Thread: How to re-rock cocaine?

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    How to re-rock cocaine? 
    I am no drug dealer but, i would like to know how they re-rock cocaine. My buddy usually sells cocaine but i dont buy from him cuz i know he cuts it. I go through the same guy he does. The source has shiny looking coke that is hard. I sometimes have to go to a different guy when my main source is on vacation. When i have to go to a different guy its rocked but not shiny and its not very good, So seeing this i know he cuts it then re-rocks it. Now im curious on how they do this.

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    gonna be locked just wanted to get iit in wooo..btw shit products dnt get repeat custys

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    You can clean it with acetone, then i mix it with a little water, and i mean a little and then putt he water/coke mix ona hotplate and it comes back into nice sized shiny crystally rocks. Or you could recrystalize it after cleaning, but that's a whole other thing.

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    i was wondering the same exact thing. no one ive talked to knows how to turn it back into a rock without making it hard(crack) which is not my objective. i want to know how to turn powder back into a rock so that its tight and compact again. please help i dont totally understand how you use your method above @fatstep

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    i've heard of dealers taking large amounts of powder, then soaking them in liquid cut, drying it and compressing it with what look like snowball makers.
    i've even heard of dealers soaking an entire kilo in a liquid conconction and adding a few ounces to the overal weight.

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    the trick to rerock 
    my friend is a big timer. i help him rerock b4 he take 1/4 of this cut he got from and 3/4 white girl. he mix it up then pour actone in it to get it damp. then he had this box he put it in and he stand on it to aply pressure. after that it was hard . he throw it in freezer over night.

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    there s easy ways and hard ways but there s a few simple one s but i personally hate cunts who are looking to find out so they can screw people with poxy cut stuff

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    yeah keep it real, I hate fucks who cut shit. One lil mo fo sold me some bunk ass shit and lets just say i beat his ass pretty good! Thats how people get killed! You sell a fiend some cut shit that he spent his last $20 on he gna be pissed and cld come gunning for you! I dont mind paying more for quality ,you will def do more business if ya have the best coke versus selling cut shit for cheaper!

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    If you take a powder and apply a lot of pressure (like using a big press) you can compress said powder into a solid form.

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    i know people who use a slighty modified [G clamp] and that works a treat

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