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    what the fuck? Damn tweakers.
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    ^That is the most absurd thing. All I have ever done is stay up late cleaning.
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    Well this is a bathsalt psychosis story but its definitley a worthy mention so im saying it anyway. After the 10th or so ~5 day binge with little rest periods in between I started "realizing" some weird shit. I thought that there were worm-like parasites that could disguise themselves as a strain of hair and pop up & out anywhere in your body. And I could swear they made up a huge chunk of my carpet...a fan was on pointed to the ground and it would make trash on the grown move at a very slow pace, I thought it was the parasites all working as one to move things to the right place so they could fully infect me and take over my brain. I put nearly small type thing in the room including ALL my clothes besides what I was wearing in trash bags and put them outside the house cuz i was ready to dump everything out as part of the process to "disinfect" my room. Thankfully a bud held on to it. I used to frantically wash my hands for HOURS on end trying to be one step ahead of the "parasites". It seemed like with every new binge I didnt less and less days to get to the psychotic point. A binge or is when I actually started seeing shit, before then I was all crazy thoughts and "realizatoins"....but my mind was SERIOUSLY fucking with me this time...At one point I remember googling a bunch of medical illnesses for atleast 12 hours straight, and at some point in there(I cant discribe it very well)but something happened that I thought computer virus files could be tranfered to REAL LIFE viruses...and as I was googling the medical illnesses even on like webMD and similar sites the discription of the desieases I was reading were titled "Parasites.exe" or like "heart falure.exe" ALL the real illnesses had a .exe extension. And I vividly remember reading a article on wiki on CDC that said that some sort of break through happened and a hacker or something figured out how to infect humans with .exe files. That was my rock bottom. I went to sleep and thankfully when I woke up everything was much better. It took my several years to completely recover from that in terms of getting my brain up back to how it was before it was all said and done. This was probably like 4 years ago and the drug was with MDPV. I know moderation seems like a joke with that drug but i can not stress enough how important that is. Drugs are bad m''kay? :P
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    Me and my friend were driving home and it had been a 6 day long binge with maybe 8 hours of sleep through the whole ordeal.

    When driving home it looked like it was pouring rain and the trees were blowing like crazy.. on the freeway full carriages drawn by horses were flying out from the sides of the freeway... stop signs were wipping around wiggling like crazy... trees started appearing in the middle of the road then chasing my car or running in front of us with giant black tenticles as legs... I finally pulled over because there were giant bats the size of cars swooping down at the car... and into the windshield... ... finally I got up the courage to call a friend to pick us up. As he was driving when we hit fog it appeared to be pouring rain (It wasn't) and the trees looked like we were in a hurricane (it was not windy at all)... the mountains turned into giant monsters like you would see in a comic... fighting each other... the trees as well started turning into giant black demons and people were sprinting around dancing on the freeway... etc.... when I got home I looked up at the sky and appeared a giant demon with huge wings that looked like Diablo from diablo 3. And turned and started fighting with this mountain next to the part of the sky i was looking at.. it was like real life rampage the video game...

    I sat down in front of my house and looked around... and the entire world around me looked like a warzone with monsters, bugs, people and even plants all going crazy. Even cars would turn into giant dogs and start fighting... i eventually could even hear the monsters ... I went into the house and laid down with the lights on (as lights seem to reduce the hallucinations) but then I could hear voices and music etc. I would lay down for a second.. close my eyes and immediately lose touch with reality and return to random childhood or even a few times adult hood memories and it felt like I was doing it again.. then I'd get a jabbing feeling somewhere and I'd wake up startled.. My friend said I'd close my eyes... fall asleep for like 2 seconds then jump out of sleep... then repeat.. over and over..

