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    Happens to me sometime after the bump where I said "I never really felt that one", then I start with the "did I say that or was it you?" Other night asked my brother "did you bring the troughs" right out of the blue in a silent room...the absurdity of it snapped me straight for a sec, and I still don't know what that meant, although I remember saying it. Fuck if I know! AND - E is like the square root of 3 because it's an anomaly with no true, concise answer. There is no literal "square root of 3"...only an approximation, because the decimal fraction carries on forever but never repeats (like Pi). In other words - you can twist it into a box to suit our needs of the moment, but it doesn't exist in any definable manner that we can grasp. Can you grasp infinity? E is so profound and so indescribable and unique (like the answer to your equation that is so unique and elusive that we have to "round off" in order to fit it into our minds), that I think I know what you meant...nice one!
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    mda =

    "did you see that?"
    "over there, did you see that?"
    "see what?"
    "i dunno."
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    The first time I ever got completely off my nuts (3 pills), I saw a cheetah crawl off a bed and closer and closer towards me, and it appeared as if everyone was wearing colorful glowing sunglasses. A very weird, but pleasant experience.
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    when doubledrop i usually see these little elfs. like if my coats on the floor it'l look like a little elf sleeping in my coat. seems to happen everytime
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    Glad I am not the only one...LOL 
    I am the same way, it has gotten to the point where people follow me around waiting for some stupid shit to come out of my mouth!

    I was laying on the bed with like 4 people and was "watching a movie starring me on the ceiling" and was talking about "nuts and bolts" (from where I have no Idea), while there was only 4 of us in the room I woke up to 13 people in the room all laughing at me!

    I was outside trying to pick up a "frog" at 5am, turned out it was a leaf, Wonder what the neighbors thought on that one! LOL

    I was sitting on the front porch watching "movers" take things from my house and load them into a moving truck across the street, ended up the movers were meerly trees in my front yard, and the moving truck was a garage open with a light on across the street.

    I thought the stairs in my house was an escalator and I was fasinated by it LOL.

    I saw ants crawling on the wall and was trying to pick them off the wall (it was hilarious) along with my "fuzzy cigarette" that I was scared to light because it was furry.

    All of my visualizing have lead me to be the "life of the party" people can just crack up for hours! I have many more stories because this happens EVERY TIME I ROLL. Sometimes I wish it would happen to someone else just so I can have fun, but I am glad that I can put smiles on peoples faces!
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    Re: Trippin off xtc is mad 
    Originally posted by abk_blaze
    Another annoying thing was you only had a five second attention span to what was going on around you and then after five seconds of paying attention to some one you'd totally lose memory of what you are doing and what they talked about.
    That's pretty much how I described my visuals to my mates.

    Last week after taking my 3rd for the night I went and had a lie down in the car, at this stage I was pinging hard. Started to look at the buildings around me, after a few seconds you forget what you are looking at and then all hell breaks loose. The funniest thing I saw was when I was looking at the drops of water on my windscreen turn into fireworks and explode into pretty colours.
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    ever felt like a goldfish? 
    Anyone taken e, then smoked some weed and had this conversation with someone:

    1: what did u say?
    2: I dunno
    1: What were we talking about?
    2: I can't remember
    1: This shit is weird
    2: Yeah i know, keep forgetting shit
    1: Yeah my mind is like thinking crazy thoughts COMPLETELY unrelated to anything else
    2: Yeah, me too and then i keep forgetting what i was thinking about
    1: It must be the pills and the weed together
    2: what?
    1: what do you mean what?
    2: What did u say?
    1: I dunno
    2: What were talking about?
    1: I can't remember.........

    And so on and so forth ALL NIGHT.

    Now i know what goldfish feel like....
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    Yeah...I forget that I've asked people questions until they answer.

    Last weekend I'd asked a friend I'd only known a little while which places he goes to regularly when out, cos we were all in a new venue. It wasn't until about 10 minutes later I thought "oh thats right, I was going to ask him about where he usually hangs out". So I asked him, and when he started answering I said "hang on, this is all familiar, I only just asked you that". He said "did you? I don't remember you asking that".

    15 minutes later I asked him again, and he said "didn't we just have this conversation, twice?" He was genuinely confused himself if we had or not. Oh yeah, says I.....

    I love it though, gives ya a good laugh the next day!
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    Re: Re: ever felt like a goldfish? 
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    For me; come down + weed = write off.

    Not only is my short term memory effected, but I find my mind lapses. ie; I keep referring back to something that was said 20 seconds or so ago. It's like we're talking about one thing, then all of a sudden I'll go back to the last topic we were talking about... Then I question myself whether or not that actually happened? That's when I know I've lost touch with reality.

