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    Shit compared to other cities gettind dope in Okc wasnt that great and if people only knew the tax. Once i listen to other people thread and pms from people talking about how much they pay for dope its insane. Basically double for anything that people would normally pay. And yeah i had zeeks number and franks number and onthenod actually carlos was in zeeks crew. That big bust that happened in 2008 that was actually Franks group and carlos wasnt with them. But, shit getting dope from Zeek yeah they had there hours 9am-6pm and usually always answered. But sometimes there fuckin phone would be off for a couple few days at a time. Or sometimes you would be waiting at the damn convenience store for an hour waiting on them bastards. And the quality was not steady at all, sometimes the shit would be great and then others it would be so fucking bad you couldnt even suck the shit up in a rig cuz so much trash was in it. I would MUCH rather live in Jersey and be in smack heaven. FUCK OKLAHOMA!!!
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    ^There were actually two guys named Carlos in Frank's crew involved in this original bust, check the news articles, court records, etc. There was also a Carlos in the other group. The two original Carlos' are both doing lengthy prison sentences right now. Out of the five originally involved, two got 20 yrs, two got 12 and one got 10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CretiNation View Post
    sentenced to life in prison for shoplifting

    I know this is old, but what the hell?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Na'vi View Post

    I know this is old, but what the hell?

    I was thinking the same thing. What the fuck? How the fuck do you get a life sentence for shop lifting? The only way I can think of is if she was already a convicted felon who had been in prison for felonies atleast 2 or 3 times prior, and was out on parole, and then shop lifted something really expensive and caught another felony.

    Hmmm, weird.

    Oh and in reply to the original article, i know its old, but holy FUCKING SHIT! 12 to 15 POUNDS of heroin.

    Good god, that would be enough to make me the happiest man on earth for the next 10 years or so.....and then the most dopesick man on earth at the end of those 10 years when ive blown through 15 pounds of heroin, lol.
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    @ oklahomablacktar
    Looks like you threw the idea of being inconspicuous out the window with your name. You Be Crazy, sucka.
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    hey dude I kno it's been a couple yrs but who knows you may still somehow come across this. At the time you wrote this I was in okc HEAVY in the lortab/percocet/oxycontin distribution game, the only reasn I fuked with pills is because the lack of h in okc, then, and this is pretty fukin funny I also went to oregon for rehab only to find out that portland doesn't have the same lack of h okc has so I was bangin the ish in no time, our stories are so identical I was wondering if we ran in the same circle or even knew eachother, I am not tooting my own horn or anything but I dominated the oxy game due to the quanity and price I was getting so chances are we do know of eachother atleast...anyway there's my piece hope life is workin out for you little homie write back, duece
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    oh and on a second note anyone who says it's "easy" to score black in okc just was lucky enough to meet the right person, here in portland downtown you can literally walk down the street and see empty baloons EVERYWHERE and be approached multiple times on the same block, that's easy in okc the game is different you gotta know people there's not street level drive through style drug sales like there is here....and for anyone who says otherwise is full of shit [no swimming]
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavisK4high247 View Post
    Maybe he is scared to be seen buying a phone card. I know that most Mexicans contact other people in Mexico by pre-paid phone cards.Not illegal to buy one for someone,and it's not illegal to give it to someone.Put 2 and 2 together and maybe you will realize the reason why he wants you,if he trusts you to but it and not might be a good thing for you to do in the long run..As he may be trying to call south of the border to his "family" to get some help with the situation now that the work is gone,an maybe he needs to have someone come up to help him on a new job ,with more work..If you understand this cryptic message then you know what I am talking about.If not then you are not deep enough in the game to bother asking about it.You either know what I mean or you don't. I know a few people might know what I mean i they have been in the life long enough or into it deep enough,otherwise this message will look like utter nonsense,but thats how it should look to the unknowing average person. 13
    So i'm not american, don't live in anything close to a ghetto, am not part of 'the game'

    And I Still know exactlyh what your post means, theres nothing cryptic about it. Any random asshole can figure out what you mean no problem.
    not tryin' to be a dick, but if this is your idea of being lowkey enjoy your time in prison!
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    ^don't use SWIM on Bluelight; it's sort of frowned upon because it's obvious SWIM really means Someone Who Is Me and therefore probably offers no cover from prosecution.

    (in my opinion, if you absolutely need to be uber-cautious, use a proxy server and a nonsense identity: look at the Iranians here who use names like "dj4CvKCk9d". I don't think SWIM would cover you if you were in Tehran lol)
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    @ Newbierock - LMAO that's exactly what I thought when reading that. Any average joe would understand that 'cryptic' message lol. Incompetence.
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    I know that this is an old thread and i remember clearly when this bust happened. I had been going through these guys since late 05 early 06. I remember calling them the next day after the bust and was like what is up man we good and he told me to call him tomorrow and they would be open. I will just say they stayed true to what he told me and they were up and running serving me the next day. Now i would like to talk about how people say that is such a hassle to find heroin in OKC. I have to say that you guys are not very hard working junkies. I had started shooting heroin in 05 in OKC and just stopped about a month ago b.c my life was going down the pipes and i was tired of it. I will just say that heroin is here and it is everywhere there are alot of connects out there other then the mexicans. Also the mexis are alive and well.
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