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    Im sorry Phree-x but that is the funnyist thing on Bluelight i have ever read.
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    Im 28 and I thought my MOTHER was snooping around my house for strands of hair to collect to send off for a drug test to prove I was on something, that was after 6 days up.
    That same week, my boyfriend and his friend thought that a mutual friend of theirs was plotting to rob them (neither of them have anything worth stealing). They organized an "intervention" at the local club in an effort to thwart his efforts. Good thing they slept before they lost a friendship over it.
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    i was working as a delivery chick and had been sent on a country run. miles away from my base and i could hear them calling me on the two way radio i kept answering them but they couldnt hear me so i stopped at a phone box and rang to ask what the hell they wanted. the boss said thats weird bcos the two way only had a range of about a third of the distance that i was away from the base.....oops i managed to pass it off as i musta heard some other company on the same frequency?? all became clear when i got back to work and got into my own car to drive home when i could still hear them calling me on the two way? which by the way i dont have a two way in my own car
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    I got two storys

    1.) After a week long binge on speed in the middle of no where with two friends (there were 3 people camping with us who hadn't done any meth) I remeber hearing a rustle in the bush, which at the time I was convinced was a cop who had followed me from the city to bust me for doing meth (why me and why wait a week to arrest my don't make sense now..but hey thats tweaker logic)... So I figured I could kill him, burn the body and I wouldn't get arrested. So I charge into the bushs with a knife hacking at everything I could see until a friend finally grabbed me and basically knocked me out, but when I woke up I was fine thank god.

    2.)another story I got however not as long..was going into my friends room one night to get her pipe so we could smoke some speed and being competly convinced everything in the room was bugged with microphones and video cameras..eventually I put on a face mask and burned me cloths right afterwards as to not be identified by the videos.
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    i remember we ran out of foil so we used a light bulb and smoked it all up at about 3 am. at 10 am hes still lighting it.(note there is absolutely nothing in it) so when he leaves to go home he steps outside and sits in our driveway a block from the police station and on a very busy street, and persistantly lights it saying " ITS NOT ALL GONE, YOU CANT WASTE IT" as ppl in their cars drive by. stupid
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    [quote from PhreeX]
    we get to the field and start hunting... I decide I'm going to be a smart ass and suddenly grab her and start running.. "a bull is comming, run, the bull is going to get us" .. she freaks and we are both running .. about 10 seconds later she asks "is the bull still chasing us?" .. I suddenly freak out forgetting that it was a lie, I then start running harder thinking a bull is actually chasing us,
    [end quote]