    One morning on my way back from a Rave; 8am on the train, with 2 friends, and about a dozen or so other passengers (uni students). My friends and I were sitting in the corner, and I was chatting (loudly) away to them, saying some real stupid shit (as you do). To me, they were the only people in my 'world'. Next minute, I look around, and see all the passengers just starring at me... After the initial shock, I turn back to my friend, and ask him, "is everyone whispering?" - it was dead silence.
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    lol funny thread,

    when rolling I always want to check what the time is, so I take out my phone, look at it, and put it back in my pocket - only to realise I didn't check the FUKIN TIME. Happens over and over again like a continuous loop.

    funny shit
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    i was in a club couple of months back went to the toilet and left my g/f sitting down waiting for me. Ended up completly forgetting where i left her, looked in 3 different rooms several times and kept thinking i was in the same f**king room everytime i went into a different one. Got really confused for a short while. Needless to say i found her about 5 minutes later.

    Also ages ago came out of a club & gave a mate a call, had like a full 10 minute conversation with him, got off the phone then couple of minutes later phoned him again forgetting that id phoned him at all. I began having the same conversation with him as if it hadnt happened. A couple of minutes into it he pointed out to me that id phoned him and had this exact same conversation with him minutes before, i preceeded to disagree with him until i suddenly stopped and freaked realising that i must have forgot myself and had a complete memory blank. Pretty funny when i think about it.
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    I once asked my friend to hold my backpack because i wanted to go on a carnival ride. After i got off he wondered off somewhere. it was dumb of me to lend my backpack to a person who just ate a quarter of an ounce of shrooms. In the backpack there was my camera and a whole bunch of other stuff... most importantly: my friends keys (we were spending the day out of state)
    I spend like 2 hours looking for some other guy who i think i gave my backpack to. after hopelessly searching for that guy, i sat down on the grass with a bunch of friends feeling like shit because i thought i lost my backpack and all its contents. then i turned and looked at the person i sat next to, and there was shroom dude. wearing my back pack, fucking frying and compleatly clueless about what was going on... i was soo happy and greatfull that i found my backpack ^__^
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    The last time i rolled i was trying to sleep and i closed my eyes and after a while i thought i saw a grey hound laying down by a person sitting in a chair and that mutherf*cker gave me one of those smiles like the cat in "alice 'n wonderland" you know what i mean, it was freaky i tried to stay for the rest of the night.
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    I expect it was some strong shit.

    One time, I was in a club high off E, I closed my eyes and saw the blue screen that pops up on MSN Messenger when you get a message, it was my friend telling me to get ready to go to the club then I opened my eyes and realized i'm all fucked up in the club on the couch. LOL

    Hallucinations can happen due to E.
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    i saw 3 mexicans striping my car of parts and trying to steal it and my jacket kept telling me to call the police so i did.... what a mistake..
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    What's better is trying to copy and paste something on a labtop into your music directory then playing it on iTunes. Once I had done it I was just thinking "That was the most difficult thing I've ever done." Then I just lay on my back and went to my own little place for a few minutes listening to Wall of Sound by AVB~
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    never had a scary experience, but def had some weird ones... one that sticks out is being at an after party for Descent '04. It was prolly 6 am and we dropped 3 times throught the nite and there were a pair of pants hanging on the top of a door. me and my buddy kept arguing with each other and even ourselves trying to determine if they were pants or a towel. to this day i don't understand why we didnt get up and check it out. prolly cuz we were rolling so hard... very funny debate!!!
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    Weird experience at my last Work Xmas party. I was in a pretty indepth convo with one of my big managers. Myself and work colegue (who is also pretty high up) decided it would be fun to get loaded at this work doo, We dumped. Then we went around our usual way when we got stuck in in a pretty indepth convo with one of my big managers. Then all of sudden on it came..Massive eye wobbles ect.. I quickly had to leave that and go sit down. Then a few mins later my friend came walking over grabbing onto anything he can to help him walk.. He said "It was funny to see you all of a sudden leave the conversation. Then I peaked and had to leave. The manager didn't know what was happening." Then after the intence rush was controlable I stood up and looked around at everyone else. There were a good 20 odd people rolling which I never even thought would do it..
    That was a very good night

    Or at the last rave Event that I went to. Forome strange reason I decided to start talking to the police people roaming around the venue asking them how their day was and if they like looking after rave parties and the like. Their answer was
    "Yeah its good looking after you guys that are loaded" while he patted my on my shoulder
    "you guys dont cause any problems other than giving me a headache for talking so much and about crap" He then laughed with his partner and kept on walking
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    The scariest I think was when I was a total fucking moron and decided to take 4 blue scorpions in one night, but they were methbombs. About 10 hours after my "being fuckedupness" went away (the beginning) my body just literally shut down. My face was beginning to glow red and so were my hands, Everything was moving really sluggish, as if I was inside jello, but I tried to keep it under control. I would put my hand on my chest and feel how fucking fast it was beating --- I was so fucking paranoid I drove up to my local supermarket and ran into the back on a free blood pressure check. I saw the numbers and they were pretty high, so I knew most of it was anxiety.

