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    .5 mg Alprazolam 
    hey, i have some .5 mg alprazolam, can you guys inform me on what to do with it? how many should i take of these .5 mg to feel euphoric, and if i should snort them or what. and also, what is the overdose amount?

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    I don't know if there's enough xanax to feel "euphoric" by itself. It can be sedating, and maybe even a comfortable high... but I'd never describe it as euphoric by itself.

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    Orally consume 1.

    That's how much I take and it's moderately euphoric. It's not nearly as euphoric as other benzos (ie midazolam).

    OD -> BDD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain.Heroin View Post
    Orally consume 1.

    That's how much I take and it's moderately euphoric. It's not nearly as euphoric as other benzos (ie midazolam).

    OD -> BDD
    1 being just one .5mg? or do you mean 1mg?

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    This post has basically been answered, but I wanted to add a couple of things...

    1. Xanax, like most (but not all) benzos, are not water soluble, so snorting it would be wasteful. Taking xanax orally is really the only way to use it effectvely. You can dissolve the pill under your tongue to speed up the asorption, if you don't want to wit a whole hour for oral onset.

    2. Also, like other benzos, xanax is difficult to overdose on, BUT ONLY IF IT'S NOT MIXED wth anything (capital letters for emphasis on safety here.) Benzos are quite safe on their own, which is one of he reasons they replaced barbiturates as the premiere class of annxiolytics and soporifics. Once xanax is combined with other substances though, particularly alcohol and other depressants, the chance of death or risky behavior (blackouts, taking more drugs and forgetting one did so...leading to taking even more drugs, etc.) increases drastically, so obviously combining xanax with other substances is not recommended.

    3. You should start out with 0.5 mg. Since you dont have a tolerance, that should suit you fine. And you can always dose up, but you can't dose down.

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    thank you for the sophisticated straight foward answer, we need more people like you on here!

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    I wouldn't do over 1.5 mgs, at least not until you're much more familiar with the drug's effects. Plus, like it has been said, benzos generally don't get you really high as much as put you in a different (usually good) mood, with a lot of relaxation.

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    eat 1.5mgs first on a empty should hit in 15 mins.take more if needed.

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    xanax isn't necesssarily "euphoric" its an anxiolytic so it relieves you of your anxiety... a recreational dose for someone with no tolerance would be 1 to 2 mg's depending on your size... if you're not big into downers you might not be that impressed with xanax alone... but then again you might love it... like i did

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    You may find it euphoric if you are prone to anxiety/panic. Start with 1mg and go from there. It is a safe medicine in moderate doses. Remember, the more you dose with, the more likely you are to have amnestic spells.

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    Save it.....You may need it someday. Good for coming down after big nights etc. and its a potent anxiolitic with slight SSRI properties. .5mg fairly low dose.....Whatever you do I just hope you dont like it too much...
    Bad news......but hey, what isn't?

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    ^Alprazolam is certainly not an SSRI. It is a benzodiazepine tranquilizer.

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    My advice is to NOT expect too much from Xanax unless you're really suffering from anxiety.

    When you're under huge amounts of stress, the relief that a benzo like Xanax can provide feels so good that it can be euphoric. But it's not like drinking a beer or 2 that definitely gives you a buzz and then downing an entire 6-pack getting you drunk.

    0.5mg - 1mg of Xanax may give you a feeling of relaxation. But alot of people expect more euphoria than they actually feel. I hesitate to even call it a high. And taking 3 or 4 more will more than likely just make you really tired and put you to sleep or give you some amnesia.

    Taking 1 or 2 of those .5mg Xanax is worth doing just for the experience so you know what it does. But I've always found them most beneficial to help with bad comedowns from E, meth or other stimulants. They are very effective at helping you sleep and calming a racing mind!

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    I dont suffer from anxiety and I LOVE the feeling of xanax. 2 mg is definitely slightly euphoric to me, but not in the sense of an opiate or marijuana or anything. Try taking a couple and see what happens, but dont make it a habit.. Benzo's can be dangerous if you get hooked.

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    ^ ya......

    id delete that post.........

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