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Thread: GHB/1,4-B/GBL Discussion and use- Part II

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    still not close to vaped MDPV sexy times but nothing can touch peevee for that.
    I haven't touched that shit for years now, but I still dream about it. Literally. I dream about that first time that I fired it up on foil and my vision sharpenened. It literally changed my perception forever. Terrible shit. Godz bless all those in the grips of it. It leads nowhere - except psychosis.
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    Hey all,
    I've had a little fish in my fridge for the last 3 or so years and never gotten around to consuming it.
    Would it be safe to take?
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    Anyone witnessed or have any stories about people G'ing out violently? (Usually in combination with meth/coming down from meth).
    Have many a haunted memory of watching someone trying to violently hump everything in sight while acting and sounding like an infant baby at the same time, while the people watching have no fukkking idea whats going on or what to do.


    fun drug though.
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    Too many...
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    Quote Originally Posted by red22 View Post
    Do any of the GHB analogs have a longer duration of action that GHB?
    A few years ago, I would source a substance from a supplement company in Melbourne which was a purported sleep aid. It came in a roll on bottle like deodorant, and the active ingredient was gamma valecterone. I guess it may have originated from the valerian plant but dunno.
    Any ways, around 5 mil was my sweet spot, but it took about 10 -15 mins to come on fully, and it stuck around for a long time, like, I had a raging habit, and spent several months in a fluffy cloud of awesomeness and several horrible moments where I woke up screaming at the sky or wrapped around a toilet bowl with several lost hours. For obvious reasons, we called it slow-j.
    The company rang me and told me that the tga were about to stop their importing/selling and did I want the last couple of bottles which I snapped up before it was stopped. I haven't tried to source any since
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
    Just remember always put your dose in a glass of juice or cordial, never squirt in your mouth

    Why? whats the problem with just squirting into your mouth?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casperr View Post
    Why? whats the problem with just squirting into your mouth?
    He passed away years ago, he's not going to respond.

    I assume it is so that the dose doesn't absorb too quickly through sublingual administration.
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    This thread is crazy; people are talking about ghb/gbl/14 interchangably as if they are the same thing.
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