    My friend was just sitting there with his girlfriend, hoping I wasn't going to fall over or pass out but he really didn't care about my personal safety, since he was ignoring me and we were in HIS house that he just got from his father. If anything was to happen to me during that time, I would have been fucked. I don't talk to my friend that i've had since 6th grade anymore. So many great times --- all ruined by his meth abuse.

    The next 48 hours were the hardest hours i've ever been through in my entire life. I want to KILL those fuckers who make meth based ecstasy pills. I almost died from that shit. I had heart arrythmias for about 3 months, anxiety shot through the roof, was depressed as FUCK for 3 months. It was a truly horrible experience, and I know I damaged my body that day due to excessive amounts of Methamphetamine consumption. I'm just glad I don't do meth or do any type of other drugs aside from Marijuana. I used to roll every two weeks, then bi monthly, then took a long ass break. Now I only roll once bi monthly like I used to.

    I've probably had some neurotoxic damage done to my brain by these rolling mis-haps, but for only having ONE life ---- All of those times i've rolled with my friends definately make up for it. Good times, Good times.

    As for something really weird? Well, when I first started rolling me and about 5 other of my friends bought some red dolphins (AMAZING press back then, pure clean dolphins, 02-03) and I had CLEAN pills my first time. Not so many times can people say that, but anyway I was sitting on my friends couch and I started talking about stuff and then I noticed the floor started to turn colors, and It became really dark blue and I thought I was going to drown in the ocean so I hopped my feet up onto the couch. I then said "holy shit dude, is your carpet an ocean?" I didn't know how rolled out I was until I clasped my hands together and flicked open my red-blue flashing lighter and holded it up to my chest and I said "MY HEART IS GLOWING!!!" and just gasped for air. Oh good times.

    Another time is where me and a couple of my friends went and got some pink dolphins (same press, approximately 3 weeks later after the last story) and we went into my friend's basement to chill and basically just roll the fuck out. So we did, but crazy shit started to happen --- I was chillin in my friend's chair with the light on, and then he turned the light off then on again and I told him the universe just exploded and then my other friend came in there and gasped and said "HOLY SHIT". MDMA is some pretty crazy shit. E-tarded for the win.

    Another funny time was when I first started rollin again, and I was chillin in my car and so were all of my other homies listenin to music (CRAZY fuckin rolled at this point) and my friend shows me a trick; he takes out a cigarette, lights it and says "watch --- when i move this cigarette down, it'll smoke. when i move this cigarette back up, there wont be any smoke." Sure as shit --- it was a crazy ass sight to see. He basically made the lit cigarette not smoke at all --- but it was just e-tardedness prevail.

