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    This is off benefit to rec. users how? I mean just admit it's not helping rec. users. Don't write paragraphs of nothing, saying how it benefits bl financially. Unless you're braindead it is obvious this isn't beneficial to recreational users, but you cannot just admit the obvious truth can you, it may cost BL some donations. Quite bullshit how BL just pretends it's a positive thing for all drug users to participate in. Yeah until you think about the actual situation. What a load of bullshit.
    So you're concerned that the information gathered by this survey will simply better enable companies to reduce the recreational potential of their products.

    I think that you're mistaken, for two reasons, and that you're not considering how access to better information on recreational use would benefit everyone.

    First, that by reducing certain effects of a drug, e.g. euphoria, the recreational potential of that drug is reduced, isn't new news. It is highly unlikely that this survey will cause companies to realize, to their shock, that if they were to change a formulation to reduce effects like euphoria, they would thereby reduce the drug's recreational potential. The survey isn't letting anyone in on some big secret.

    BUT - and you gave a great example of this - the survey might provide information that encourages a company to avoid harmful ways of reducing abuse potential. For instance, the survey might provide evidence that adding certain things to a drug's formulation, which make it more difficult and dangerous to abuse, does not actually reduce significantly a drug's recreational potential. Such knowledge would be beneficial to the company, and to consumers of all types.

    Second, better information as to recreational use might enable governments to be more focused in measuring the abuse-potential of a given substance, i.e. better information might narrow the criteria used to determine a drug's abuse-potential, and thereby lead to the approval of drugs for sale that would otherwise have been, wrongly, rejected (or, similarly, lead to a less restrictive scheduling of a drug).

    Finally, just an additional thought, if you're a proponent of allowing more recreational use, then presumably you believe that recreational use is currently so restricted for reasons which are irrational. You should want as much information flowing to policy-makers, and to people who certainly would welcome a loosening of regulations, as possible. And, if the truth is on your side, you'll eventually win the policy argument.
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    It seems this thread has been quiet for a while but i thought it the most fitting place to ask if there was anywhere within Drug Studies for researchers to ask about criteria that need to be met for having surveys posted here. Is there a set criteria or is it a matter of creating the survey and posting it here to find if it will be passed by the moderators. Again sorry if this in the wrong place, perhaps a mod can point me in the right direction or move this to where it needs to go.

    My main question is - Are you allowed to ask for vendor information or pricing within surveys ? The questions, like all, isn't compulsory but i didn't want to cause any problems within the board. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks
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