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    I am curious as to the legal status of this? I was unsure if it has been removed from the market worldwide, or if it was still Marketed in SA?
    Its just a curiousity thing for me, I have heard conflicting stories on it.
    Just a curious thingy, anywho.

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    Mandrax has not legally been made for a loooong time, and you wont really find it anywherein the world EXCEPT South Africa .. I didnt believe that methaqualone (known in the US 20 years ago as "ludes") was made anywhere, even in a clandestine capacity - but out in the jungle (or city or whatever South Africa is like) there is an epidemic with good ole methaqualone made in clandestine labs, pressed into pills .. it's like ecstasy is in this country - except most people smoke it over there out of broken beer bottles...
    I dont know how accurate the information is regarding the TRUE status of it being a true "epidemic" but the numbers of pills siezed are fairly high...
    So in answer to your question - YES, the active drug that was in the pharmacuteical "Mandrax" (methaqualone) is still made and sold in South Africa, though I cant seem to find anyones reports of it making it to the US which is the strangest fucking thing - having taken the drug I think there would DEFINITLY be a market ... it shouldbe noted the "ludes" sold onthe streets today (as Lemmon 714's - just like the original) do NOT CONTAIN METHAQUALONE but instead high doses of various benzodiazepines ...
    Anyone live in South Africa and can share some tales?

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    i wish i could here some stories cause my father said mandrax is the cats ass. he grew during the hippy era and said he liked ludes better than opiates.

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    I must definately go on a safari trip to south africa sometime... The zulu wichdoctors also grow some very strong pot overthere for several hundreds of years and also a little red mushroom (containing a lot of cholinergic alkaloids) they gave to the warriors prior to battle in order to improve aggression , reaction speed and overcome fear...
    As a dutch guy I really love the primitive old-dutch pronouncations and words introduced by the colonist dutch peasants.
    I have heard that the effect of mandrax likened a bit to that of GHB....

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    Is this another 'clandestine' chemist from south africa where 'clandestine' really means corrupt milatary/government official?

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    I have to disagree with Phreex on this one. Mandrax is available in Mexico. I have recently been to Mexico where I purchased some. I asked how fresh they were due to the fact I thought you could no longer get them there. I was told that they recieve them from England on a regular basis. I took just 1 and was wrecked for hours. They were in a clear plastic wraper that made them look like a lolly pop with out a stick...

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    I have to call bullshit on this one.

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    they do have fentanyl lolli pops. Maybe that's what you got.

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    Just because South Africa is the only place where MX is really popular doesn't mean it doesnt exist elsewhere. The synth for methaqualone is widely known and Im sure there are people producing it in places besides S. Africa however small-scale it may be.
    [quote] Mandrax has not legally been made for a loooong time, and you wont really find it anywherein the world EXCEPT South Africa..
    Wow, you must have done some real extensive traveling to know something like that. Isn't there a rule about spreading misinformation Mr. Mod? Do you really think that this substance has been kept confined to one small country??? My cousins in Ireland say that MX pills are all over the place there, and although alot are rip-offs(benzos pressed with a MX stamp, just like the benzos stamped with Lemmon 714 here) seizures and analysis have turned up many methaqualone samples. I'll ask them to send me a link to one of the articles.
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