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idk if it would be a mindfuck or kinda cool to have a bedroom to look like this irl
i'm not a huge fan of this kin of (conceptualish if not Conceptualist) stuff but this is actually pretty cool
the polar opposite of ceci n'est un pipe! (just like this image, quantum-like, simultaneously true and false, but in opposite ways)

also reminiscent of the "beer" beer in Repo Man

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My favorite renaissance style artist. Caravaggio was a really interesting guy as well. Alot of controversy, alot of duels, killing, prostitutes, etc. even though he was an extremely popular artist regularly employed by churches. The podcast "History On Fire" did a 3 episode thing on his life and it was suuuper interesting.
this (and Caravaggio) are favorites of mine too, though often on the dark side in subject-matter, but as an artist in general what he does with light and darkness (both literally and metaphorically) are amazing … Judith is not looking like a passive, innocent, virginal type, which she wasn't (she was widowed in war, then seduced and plyed with drink the commander of the forces that killed her husband) … the light and presentation of her face suggest some purity in her but she is so hardened to the task at hand, revenge ... the maid next to her just looks on … both of these women have been traumatized by war, in a climate of political instability (much like that part of the world today) … despite Judith's clothes, hair, attractive features, and ample bosom, there's not much of the feminine here at all … and Holofernes in agony contrasts with the two fairly expressionless women, inured perhaps to the violence in there world; gender-roles upturned by trauma and the brutality of internecine warfare … one thinks of today's Peshmerga Woman's Brigade, or the resistance of the Yazidi down to man, woman, and child; or even female suicide-bombers, women soldiers in the Zionist army, Jeanne d'Arc, all sorts of situations like ths

I don't know too much about the man (Caravaggio) though but do know he did have somewhat of a scandalous reputation. makes me want to look stuff up on him now. probably will turn into another 2 hour wiki wandering session lol