    ohh man, that is just top funny! i had to go outside and laugh (am at work)...
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    Meth / Glass / Ice ......
    First time: over 70 hour's! What the hell happend! The time just went racing by!
    I tried glass for the first time last wensday night! I just wanted to smoke a bowl of it, maybe do a line or two and see what it was all about! I have alot of tweaker friends and I was curious on what was up!
    To make along story short, it's 12:30 pm sunday and I just woke up from my comedown. After speeding around like a race car on 3 grams of glass for the past four days, I thought I would have gotton a little more sleep then 7 hours. But soon as I woke up I knew it was over.
    All as I wanted to do was try it and next thing I notice I freggin tweaked out 4 days stright! The problem was that the person that let me try it was a friend of mine and had more then enough to go around! If I would have paid for this buzz I would be in the pawn shop selling all my crap now!
    What happend on my 4 Days of tweaking!!!
    3am Wens - Thurs 5pm: 14 hours of playstation,smoking ciggys,and doing jack but chillin! Took shower, went to work at 5.
    Thurs 5pm - 8pm Thurs: Work sucks. (I drive a tow truck) Thought I could handel it but went home sick! Got home took another shower and went to a house party! Party was dope, all DnB, And lot's n lot's of T-w-e-e-e-e-e-e-K!!!!
    10pm Thurs - 5 am Friday: After smoking and snorting glass all night I am ready to go home and call it a night! A friend is like well everybodys going back to **** house! Im like well ok, just for a bit! ROFL ya right go home in a bit!!!
    5am Friday - 10pm Friday: Turned into a day house party! About 6 hours of PS2, spun a 2 hour set, Hackey sak outside in the street and took another shower and went to work! T-w--e-e-e-e-K!!!
    10pm Friday - 3am Saturday: Work was ok, I impounded 17 cars in 5 hours witch is like crazy!! Damn tweaker!
    3am Saturday - 9 am Saturday: Went to a party, Got shut down, Went to the afterhours etc..etc..etc..! Oh ya for some crazy reason their was more freeking T-w-e-e-e-e-K at this place then I have ever seen! What is it Shard season?
    9am Saturday - 8pm Saturday: Just when I thought it was over, my 2 friends that I met up with at the party lost their car key's. So I said, lets go to my house, I realy realy need to take a shower and I'll take you an hour and a half away to your house! Got to their house and littlery get stuck!! Finaly decided after laying around stuck for hours that I really needed to get home, I tweak out the way home!
    8pm Saturday - 4am Sunday: Finaly Im fuckin home!! Never so god damn glad to be home in all me life. Took a shower, got ready to pass the fuck out, my boss calls me at home. We get into a fight on the phone over some dumb shit. (nothing to do with any of this) So now I drive 20 mins to work, clean my shit out of my truck on my day off and quit that job after 3 years of working there! Went home tweak is finaly just about gone and I smoke a J, cram in a 1/2 sandwich,eat some advil and pass out!
    Cracked out Sunday I wake up, take a shower and rethink what excatly happend!
    71 hours total tweak time!
    About 80 hours without sleep!
    **The Comedown**....
    I am very unhappy with my self right now. I never want to see that shit again. I never would have guessed that I would get hooked so fast! 4 days flew by in no time! I woke up with the worst headache,I can barley talk because my throte feal's like it's swolen and dried up! My whole body feal's like its broke, my lips are so chapped they crack. I noticed that they have swolen up a bit while I got my rest. And on top of it I have been sitting here all morning with a blank mind. Its like I broke it, its just not working! I catch my self zoning out about every 5 mins! You couldnt even imagin how much nasty stuff I have been coughing up from all the tweak/ciggs/weed I smoked! You thougt weed gives you a hell of a cotton mouth!! Shit this sucks! Another thing it's been 4 days since the last time I ate food! I couldnt eat anything! I tryed to forse down a Jr.Bacon cheeseburger but after chewing the first bite I knew their was no way in hell I was going to eat! The thought of any kind of food just makes me gag!! Bad stuff! But while under the influance, no sign of any kind of side affect!
    I have had many cracked out sunday comedowns, but this one takes the cake! This is one of the most powerfull drugs I have ever messed with. It can totally take control of you and make you do what the drug wants to do! But while your on it you just cant keep your hand out of the baggy!
    My addvice from my first time experanice:[i] Leave this shit for the devil, Dont fuck with it!! If you want to try it get at most a 1/4 gram and go somewhere where you cant get ahold of any more! This is a drug that will take control of you and dry you up into a cracked out prune in no time! If I would have paid for this, my shit would be broke! I dunno if you have good control and could handle only doing a little bit, one or two pipes or a line or two, it wouldnt be all that bad! But it would turn into an addiction! Im actualy glad that my first time tryin it turned out like this because over what happend, I just never want to do it again! All as I wanted to do is smoke a bowl of it! Well I finished out doing over 3 grams of glass! I am one cracked out mother fucker right now and I will never touch this crap again and I hope you stay away from it too!!
    [i]Total funds spent on this trip: About 80 bucks! Without frendly discounts and hookups This would have been about a $350 dolla vacation! I couldnt see why anybody whould ever want to spend that much for this high!
    Most of my friends are chewing my ass out online right now, Some of them are like Damn thats one hell of a first time,why so much? But their all calling me a fuckin crack head!!! The bad thing is that I feal like I am one.
    This is something I will never do again! It was a fun 4 days but this stuff is way to harsh on your body! So think about what happend to me if you ever want to try meth/glass/ice! I had plenty of chances to stop and sober up but it just wasnt happining!
    P.S. This shit made me feal grose as hell! Problems sweeting and B.O. For some reason I had to take a shower about every 6 hours to feal clean! So make shure you pack some Zest and your toothbrush on this trip.
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    Why assume that because you are easily addicted to 'meth' that everybody else will be as easily addicted to meth? Everybody is different and has different addictions, and different levels of addiction. I buy 1g of uncut meth and it lasts me a year, as I only have 1 point (1/10 gram) every 6 or so weeks (at a rave), and I have no problem holding it. I have been doing this for many years and never had a problem.

