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    I have been on Nucynta IR for two months for moderate/severe lower back pain. It works. I have a compression fracture in my lower back. Percocet didn't help in any way except make me high for about 20 minutes and then sick. Same for Hydrocodone. Nucynta actually kills the pain and I can still think clearly. I do not take extended release, only IR. Huge difference. Night and day. Anyway, on a relatively empty stomach 75mg to 150mg hits me in about 20 minutes, keeps getting stronger for about an hour and then levels off. Long lasting pain relief and makes me feel very social/chatty. Ive been prescribed Percs, Vics, Oxo. They all just get you high and ware off quickly. Nucynta kills pain, and has a nice euphoric element to it.
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    In addition to the above: Many people link Nucynta to Tramadol. It's like comparing a cardboard box to a Macy's bag full of goodies. Big brother to Tramadol? Nope, no relations. Nucynta kills pain. It also makes you feel "great". It provides bursts of energy because you feel so much better. My humble opinion is that it works well. Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pink_floyd04 View Post
    ill gladly give the feds back their narcotics if it's such a big deal that i use them (if you use them chronically, your tolerance goes up, the more pain the more meds). I'll give them the narcotics back ONLY if i can trade my disease to them. They can have all the pain, suffering, and medical bills, and prescriptions for not only the narcotics but the 12 other immune system suppressants, chemo, and other insane chemicals used for crohn's disease.

    thanks for listening
    I too have multiple health conditions and a severe genetic disorder that has resulted in Cancer. So when you talk about chronic pain and the difficulty of getting proper relief and to be taken seriously all the time I can most definitely relate! It becomes so very challenging and unfair. I'm sorry you too are experiencing these issues. There are many of us out there and the struggle is very real! I'd trade my health problems for a healthy life any moment however I cannot and so a little understanding especially from health professionals shouldn't be too much to ask for in my opinion yet I run into judgments far to frequently!
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    alright here it is from an actual person.... it is an awesome drug to get moderately high on... but in large dosing. if you want to get fucked up take 400-500 MG, just a buzz 100-300mg its real simple! The bio-avalibility is best with oral usage. tried snorting once and the burn isnt worth the high, youd have to take some orally first to combat the pain. Ive taken 9 (50Mg) before and had a wonderful time, my fav. part of this drug is how long it last!!!! if i take 300-500 Mg it last for over 24 hours, Itchy face/body, pinpoint pupils, trouble sleeping, excessive sweating its amazing. i love all those side effects most people hate. for a drug no cop knows and people dont want...its amazing to have a stash to yourself that NO-ONE wants...if they were 30's (Oxys) youd have 1000 people jumping down your dick...but with this its sure bliss, no bullshit amazing come up and no come down for at lease 1/2 a day!! better and clearer than oxy id rather have these than oxy's anyday, they keep you honest by not being able to snort them and just a handfull later your good for days. and doctors prescribe them in LARGE QUANTITIES i got 120 my first round to the doctors!!! i cant even finish a bottel before the next time i go back!! thats because they last so fucking long. I wake up and im still jacked out, wonderdrug!! and i hope it stays that way! please everyone keep thinking that a non opiate based tramadol is better!! you fucking morons
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    A men!!!
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    May 2, 2017
    I have been on Nucynta for two months now and I think it's been great for getting over oxy withdrawals. I was on 10mg oxycodode for 5 years for torn ACL in my left knee. I had knee replacement and was put on 30mg oxycodone. Needless to say I developed a chemical dependency to narcotics. I finally found a pain Managenent doctor who prescribed me Nucynta 100mg. Mentally I wish I could get my hands on 4-5 oxy 10mg but other than that, addiction solved with Nucynta. Now working on kicking Nucynta. Started at 100mg. After 30 days of taking 3x a day, dropped to 75mg 3x a day. On the 12th I will drop to 50mg 3x a day. June I will drop to 25mg 3x a day. July I will be narcotic free hopefully. Any tips would be appreciated. I had oxy addiction bad. I could take 10x 10mg oxycodone for breakfast. One time I fell asleep on Tuesday and woke up on fraiday. In my own bed. I don't chase a "high" though, I just enjoy the pain relief. I stay at about a 7/10 pain level. It's almost ruined my marriage: I need tips to kick the physical and mental addiction too. This is kind of a cry for help because I have a problem.
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    Hey Councilofwar, I empathize with you, I was addicted to opiates for 10 years, and it did destroy my marriage (although in my case that part was a good thing, I also got addicted so badly largely because I was using it to cover up my emotions in an emotionally abusive relationship, I don't have pain). It's really hard to quit, but it sounds like you have a good plan with your doctor to reduce your dosage. I finally got off opiates with the help of ibogaine, and the ending of my bad marriage, but like I said I don't have pain, that definitely complicates things. If you need support, there is a forum on here called The Dark Side which is a great place to find it. Welcome to Bluelight.
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    "Because of the many junkies lately simulating pain just to get their hands to the narcotics, now these pills are much harder to prescribe to people like me who really needs these kind of medicine. I had to go to 5 different doctors to finally someone believes me that my pain is real and give me pills that help for my pain.

