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    ms contin 
    so, if i understand it correctly: if you crush up an ms contin pill and snort it you break the time release mechanism causing the morphine to be released at once

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    ive been doing ms cottin for a while now 60mgs tabs and i snorted 2 or 3 of em over 4 days or so and my throat is really hurtin feels like i snorted a broken beer bottle...just crush em up to break the time release and u can take em orally and they'll get ya banged up...if ya snort it it will it hit u harder and faster but wont last as long if u want to try snorting it give it a whirl if it bothers ur throat like mine then just take it orally...good luck

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    Snorting something like morphine is a waste, in my opinion. There really is no rush. It's just a faster onset, 10 minutes versus 45 minutes. But for what? If you're taking say 60mgs, it's only going to feel like a 45mg or so morphine high. The peak will be short. The duration will be short.
    You could get a lot more out of them taking them orally.
    Also note that the time release mechanism on MS Contin is extremely effective. Whatever the process to creating it is, the TR compounds stay tightly binded to the morphine molecules. This means that even if you crush it very well, if you take it orally the effects will still last a good 8 hours.. maybe more. Just lightly chewing them will provide about a 12 hour high if the dose is large enough.
    Also also note that there was a thread about MS Contin not even two weeks ago. There's a reason why this board has a search engine.

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