    Moral of the story. Don't abuse meth and lose your mind. God knows how much damage I did to my fucking brain for it to have caused such insane hallucinations. My buddy abuses shit about as much as I do and he was tripping balls too but not as intense as me.. even at one point the entire street and houses would shift to the left really quick and when in my room the entire room started feeling like it was on the back of a truck driving around windy roads.. I literally even fell trying to stand up because I kept losing my balance.
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    The whipping trees would of been a cool visual but I know how scary meth psychosis is. I also had the childhood memory type thing going on too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrflowers00 View Post
    i was so spun i thought the cleaning chemicals on the ground in my bathroom were meth and i shot that shit up
    I shot up dog food thinking it was a heroin pebble. I put the crushed dog food on a spoon and water. Fucking thing took forever to melt and I ended up burning my finger from over using my bic lighter. Man I was fucked up
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    A good friend of mine we'll call Kevin somehow stole an ounce of meth, he'd been up smoking for days when a friend of ours, Joe goes to his house to buy some dope from him. I've since had both of them explain the story as to get all the details I could and here's what I've managed to piece together:
    Joe was getting dope and when he showed up, Kevin was tweaking out, he was convinced that people were in his walls. He was paranoid, thinking it was the person he'd robbed. Joe hang out for a while and Kevin starting getting closer and closer to full blown psychosis. A bit of time went by and Kevin started talking about some black guy he got dope from living in the vents, he said he had been putting money through the cracks and the guy would slide a few stamp bags of dope to him throughout the day. Joe kept trying to explain how impossible that would be and after a bit of time going back and forth, Kevin apparently just put his head down saying "I'm just really fucking confused man, I don't know what's going on anymore, just leave me alone..."
    Kevin had already had several head injuries and I think meth probably just made any problems he's had like short term memory loss even worse. He still doesn't like talking about it and hates when anyone asks if his vent still has any dope it can sell lol! This is no where near some of these stories involving guns and shit, wow, they're fucking insane but I figured this would still be a funny story to share.
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    Quote Originally Posted by camelz View Post
    I was up for 4 days, sick of doing nothing around my house. Ever since I started doing dope, I never really hung out with anyone but myself and my mind, which is fucked up when it's just you and your thoughts. Was doing it for months like this, I would be alright most of the time, but after a while It changed me. Anyway, one night I was done sitting around bullshitting, so I decided to walk to the bowling alley a couple miles away from my house. I get my shit, stick it in my pocket, and start off walking. Once I hit the main road, I go for a little bit then decide to go through the neighborhood to get there, so theres less chance of the cops pullin me over walking. I get in the neighborhood, and am halfway through it, when I need a smoke so I pull them outta my pocket, and light one up, then about 50 feet later I check my pocket and can't feel my bag in there, so I bugg and check everywhere, then I start to retrace my steps, and i found it lying there right where I pulled my cigarettes out on the ground before. which was in front of a school. so i pick it up, and put it in my pack, and start walking again, hoping no one saw what i just dropped, was like 1 am anyway. But, the second I put it back in my pocket and start going again i see this old brown caprice roll by me. i freaked, kept my cool and they drove past. i know the streets real well, so i make a right to go another route case they wanted to double back, i could jet the fuck out. then a white neon passes me by, nothing happens, then a light blue mini-van, and the last car was a white suburban. and a couple other ones, but i dont remember what they were now. and i start noticing these cars keep pulling around the last street i was on, and wouldn't come until i made another right, or left or whatever. these same cars kept coming, over and over in sync, first the brown caprice, then the neon, and the mini-van. i was getting fucking parano|d like a mother now, wondering how in the fuck they were following me. if they had radios, telling the next one which street to go to. or a place was in the sky monitoring my movements. they had me surrounded, and i couldn't lose them for shit. every new street i turned down i would look back, and there would be the last car coming around the street i had turned before. i didn't want to run because then they would definitly rush in on me for sure, figured if i just kept walking that i would be cool, cause they wouldn't think i was on to them. i finally make it to the next main street and cross it, and go into the addition across the road. and waiting for me the was the brown caprice, it made its out past me outta the addition. the next street i made it to, i turned it watching my back, and i fucking started trucking it down the next street to lose them, and when i did that minivan came around the street behind me out of nowhere! my stomach dropped but i kept running, thinking come fucking get me, cause my parano|a was turning in to rage now, like how fucking dare you think you're gonna follow me mother fuckers. it just past me by, and i tried to pass it off as jogging, at 1 something am. heh. anyhow, this shit kept up all the way to the bowling alley, i figured they knew where i was going at this point, so i just stopped before i went in, smoked a cigarette, and started to go in, when once i opened the door. this car rips up, and i knew it was the cops, i didn't want to run, so i just started walking at a really fast pace straight to the bathroom in there. got in, went straight into a stall, didn't look back, and then came in right after. i had my dope, in my hand pointed towards the toliet ready to drop and flush if they rushed me. then i'll fight. waited there, they left. so i sat a moment. figured they would wait for me to leave cause cops ain't allowed to rush stalls or some shit. i did a rail, and once i got back out in the alley, there was no way i could stay there, cause anyone could have been the ones following me. there were cameras in there, so after all that i just wanted to get back home... anyway, the whole way back i took the main roads this time, except for my neighborhood entrance. they still followed me, i figured the moment i dropped that dope, someone saw it, and started following me to my place or some shit. i took mad detours through my neighborhood, to lose them. they kept up with me to the final block, then i get home climb on the roof, and sit down trying to figure out why the fools were after me. sat there listened to my walkman. after an hour, i saw someone on the rood a few houses down. they had setup fucking snipers on me. all around, houses everywhere were ready to pop me the moment i got down. i didn't get down for hours, i pretended a few times i was getting down but get right back up real quick, just to see if they would rush me or start firing shots. i saw one of them in my shed, ready to tackle me. my door was locked, and i dont have a key to it anymore, and if i tried to go through the window they would definitly get me for breaking and entering, even though it was the house i stayed at. heh. i just remember staying up there until morning, and i could see better. finally, my mother came out in the morning. figured someone called her to tell her there was a man on her roof, nah she just left came back with mcdonalds breakfast. after a little while, i hopped down and jet to the front door, and i hear a car ripping around the corner, after all these hours of silence, and i'm ready to jump out and brawl cause i hid my shit under a shingle before i got down, they slowed down and just turned into their house. amazing how shit happens at exactly the wrong time, and turns out such a coincidence. my mother opened the door for me, told her i had just got dropped off by a buddy. put on the act you know. the rest of the day i just was looking out the window forever waiting for the cops, saw some in my bushes a couple times, ran out but they made it away. go figure. they're always just one step ahead of ya. you can never actually get them, but you know they're there. to this day, i don't know what the fuck happened to me that night.
    u gay?
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    Damn you guys need to go to rehab.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Homeboy View Post
    damn madhatter... you have no idea. phychedelics are nothing compared to the sheer reality and terror that is true meth hallucination after day 4-5+ of a hard binge.
    anyways... phreex, i was always curious. were you living in like a neighborhood? didn't you ever get cops to the house when you were fucking unloading guns? I mean... neighbors report shit like that.
    Word. Thing with these things is it turns you into someone you're not. Mental health =/= physical withdrawal.

