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    Pill ID 
    Hey, can someone please give me a link to get a pill ID? I have generic percocet, but I have no idea how much of it is oxycodone and how much is bullshit. I just took 6, and so far they aren't shit. Demerol is 100 times the drug this is. I am so pissed off right now I could punch something. I should have just stuck with my demerol.

    CWE for the win I guess.
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    please dont start pill id threads in the future , you can find the answers on your own if you put a little work in
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    I already found that site, and my pill isn't there.

    Anyhow it doesn't matter. I can't stop throwing up, I am so damned hot I feel like I am going to pass out, and I am sweating worse than I did in Texas when it was 108 and the AC went out. Looks like percocet isn't any better than codeine on my system.
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    Why'd you take them if you didn't know what was in them (or the amounts)? You've been a member scence April, you should know better than to post pill ids.
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    They were prescribed to me. I knew they contained oxycodone and acetaminophen, I just didn't know the quantities. Amazingly enough, it didn't say on the pharm slip nor the scrip bottle. When I took them, I took less than the max dose on the bottle.
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    you should try Google. and stop living under a rock, you ought to know better.
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    You got a script that doesn't say how much active ingredients the pills contain anywhere, and that say you're fine to take 6+?
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    It didn't say anywhere how much of each drug was in it, no. And it said "take 2, 4 times a day". And as I explained in another thread, I took 2 and threw them up immediately. Then I took 2 more with food and kept them down but they didn't do anything. So 2 hours 45 minutes later I took two more, and within 10 minutes I had my "reaction".

    I tried the ID site and couldn't find them there, and I was so pissed off with getting crap with acetaminophen in it that I couldn't be bothered to try very hard.

    And I don't think it's fair to say I am "living under a rock". I mean come on, it wasn't like I found these on the ground of the bottom of my grandmothers medicine drawer or something. I'm not stupid. I knew they contained acetaminophen, and I knew it was likely somewhere between 375 and 600, and I knew I was good for at least 4000mg of acetaminophen given the fact that I weigh 200 pounds.

    As for having a bad reaction, I knew I had a bad reaction to codeine, and I knew there was a possibility of having a reaction to these as well. Of course now I am not so sure it was the codeine or the oxycodone and not the acetaminophen.

    Anyhow, cut me some slack. I think I went in to this pretty reasonably. I very frustrated when I wrote the post because of the acetaminophen. I would have sooner put my fist through my monitor as scrolled through google searches. I appologize.
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    As a Pharmacy Tech I've never seen a slip that didn't say the amount, sooo your story doesn't really sound believeable.
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    Why would I lie? I was going to scan the pharm slip, but there is so much personal information there I didn't want to take the time to blur it all out, so I took a shot of the drug history part of the slip:

    Notice how every single drug there has the mg at the end, except the RATIO-OXYCOCET. I promise you, that is exactly how it appeared on the bottle as well. Nowhere in anything I was given did it specify how much of each drug was contained in it.

    If you still don't believe me, I guess you never will. Why would I lie about it?
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