    Maybe you should go to a drug counsellor and figure out why you binged so hard the first time, and maybe you will change psychologically and can take drugs in moderation in the future.

    I personally love speed, and feel higher and happier and more alive than any other drug, but I know there is a big difference between drug use and drug abuse, so I am very careful with the amount I take.

    Take care.
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    I had a major freakout recently. Off my head in my bedroom alone, i thought the guy i was seeing was fucking my housemate.I could hear the TV and though "holy shit, they're listening to that and fucking on my lounge room floor!

    Stuck in a loop i couldn't decide whether to go out and confront them or try not to listen to the TV i KNEW they were fucking in front of!

    Eventually i ran out of my room to find her passed out on the couch and him smoking billies on the front porch. He just looked at me hyperventilating in the door way and said "look at that", and pointed at a car parked illegally with its lights left on.

    I looked at the car and freaked thinking it was my ex watching the house and about to strangle me because i was sleeping with someone else. By then i had decided that the only way to be 'safe' was to hide underneath my boy's Torana (regardless of whether or not i would fit).

    THEN my neighbour came home playing ultra loud music in his car and had to be physically restrained because i was going to bash the shit out of him for making my house a 'target' (a target for what, i don't know)

    Eventually i extracted myself from the paranoia loop which i was perceiving as a mustard, baby poo yellow, Datsun colour and went about my day.
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    seems that meth brings out some damn nasty paranoia in some ppl, while others can do 1 line and not do it for months/years. I never ever do meth recreationally, I sometimes use it to go out to parties when other ppl try to find the most MDMA containing pills, I take the ones with meth(yes, meth, orally, I know it feels better when snorted/smoked/injected but it`s also a lot tougher on your body). It makes me feel talkative(not blabbering nonsense like the e-tards), makes me want to dance, feel great and it does not make me feel StOoPiD the next morning. I never get any paranoid feelings with meth( I get the major freakouts when I`m on shroomz for some strange reason) nor do I feel addicted to it. To me it`s something you should do in small amounts, with more than enough time in between, I`ve seen it fuck up a lot of good friends, once they go through the "big change"(u know what I`m talking about right?) they never really go back to their usual selves. I`m so glad I don`t have that addictive personality.
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    the last time i did meth, about three months ago, i had the worst psychotic episode of my life. it's rather, er, stupid of me to do meth at all, as i already have paranoid schizophrenia, but it's the only thing other than coke that makes life feel okay. at least for a while. i was up a couple of days with my boyfriend doing line after line....i forget how many days....just days....talking non-stop, staring at mirrors as always, whatnot...then i started to lose it, lecturing my bf for about three hours outside (and i never go outside fucked up, i'm too paranoid) about why he is evil for not being vegan, bringing up all these facts i wasn't aware i knew of, but later looked up and realised i actually did know what i was talking about....then for some reason he was talking about politics, and i hate political discussions, so i lectured him, ranted, raved, for another like 4 hours or something outside yelling and screaming about how nothing will ever ever get solved through any political maneuver, no matter how benign, since the problems of the world are inherent within the political system and it must be abolished before any change could be made...i don't know. i forget most of what i said or what the fuck my points were and everything else....all i remember was getting very deep into economics and political history and whatnot, and i actually quoted things correctly that i am not conscious of ever having read. at a point my bf decided i was being much too argumentative and a bitch, so he went inside...i blacked out and when i came to i was in my apartment. he was sitting on a chair with his eyes open staring straight ahead deadly, and the room was acutely altered, a distinctly different place than what i think of as reality, and he just radiated a sense of deadness. i kept screaming at him to listen to me to wake up to acknowledge me, and he was dead. then i blacked out again and was in the kitchen and he was standing next to me and we were talking, arguing. he went into the other room and i sobbed holding the oven, wracking horrible he came back and asked me what was the matter and i just stared at him with a horrified look, because i couldnt' tell if he was real or not, because the him that was sitting in the chair was dead and unreal, and i thought he was gone forever, dead and non-existant...i made him convince me for hours he was real. it doesn't sound like much. but it was horrible. i've had hallucinations and psychotic episodes in my life before that were completely not drug-related, but this was terrifying. probably a good reason why i should never do meth or any other drug that's a no-no for the mentally ill.....but i am stupid and don't really give much of a damn for life anymore. i'm doing meth tonight. it's been so long. it's such a dumb idea.
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    AbraMontague, the hallucinations caused by meth are in fact the start of psycosis, if you trip out you are beginning to get to the stage but not there yet.

