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    Xanax Combo Suggestions???? 
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    Hello all. I got ahold of some Xanax 2mg bars yesterday. Last night i took 2.5mg and pretty much enjoyed the feeling except for waking up and not remember how i got home.
    My deal here is for all you benzo heads to let me in on what you combine with your xanax use. I know a few beers might brighten things up but is there any other substance that it goes well with? Im not a big pot fan if someone is going to suggest that, but any info would be appreciated.

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    You hit the nail on the head, my biggest dislike about benzos is that you know you had fun, but often have little or no idea what you did. There's not much gratification in that, at least for me, and the memory lapse has led to some embarassing situations.
    On to your question, I like xanax and weed. When I sit down and smoke a lot (to me is like 2 or 3 bowls, 15-25 hits chronic) my heart beats really fast, my reflexes are a bit edgy, almost like a blunt caffeine buzz is underneath the beautiful marijuana high. Xanax eliminates this, and also I seem to have a better memory of what I did than with xanax alone. Also the euphoria in my case increases like 10 fold.
    Xanax also goes good for a mellow shroom trip. Instead of jumping off the walls (which I happen to like) it can be good for just chilling out and taking it easy.

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    benzos can really smooth out acid and shroom trips. I think one guy recommended on erowid that the only true way to experience acid was to combine it with rohypnol

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    Personally any benzo combines well with depressants be it alcohol or opiates. I always combine the 3 on comedowns from either speed, coke or E. Oh by the way it can be dangerous!

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    >the best thing you can combine ANY benzo with is any type of speed,to take the edge off ya know.
    >but xanax is good with alcahol as long as ya dont act like a hard ass and down 10mg after 12beers/shots.
    >good combo is opiates and xanax,AGAIN dont go over board,i mean its comin sense
    >i like xanax by itself personally,i get VERY euphoric
    >weed and xanax is good ,in my opinion
    there are many combos ,you just have to experiment

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    I would have to say that rohypnol + acid are all kinds of gravy.
    Benzos are superfly when you use them to come off of meth, coke, life, whatever floats your boat ya know?
    I know this combination is very frowned upon, and in some cases lethal, but one night I was playing with fentenyl patches. After the first patch, I dunno, call me the curious cat or whatnot, I railed a 1 mg XnX. I think that was right up there with one of the better highs of my life.
    Had a strange feeling that I probably shouldn't repeat that one though, anyone have experience mixing opiates and benzos that they would care to share?

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    2mg Xanax + 1 Bottle O' Red Wine + 100mg 5-htp
    = A good fucking time

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