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    Hi everyone,

    I have an unusual situation. I have treatment-resistant depression. There are a number of studies indicating buprenorphine (especially in combination with naltrexone) can be very effective for depression. I'm in Melbourne. Does anybody know of a doctor who would at least consider prescribing it long term (at a low dose; not exceeding 0.5 mg) for this indication?

    Can anyone help?

    Kind regards,

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    Also, a quick search on reveals that buprenorphine is only available in the form of patches (i.e. Norspan). Is that how the situation is in Australia? You can't get Subutex?
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    ^You can get Subutex only in rare circumstances nowadays. I am prescribed it if I attend my pharmacy daily,-,if I want T/A's I have to have suboxone.

    Subutex doesn't contain naloxone though, you want the suboxone strips.

    Chemist warehouse in Clarendon st, South Melb does dose both of these.

    I travel to see my Dr,- it's well worth it bcos if she takes a liking to you she'll prescribe anything 😝

    If you're ever late she'll punish you and make you wait hours 😁

    PM me I'll pass on details.

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    If I'm not mistaken, temgesic is back on the market after being taken off of it for a period of time. I have an Aunt who had a prescription although ineffective for her personally.
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    stumbled across this thread cause I just found a bunch of 0.4mg straight subutex pills with no naloxone that i'd stashed by skipping days when jumping off 12 months ago... - to anyone who has an opiate addiction you should only use bupe/'done as a last line treatment if you're absolutely desperate to kick opiates from a high long-term tolerance/dependence as they create a much more drawn out withdrawal problem than the opiates themselves... - like as an example I'd much rather crap myself & shake & shiver for 7 days with the right vitamins/supplements to help with dopamine/norepinedrine depletion & tackle the 90 day paws curse (minimum if lucky) than to be substituted with these nasty chemicals after many detox experiences & thank the lord I didn't go for the methadone option when offered!.. - anyways, - if anyone is in Sydney there's a great private GP in Seven Hills who bulk bills & will start you on Suboxone then randomly drug screen, but instead of "Merica 'big Pharma' keeping peeps addicted for $$ signs' & making people try to jump off at 2mg of that nasty 'orange chemical' strip that needs strategic placing & sublingualed for atleast 15 mins without swallowing for maximum effect (tabs the same, but the difference is phenomenal without that naloxone rubbish) - he'll bring you down to pure Bupe/Subutex tabs when trust is gained/earned to help you taper properly ever so slightly without having to try to cut the strips for a probable uneven dose... - the tabs can be much easier to dose out in even portions & if you eventually taper to 0.2 mg every second day I swear the withdrawal jump is much easier to deal with along with some huge willpower obviously... - the other thing that bothers me is that most Doc's put the initial dose way too high, 32mg ceiling effect is ridiculous!... - I was ashamed to admit gobbling down 100-150mg per day of the generic Sandoz brand of crushable Oxy after they made the original brand painfully coated in a waxy time release formula that needed an annoying & time consuming ritual just to break down for instant release oral administration... - even a heavy I.V opiate/heroin user probably only needs 6-8mg per day max to stave off withdrawals along with some diazepam & clonidine, & the other secret prescription ingredient, pregabalin (lyrica) - otherwise you're looking at another 12 months to get fully clean... - unfortunately rehabs go way overboard to shut everyone up & start tinkering with A.D's & quetiapine (seroquel) aswell, which only screws your neurotransmitter inbalance worse & makes you eat like a pig!... - i'm a firm believer of my personalised custom adaptation to the 'Thomas recipe' along with a set of big kahunas/mindset... - sorry I have a habit of elaborate waffling but that's my ocd in regards to explaining myself & I'd like to clarify my opinion for those in desperate need to get off the merry-go-round of mental & physical torture!... - for the record I was also getting my prescription from the Chemist Outlet branch in Baulkham Hills, which is much better than lining up at the public clinics where you're most likely to cohort by accident with some real unsavoury characters that won't help the objective of being totally clean... - we're actually lucky here it's only a pack of smokes in price per week as opposed to 'Merica' where they cash in on poor lost souls to keep them struggling & addicted/reliant plus still broke dollar wise... - I've heard upwards of quadruple the cost per week over there!... - well that's more than my 2c worth & i'm happy to share my detox regime with anyone who is serious about feeling true reality again... - don't do bupe when you can actually do this much quicker, - physical sickness is atleast 7 days of torture, - mentally rebuilding your life after that makes the detox look like a walk in the park... - mindset is the key to success when you've hit rock bottom but it's so worth it, - I like my physical pain now from a chronic spinal injury cause it's an actual feeling, albeit uncomfortable but it reminds me I'm present minded & there's clarity to see the flowers amongst the trees... - wish you all the best on the journey of conquering deadly addiction...
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    ^ to add one last thing in regards to recovery... - if you plan on taking any A/D's to balance out the brain chemistry I can't speak highly enough about Buproprion (Zyban) - but make sure you detox first or insomnia will be extreme... - it's only touted as a superseded quit smoking aid in Aus, but is also classed as an antidepressant in the U.S. - being a unique NDRI it targets the areas that are screaming out due to expansion of those receptors & will take away a majority of the malaise/lack of energy/motivation... - certainly gives you the energy to get out of bed during P.A.W.S... - it also doesn't affect sexual function like the serotonin based SNRI's... - if anything it'll give you a little boost in that department whilst saturating the expanded dopamine pathways that cause the lethargy/anehondia... - after the standard 3 month government cut-off it can then be prescribed here on a private script at full cost, which is not cheap, but much cheaper than addiction itself & may also help cut back the ciggie intake for smokers so it's a win-win situation!...
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    Amazing post dude!! I'm in Perth just for implants a fortnight ago and unfortunately I've gone and began using the only opiate that one can feel on naltrexone (bupe) suboxone IV 8mg daily- I swear that because of the trex the bupe's half life is far less- / I love how u speak about recovery- I do want recovery but my actions say otherwise- like you say mindset mindset and mr willpower- thanks smokem 👊🏼
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    Hey guys sorry for bumping a old thread but I'm new here and not sure on where to put this so feel free to direct me to apporiate place.
    Well I'm a morphine addict, I iv 120mg a day if I can (which is most days) or 30-60mg to keep me out of wd's is I can. I haven't been in wd's for more than a day in a while but am looking to get off it, I have done abit of research and dont wish to go on methadone because I heard a lot about its wd's being worse than morphine itself.
    I have decided to try subutex once I find a doctor willing to prescribe it, I am just wondering if it has any recreational value because i don't have a lot of will power when its comes to abusing drugs, I dont want to start it and than start abusing it because it has recreational value? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 😊😊
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