    anyway, i have two psycosis stories up my sleave.

    my first one happened last year when i was first getting into the rave scene. Me and a friend were sitting in an inner melbourne carpark after leaving the club for a while to have a burn, it was about 7 am in the morning and we were parked facing a fence which backed onto a laneway. we didn't know at the time but cops routinely drove through this lane as a shortcut to the street. throughoyut the night i'd consumed a fair bit of GHB and was fairly messy . anyway we'd been smoking for an hour and i had just finished having a smoke and as i put the pipe down a police car drove straight past the front of our car (paying absolutely no attention to us) after already being awake for five days and very fucked up i freaked. i got out of the car and ran to the other side of the city. i had my phat pants pulled up around my nipples with a look of terror on my face. i was running past hundreds of people just getting into the city screaming "help, they're gonna get me!!!". i'm actually suprised i didn't get arrested now i think about it. my mate found me 5 hours later sitting in a garden in richmond or something.

    my second story happened this year at my friends beach house in sorrento.
    i had been awake for 3 days smoking meth non stop the whole time, three mates had been too. at about 4 am a friend said he heard something knocking. i went and looked out they window and turned the outside light on. i fucken lost it andthought there was someguy walking accross the back yard staring at me. my friends said no one was there and to calm down. i told them he had jumped the fence an d we had to stop him getting away before he came back for us (i have no idea y this imaginary person would) but my friend is a hunting man and has 4 shotguns and semi automatic rifles in a floor safe under his bed. i knew the code so i went and got one, lucky it wasnt loaded! and ran out they back door and into the bush then the beach. my friends chased me for an hour and finally got me back.
    they ended up hoilding me down till i calmed down.
    then a few hours later we started smoking again
    DfI - crackpipes ar evil -
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    This post brings back some memories for me. Most of my meth usage occurred in the 70's. My experience is it will happen to all if they remain on it long enough. I knew more than a few people who had the blinds permanently closed, unplugged the phone and slept with knives under their pillows . One guy (cook) in Roshdale never came out of his room. His girlfriend answer the door and if you knew what to say she would let you in. She was a spectical herself. Ever heard the song TB Blues by Van Morison? I think it must be about her. Anyway you would give her the money and she would delivery the goods. Great stuff but what a weird place. I have barracaded myself into a basement apartment before as well. Lucky for me though it hasn't been long lasting-the really weird behaviour. I'm sure everyones walked down the street with the knowledge that everyone knows your high. Once you learn to recognize that you are having strange unfounded thoughts its time for some v's and bed. I seem to have about a 3 day period then I sort of stop getting high and just get weird. That is my cutoff point. I think it has a lot to do with burnout neurotransmitters.
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    wow.hereis a few 2 make ya think twice.2 friends in hospital in 4 weeks is enough 4 me to think hey !maybe im not invincible! 1st was on way home from hellraiser....great nite.except friend starts paniking/shallow breathing 3 ppl in car holding her still whilst kicking biting etc trying to find hospital was'nt fun(mind you due to memories of past "bad trip" good friend on bender collapsed.usually outgoing and funny guy reduced to equivalent of someone with down syndrome.and i have to say our crew(2 above included)have had countless times "on it" and it is hard to say it was due to inexperience! more an example how it is easy 4 things to go wrong.and even tho thru the years ive felt bulletproof,i now know i could just be that a fair assessment?
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    this is one of the funniest threads i've ever read !! so fucking hilarious !!
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    this was one of the funniest things i have ever read on the internet. also it makes me frustrated because i can only acquire adderall (which is child's play compared to meth, though my friends and i are pretty damn heavy adderall users -- like, our stories are almost as zany as these).