    *We all know what's more hard to endure - the sheer reality shattering effect of a real, current amphetamine psychosis (but there are varying degrees really)*. You really do have to manage your dosing because a hard comedown can turn psychotic real fucking quick. It's not just a comedown, if you continue, it's the beginning of long-lasting psychosis without the anxiety of demons tearing at you (when it's long lasting). When you're having the episode at the current (when you're coming down though) you kinda trip the fuck out.

    We all know drugs are bad but this forum is a good "Say no to drugs" ad campaign.
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    My hypothesis is that I have some form of ADHD (just high testosterone, really, who the fuck wants to sit down and do the same thing for a long time?) but due to my genetic vulnerability to compulsive relapsing behavior, I constantly redose and redose surpassing the recreational dosage by far. I can not for the life of me use a healthy dose to get my shit together and clean my fucking room!
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    I fucking love sitting down and actually getting shit done after the first wave is gone though, when you're less fucking euphoric, fuck sakes I got a lot done in an hour! BUT I DON'T FUCKING FEEL GOOD AT THIS DOSE WHEN I'M CLEANING/TYPING. Fuck Bluelight, I just learned half of C++ syntax in an hour!

    But yeah, fuck sakes, the dehydration is pretty shitty. Inability to eat, dehydration, feeling burnt out/not as euphoric. Kinda can't even do the dishes right now without saying fuck everything. Meh. Maybe I really do have ADHD. Hmm.
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