Thread: i cut up and ate my fentanyl patch

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    i cut up and ate my fentanyl patch 
    so after searching and reading and searching and reading, last night i finally decided to cut my 25mcg hr (mylan) non gel fentanyl patch up into eighths. "yes the sticker one with a matrix and no gel"

    i started off by soaking one of the eighths in a shot glass of rubbing alcohol. i used just a few drops of the alcohol considering i would be injesting it later. i let it soak for 30 min then poured the alcohol and piece of patch into my mouth. i just kind of sub consciously chewed/sucked on the piece of patch until it fell apart which took about an hour. by then i could definitely feel the effects of the fentanyl. i was really chilled out but no wear near nodding.

    a few hours flew by and i figured i wasnt getting higher so i mine as well do another piece of the patch. this time i said fuck the rubbing alcohol, it tastse like cheap ass vodka......seriously. so i just proceeded to chew on it for another hour which worked the same as before. by this time i was kinda nodding but not to to euphoric. i felt nice and relaxed thats for sure. i then smoked some kuuush and passed the funk out! woke up this morning feeling great!
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    good report!
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    i got a drug problem: i need twice the amount to get fucked off them.
    yeah pretty top notch:S
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    The title was ace.
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