    in conclusion: you people have the best stories ever.

    also fedex me some meth, kthx. :-)

    bob smith
    123 main street
    sometown, somestate 12345
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    My friend starts getting the twitches which made K think that THE ALIEN probes were taking M over... M starts to freak out and wonder why they are attacking her. K runs in the corner scratching at the wall with a spoon mumbleing about how she is "in prison again .. again .. again" *scratch scratch*.. I sit there and think that M jumped over a chair and started patting me all over my body and meowing and yelling at her to stop it when M is sitting on the bed across the room from me ... no chair even in front of me. M starts feeling her head like she is in a shower commercial and K sits next to me drinking milk with that damn spoon.

    We all calm down for a bit, smoke a bowl and decide to walk to Turkey Hill, a mini market / gas station thing.
    All of us holding hands and "watching out for the spys" and we had this idea that we shouldnt bring our purses in Turkey hill because the people will want to take them and search us for drugs and secret files... ??? So as we are walking up i say "SO where are we going to get rid of the evidence!" M:"I dont know you guys they are going to take us over if they find anything on us" (we of course didnt have anything but makeup and ciggarettes on us) me: "FUCK THERE is a bush lets hide them in there"

    We all run to hide them, we walk into the store, and are trying to hide our cracked out faces of malnutrition and lacking of an insane amount of sleep.. M goes to a cop that is just so happening to be buying some coffee there.. M" WHATS WRONG SIR, is there anything wrong??!?!?" Cop: "Uh no everything is fine." I of course grab M and drag her over to the soda freezer, grab 3 drinks pay and proceed to grab our purses and to back to her room and have dellusions of what is really going on in the movie alice in wonderland.. than we drank a whole bunch of beers in the cooler down stairs and end up passing out
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    oh my god HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAA i was laughing alone for maybe five minutes reading the posts..i know i know its not supposed to be funny but in a weird way meth psychosis/paranoia is actually a delirious trip and among our group, we actually acknowledge that we are ALL insane to varying degrees. And back here where i live, 95% of addicts admitted to rehab are hoooked on ICE. nothing else. maybe gambling, but thats it. no junk. no downers. just anyway, the stuff that happened (mostly funny)to me and my friends:

    The worst thing that happend to me (and im a pretty sane person even after five days of tweaking, all my friends can attest to that! they all usually fuck up , start crying or fighting or using me as a sounding board and ive never broken down, come close though heheheh.) So imagine the day i lost my CAR inside the malls five floor ramp parking area. i had just gone shopping for a class reunion that night, stuffed all my bags into the car, left the parking card inside and went to have coffee with my gaybestfriend. When we come back...the car is gone. im sweating, i actually harass two guys who had just come up the stairs if they saw who got my car. i alert the POLICE!! [email protected] and u know what? the car was in the upper floor the whole time. i was in the frikkin 2nd floor when i parked at 3rd. Thats a MAJOR big deal and this happened 3 years ago. after that, i never took anybodys paranoid situation lightly again (no matter how stupid haha)

    We have a girlfriend who starts invoking Gideon or god knows who, and sets up this white chalkboard and starts drawing charts after weve smoked for about two hours. We sit there, speedballing or whatever enjoying our hit, and she rattles on about saving the world and she really MEANS IT LIKE ITS THE ONLY THING IN THE WORLD SHE CAN EVER EVER DO...and to think she regularly gives her immediate FAMILY a hard time(been to rehab twice) haha and that Gideon thing...she also wants us to videotape her each time she does her "report."

    A neighbor of mine who had just recently done speed (as opposed to us, who hae been on and off for several, some for twenty !) at a birthday party around last year just went cuckoo this year. he was the only guy from that age group (30s) who i saw go nuts on such a short time. He would go to my house to my house five times a night to discuss our trips and his nice feelings (once is enough jesus...) ..he would deliberately INVITE himself into a closed room session in another neighbors in no shame whatsoever (all our cels were closed and he would just let himself in huge smile and never get the point) and then the last straw was when he lost his job as marketing manager of a big company. To top it all, i tried to help him. he would tell me, in all sincerity with tears that he would quit EVERY other day. im not kidding . and i would believe him...tilll it got absurd. then he would call all of us friends (regardless of where we were or not) and then when we answer, hed say SHHHHH!!!! dont talk! were being traced...go home...he got into rehab and after it was over went straight to my house "for a smoke"...

    A girlfriend of mind and her beau were going to the park in our village to score from her source, so we park by the swings...and she goes out and ENTERS the wrong car....its some japanese guy, and they even do small talk before she gets out...

    i have couple girlfriends after getting whacked out who start rolling like a ball, taking their shirts and/or their socks /shoes off and mewing some "crooooo-crooooo" sound its become a joke already

    we were all in a hotel room once and a guy friend had bought 3 call girls back to the room to party with, and another guy friend has his colt pistol loaded in the safe of the hotel and one of the girls accidentally just fires the thing and starts going CRAZY as in HYSTERICAL and the bullet actuallly almost hit ME and she was the one screaming....
    goood thing the hotel didnt even say a word or notice.

    (this happens many times) we had just scored maybe a g or 2 of shit and right the moment we hit the rooom it is gone, lost missing. We spend around 2 to five hours looking for it, and lo and behold, it just appears like that. ALways. maybe every two months, in the same friends room. Thing is, we look for it silently, calmly, as if its a given. Crazy im telling you!!! more to come hahahahha
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    I was up for about 3 and 1/2 days with 2 friends of mine and just had gone to Albertaco's to get some carne asada burritos. Anyhow, we get to my friends house (he is korean) and there were chopsticks laying around from last nights korean bbq his mom cooked us. So I start to bite into my burrito and realize there is a chock full of vegetables in it, which i absolutely hate in burritos. Usually in a situation like this I would just bite the bullet and eat it, but I was pretty spun and thought of a vivid solution. I open up the burrito very carefully, and then use the old chopsticks from the other night to individually pick the little pieces of meat out of the burrito and eat them. My friends were also pretty spun, and are like "dude what are you doing!! what the fuck dude!!!!" and they're sort've laughing, and I exclaimed "I'm using chopsticks on my dumpling" because from a distance the burrito looked like a soaked chinese dumpling. so after about 2minutes of them laughing at me as I eat my burrito, I decide to give up because I'm pretty much not hungry at all. So i fold the burrito back up and put it in the wrapper, then put it back in the bag. But what really tripped my friends out (from what they've told me) was that after I was done, I licked the chopsticks clean, wiped them off on a napkin, and then sniffed the tips to make sure it was clean... then set them on the carpet.

