View Poll Results: How do you usually consume LSD blotters?

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  • Swallow almost immediately

    41 8.63%
  • Keep in mouth a while, then swallow

    296 62.32%
  • Keep in mouth until totally dissolved

    110 23.16%
  • Keep in mouth briefly and then spit out

    15 3.16%
  • Other

    13 2.74%

Thread: How do you usually take LSD blotters?

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    How do you usually take LSD blotters? 
    Poll, as above; self-explanatory.
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    I usually keep them in my mouth a very short time and then swallow. FWIW I've tried all these methods, and not noticed much difference.
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    i usually swallow almost immediately. i've tried holding them in my mouth & have just found it kind of pointless & a little irritating sometimes :P
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    why would anyone spit it out :/
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    Apparently most of the LSD is absorbed sublingually quite quickly, in a matter of seconds, and spitting it out results in no appreciable loss of potency. I've tried it this way and tripped quite well, and a friend of mine, quite experienced with LSD, swears by this method.
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    I mean, swallowing such a small piece of paper is no big deal, especially when it's drenched in spit. Why not just be 100% sure you got it all out?
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    Some say that contaminants are less likely to be absorbed quickly; I dunno, frankly. But a few people I know swear by the swish'n'spit method.
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    I swallow them - I used to ( for a while) keep em somewhere that would act sublingually - but fuck that, it's too much hassle & somewhat pointless IMO.
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    What kind of contaminants are we talking about?

    I just keep in my mouth and swallow eventually, but if the blotters are thin and dissolve fast, then I just let it dissolve in my mouth. It just depends on the thickness of the blotter. I don't think I could persuade myself to spit out the blotter just for the fact that it is something not too common and I would want to get every last drop.

    Just wondering what contaminants might be absorbed and the effects this would have on the trip.
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    I haven't done acid much.

    I chewed the blotters really good and held in my mouth for 20 minutes or so. I don't know if it made any difference, I just wanted to make it as strong as possible.
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    lol spits or swallows.

    i swallow.
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    ^ thats what she said!


    On a related note I hold it in my mouth and swallow after a bit.
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    Moving to Sinky Kex and Reird Welationships >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    And by "Other" does that include "Put In Eye"?
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    I take it from behind, hard and fast....

    No, I generally leave her under my tongue for a while, then chew absentmindedly- I have been known to spit the chewed portion out, not because I was "done" per se, but simply because I suddenly wondered why I was chewing a bit of paper. But yeah, under a tongue usually.
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    The two times I did acid I kept the blotters in my mouth till they were practicly dissolved.
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    keep under tongue for as long as i can bare and chew every so often and replace it there, and then swallow it all with alot of saliva.

    Sometimes it makes me feel like my mouth is all soapy though so i sometimes want to swallow it sooner and then drink lots of water or hydrating kinda drink.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeKindaLove
    Apparently most of the LSD is absorbed sublingually quite quickly, in a matter of seconds, and spitting it out results in no appreciable loss of potency. I've tried it this way and tripped quite well, and a friend of mine, quite experienced with LSD, swears by this method.

    LSD comes on quite fast enough for me after swallowing them straight off, so the sublingual route isn't even given a secoond thought...
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    I usually keep it under my tongue for a couple minutes then swallow it.
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    Bluelight Crew
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    Swallow immediately, I find it annoying to have it under my tongue, it keeps slipping out.
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    I'm a little unclear as to what the 3rd choice actually means:
    Keep in mouth until totally dissolved
    Does it mean until all the LSD is dissolved (which is really impossible to know) or until the actual blotter paper is dissolved.
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    i think he means the paper :P
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    I usually let them sit on my tongue for about 15-20 minutes then I swallow them.
    It doesn't bother me, so it just sits until I feel it needs to be swallowed.
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    Voted: Keep them in mouth for a while then swallow..

    I always chew em up as much as i can (they never completely dissolve!) then swallow the mush.
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    Mm, on/under the tongue for a good ~15 minutes is the norm over here. But swallowing it sooner or keeping it in the mouth for twice that long really doesn't seem to make a whole lot of difference, hence the original question .

    I still can't really comprehend the whole letting it sit until dissolved thing though. I mean yeah I guess the consistency of blotter paper can vary, but I've never even seen it come close to dissolving away in the mouth. I guess if you sat there and chewed it for awhile?
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    i keep it in my mouth for a bit then swallow.
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