    If you really have sharp pain that OTC or Tramadoll pills can't help with I really recommend Nucyntia. If not and you are trying to get high find another medicine, but please don't say it's shit, because it ISN'T !"

    Okay...first of all, if you are truly a "pain management patient" then you should know already that PAIN IS SUBJECTIVE! Secondly, it takes many sessions with your PM doc, as well as numerous changes to meds to find the correct medication, as well as dosage of said medication! I have been on MS contin 30mg 3x per day in addition to 10mg percocet 3x per day and 800mg 3x per day for over 7 years. This was managed by my primary. I started going to a PM clinic this past February. They said that they can't do the prolotherapy that they suggest because my insurance finds it to be "too experimental" and I have already tried cortisone injections with lidocaine and PT so many times that I basically live there. I jump through EVERY HOOP they ask me to jump through. I do my urine tests that ALWAYS COME BACK CLEAN! Recently I had a test come back positive for suboxone!! I wouldn't take subs, because it would put me in WD so I plainly told my doc that that was impossible. At my clinic they always send the specimen into lab corp to be re_tested. Luckily for me it did not test positive at the lab! So it was a true "false positive" but then my doc was looking through my old lab reports and said my metabolites for the ms contin were "off" one was showing 12,000 which is correct but the other was showing ZERO, and she said that is what happens when you sprinkle the drug in your I asked her if she thought I was doing that. She replied "well, no but what am I supposed to think?" I simply said "have you ever seen the inside of a Ms contin? It is waxy. I think the lab tech would notice chunks in my urine!" She said "let me talk to my lab director" So she had me come back in a week, at which point my DH came with. The lab director was there and said he thought that maybe I have this genetic disorder that makes me metabolize morphine and other meds too quickly. I did the buccal swab and 2 weeks later it came back positive for the disorder. My doc was thrilled that she wasn't dealing with a "junkie" So at that point I was switced to Nucynta ER Started at 100mg twice daily. It want working, and even though I was assured I wouldn't withdrawal from morphine...SHE WAS VERY WRONG! So I felt ZERO relief...came in early for my next appointment. She upped it to 200mg 2x daily. It NEVER killed my pain. Yes there was a euphoria with it, and there was no constipation (there is miralax in the pills) but I had a headache for 6 WEEKS and became incredibly irritable. So they DCd the Nucynta and put me back on the morphine until my surgery then we are gonna try buprenorphine. I am not a junkie, I have a few legitimate diseases. I have a knee that Brenda backwards 40 degrees all of my joints are hyperflexible and are prematurely arthritic. I also have hemophilia b and celiac disease. Which is ruining my life! I love my family and friends but hate my life! Every day Is filled with pain! The regiment I am on now takes me from a 7/10 to a 4 or 5/10. The nucynta did NOTHING for my pain, it actually felt like it increased my pain. So that is my$ .02 ! And just because people get addicted to pain meds...doesn't mean they don't have true pain! Getting all judgy doesn't make you high and just makes you a judgy person that nobody wants to talk to!! Ifbyou have a decent PM doc, they will work with you, if you work with them. You HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH THEIR HOOPS! ALL OF THEM!
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    I thank everyone for helping with this question. I have two broken legs that have been shoddily fixed with plates screws etc. I also have arthritis and fibromyalgia. I'll stick to my tramadol and the extremely painful shots in my knees. Well one to Ohio and the new laws.
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