    To this day I'm not really sure why I did any of it, but it sure made yet another inside joke among us.
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    When I was younger, around 17, I am 29 now, I was doing meth for kind of the first time for a longer period. We had been up for days on a teener of speed. Good shit too. It was really crazy though, after a couple of days the shit started getting weird. Me and my sister and friends were in this old abandoned house right next to the place I was living. We did lines in there for days. Then on the third night I began to freak out. There was an abandoned car out front, me and my sister swore we could both see some black dudes in the car. Then as we looked out the window, there was a knock on the door, my friend came in and we said "did you see those guys" he was like "what guys", he was sober, and he said there was no one out there, so we gave him a wrench and said go back out there and check it out. He went out just to appease us, and as he walked up to the car my sister and I swore that we saw from the window all them dudes run off down the street. We saw it together! Fucking weird!

    Then the shit got crazier, the next morning I was laying on an old mattress when I saw a giant fucking rat strapped with a machine gun and bullet holders like fucking rambo, come running out of the wall furnace across the room. It came running at me then vanished. I was telling my friends an they were like what the fuck dude?!!!

    Later that night I gave my friend some shit to chop up on the mirror, he was chopping away getting some lines ready, I looked at my watch, stood there waiting for him to finish, looked at my watch again and like two hours had passed in only moments!!!

    Finally, me and my sister were tired so we went home, when I got there I saw my dog and he looked fucked up, like his guts were hanging out, then it went back to normal. I saw yellow everywhere and I thought he had pissed everywhere on the walls, couch, fucking crazed.

    When my sister went to bed I went to say goodnight and I saw a spider on her bed, she saw it immediatly, it was a black widow. She freaked out, then I saw that one spider turn in to a fucking million spiders, fucking whoa dude!

    My dad came in, picked up the spider and disposed of it, asked us what we were on, I told him, he said "Fucking Idoits" and went to bed. I went to bed fell asleep thinking of bugs.

    I had an acid trip, my first, a year or so later, it was somewhat comparable when it came to the hallucinations but not quite, never really hallucinated again on anything though. Just had to share this experience, it is totally true, Mike F. and Scotty, if your are out there somewhere ((((((SNORT))))!!!!

    C and K would love to do it again!
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    this thread is fantastic, meth for more than 2 or 3 days is as far as i have pushed myself so no stories from me unfortunately.
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    Mine story isn’t quite as whacky as some of this stuff but still freaked me out something cruel when I looked back on it, mainly because I recorded everything that happened nearly straight after in my tweaker journal I used to take with me. I don’t like reading that thing anymore…

    After my first time staying tweaked for more then one day/night. I walked into my friend’s kitchen and past his sink. As I walked by I heard a child’s laughter coming from the sink , I thought that was pretty odd so I went closer to the sink to invesigate. I slowly walk up to the sink and then ASK it “what was that?” and then in a child’s voice I get an answer “ I like your pants…* more laughter * “ I just replied “thank you” and walked off not giving it a second thought until I sat down in the front room and tried to light my cigarette for the 10th time that morning( I didn't really have one I just thought I did) . Then it just hit me “WHAT THE FUCK!?” I yelled to myself, “shit… there’s a girl stuck in the drain!” and rushed to the sink and said “hold on , I’m coming, don’t panic “ Luckily I realized what I was saying before it got too out of hand and just calmly as I could walked back into the back room where everyone else was and informed them that the drain liked my pants, and we all agreed that they were fine pants indeed, had a good laugh about it,and sat down and starting scribbling and writing tweaker jibber into my little book (which I was trying to protect from them damn agents in the TV the whole night).
    I don’t do Meth recreationally anymore, too much too soon ruined that drug for me.
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    Confessions of a Paranoid Mind 
    Accounts of Serious Polluted Brain Mass

    ./Skitzed out at a dopehouse running because the cops came. Me and a couple of friends ran into the woods and climbed up a tree until we could see the house and the cops. Well, the cops left but then we had another problem. One of my friends reported a skunk on ground so we could not leave for another hour, thinking the skunk was going to climb the tree. Later we just jumped down and broke into full sprint. To this day I don't know if there ever was a skunk.