    Now the BEST time, was when I was at my other friend's house and we decided to roll that night, popped them and then about two hours later a couple of my friend's that didn't want to roll that night were downstairs smokin a blunt. I walked down, took some big ass hits and then started ROLLING FACE. My friend has never done it before and said I looked pretty fuckin gone, and I then proceeded to tell him, "DUDE. ECSTASY IS THE TIGHEST FUCKING SHIT IN THE WORLD. WANT TO KNOW WHY? ALRIGHT WATCH THIS SHIT. IT'S GOING TO BE THE TIGHEST SHIT YOU'LL EVER SEE." I then told him "Alright you see that light up on the ceiling there? From where I am, (the couch far away) I'm gonna flick this coin and hit that shit spot on. Know why? That's what ecstasy does. It allows you to do WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT." At that time, I really didn't think I was going to be able to do it. |||||FLICK|||||. Sure as shit, I hit it spot on. I orgasmed in my brain, and just walked up the stairs and closed the door. My friend shat himself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boner_bob
    Dilated_pupils, what was the conversation about with the dog.
    The dogs old and always lays around, my friends were upstairs, I was in my chilled/relaxed stage of my high, and the dog was explaining to me how he doesn't get enough attention, and I told him how he smells like shit out the time... I explained this to my friends (as they heard me talking to no one) and they told me that shit was mean to say... obviously I felt bad at the time, then soboring up I realized it was a dog, and he had not understood a damn thing, unless I telepathically communicated with him.
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    one night me and some friends each took a purple dolphin and a green one. they were from the same batch, just different colors and EXTREMELY good. anyway we were in a friends car smoking a blunt and just starting to peak HARD when my buddy luke called and asked where i was. i said "im not sure up in the hills somewhere" and he says "dude just tell me where the hell you are" i was peaking so hard i misunderstood and thought he was pissed and wanted to fight or something. i kept getting confused and saying i wasnt sure where i was and he just kept asking over and over. I started freaking and told him if he tried to find me "I will kick the everloving shit out of you man! im not fucking around!!!" all the people in the car with me were fuckin freaked out. It turned out luke just wanted to smoke a bowl and hang out! hahaha funny shit. i explained myself the next day and we had a good laugh.
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    After a night of heavy drinking my girlfriend and i retired to her place. We were both really tired but somehow we came up with the stupid plan to drop some untried and untested pills. We both dropped 1 each at 2am. My girlfriend passed out shortly after leaving me all alone to wait for the ride. Got too impatient and dropped a 2nd at 3am which was a big mistake as the 1st pill started kicking in very soon afterwards. And boy did it knock me for 6. I started seeing rats all over the floor, running up my legs and crawling over me. Jumped in bed with my girlfriend and pulled the covers up to hide but they were still there. Freaked out for another half hour when my girlfriend started crying and yelling and freaking out in her sleep like she was having some crazy dream. I thought she was dying and in heaps of pain so tried to wake her up by yelling at her and shaking her. She still wouldnt wake up. My 2nd pill began kicking in and now there were more rats and i was scared shitless and started panicking thinking the rats were going to eat me alive. I dont know how long i imagined this but my girlfriend eventually woke up and told me that it was all in my head and that I was safe with her and that nothing was going to hurt me. I snapped out of it and realised i was imagining it all. We laugh about it now but for over an hour there i was shitting my pants. No idea what was in the pills, there could have been something bogus in there or it could of just been the circumstances under which i took them, but now i make sure i test the pills and always make sure i am never left alone while peaking.

    and the weirdest: i was tripping out so hard one night i couldnt find my phone so started using my shoe as a phone like Maxwell Smart from Get Smart... I called my best mate and his girlfriend and started having a conversation with them. funniest thing is i was with my girlfriend at the time and she was tripping equally as hard and she believed that i was really talking to someone so i gave her the phone so she could talk too! i snapped back into reality and died laughing at her but the funniest thing is actually told me to be quiet because she was on the phone!
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    I remember my friend finally paid me back my 400 dollars by giving me his laptop. Well since I already a laptop, another friend asked if he could buy it. I sold it to him for the money that was owed ( it was worth about $1200 at the time) and later that night I dropped some pills. I'm not sure exactly when, but I got this feeling that the laptop was stolen and that my friend was gonna get in trouble for stealing the laptop, even though it wasn't actually stolen. I actually realized I was in this crazed paranoia and laid on my bed for about a minute and started to feel all better again.

    The weirdest thing I have ever seen, which still confuses me to this day is when me and like 3 friends were rolling and decided to take a walk at 3 in the morning. We ended up walking like a mile over to some park and we saw this guy that was roughly 40 just sitting in a tree about 15 feet up. Of course we had to run over there to find out what the hell he was doing, and he ended up telling us he was waiting for someone. So I said, then why are you in a tree? After that he just told us to go away.
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    Strange mind games just before sleep after MDMA usage 
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    Often when I am trying to go to sleep in the morning after a long night of rolling, I will have strange waking dreams and delusions with my eyes closed. The most bizarre silly ideas, mind games, and trains of thought creep into my head as I attempt to sleep.

    I remember one example in which I was lying in bed thinking about what I needed to do when I woke up, and the first thing that came to mind was that I had to feed my albino cat Frank and take him to the vet. I don't have a cat named Frank! Usually these mini-delusions are harmless, but sometimes they can be disturbing. Sometimes I'll see random disturbing imagery, like monsters, or I'll imagine myself in creepy places, like a dark, dead forest.

    Does anyone else experience this? I suspect that, at least for me, the psychedelic effects of MDMA last much longer than the serotonergic euphoria. Combined with exhaustion, it seems to cause a semi-delusional state in me right before I fall asleep.
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    Heh, I don't do pills anymore but one of the most entertaining things to me now is sitting in a room with my friends who still do pills. Whenever they come down and are trying to sleep. They will lay there with their eyes closed and every once and a while someone will say something like '10 Lambert and Butler please' or 'Can I have that without the cheese?'.

    Just random things like that and I remember these experiences all too well. I've never had anything disturbing, just silly pointless things because I will think I'm somewhere else or it's like I've stopped controlling my mind. All in the name of fun I guess
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