphine, well I see no other option but IV, but I'm a junkie, so what do I know?

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    you hatr demorol?! yeah, so i could understand not liking it in pill form, but if it's iv'ed it is just as good as morphine, IMO. just doesn't last quite as long...

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    so i could understand not liking it in pill form, but if it's iv'ed it is just as good as morphine
    My apologies. I hate Demerol in *pill form*. It's okay IV.. I still prefer Morphine...But that's just a mental thing.

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