    ./Skitzing all night thinking a black man with an afro was in my car trying to ease it out of the driveway with the lights off. I spent an hour staring out the window until I saw someone in it then I ran outside. Nobody was there. Then I spent two more hours staring, finally the afro appeared in the window again and the car started backing out of the driveway. I busted out of the house with shotgun in hand, but alas, the car hadnt budged. Finally, I said fuck the car. If that bastard wanted it that bad he could have it. It was still there in the morning.

    ./One time I saw a man slam a 130 unit bump. He ran outside, bit the tick off the back of a dog, and passed out in the middle of the yard.

    ./I sat in my room one night laying down thinking I would eventually fall asleep. This is the worst kind of skitz you can have. I heard the front door bust open, 10 seconds later I heard my dad scream. Silence. I slowly climbed off my bed and got on the other side. I heard people talking and looting my house so I got up and made sure my bedroom door was locked. It wasn't going to take much for them to bust through it eventually though. I didn't have any windows. Finally, I knew they had got the last piece of furniture because I could hear them walking around and finally they started whistling, like they just had one more room to go. As I neared my end, I finally accepted my fate. I was bound to die someday, and I guessed it was then. The whistling got louder, then, my door bursted open.

    It was my dad. What the hell are you doing? He wanted to know as I had myself cornered behind a chair by the wall. I explained that I had woke up early and was looking for a shirt...right next to the butt-nugget that just rolled down my pants leg.
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    SWIM has read most of these posts and can not believe that people believe speed induced temporary paranoia & Corner of the Eye Halucinations (black patches (including occasional chills)) are being used in this forum. They are NOT and have nothing to do with speed induced psychosis.

    After 11 days of staying awake on an unlimited supply of recrystalized (twice) Meth HCL, Psychosis kicked in unannounced.

    No one within the forum has mentioned the strange like effects of Psychosis. Best way to describe it is to be alot like a dream! However, you physically are able to talk and move although the talk most likely being mumble jumble, referring to a on the spot made up belief and acting on it UNINTENTIALLY. Most people will not relise or understand what they have said or done until they are snapped out of psychosis.

    To briefly give some idea on the extent of SWIMS psychosis:
    1) Went off at Girlfriend telling her to F*ck off across the road to her parents house. -- Parents live 20k's away.
    2) Kept asking what the f*ck she was doing at someone elses house with an ex girlfriend of mine she has never met (including a guy = 3some).
    3) Out of nowhere, forcing my opinions on something. I did not know what.

    ---- All this included deep aggression and confusion while going on. As you have no conscience thought or control over psychosis, It will act on your subconscience. Thoughts, Paranoias, Anything emotionally attached to you, will be used in psychosis all at once. All at once meaning, you will not understand what you said/did until AFTER you have been snapped out of it.

    340 G's (within 4 months) Later, SWIM relises its Game Over. Time to wake up to reality from this speed induced "now to SWIM considered" depression & anxiety.

    Anything to add? Anything to attack? Please do so. Im no psychiatrist.

    This is simply SWIM's view and experience and belief that most people in this thread have not hit psychosis. GHB induced psychosis is very much the same as Speed induced, although, you seem to be able to physically have control but not consciencely.

    Psychosis is something you will remember for the rest of your life. It is something which in my experience can NOT be controlled by will. Imagine a nightmare, you cant escape.. It can be compared nicely to that, no control, in an environment you believe exists but does not.

    - SWIM.
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