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    woah dude, I have clinical depression and that really made me light up, thanks a lot

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    I think if you space travel you should bring the kind of life you want with you.
    Then I think you should be alone .
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    Just cameback to this thread again to remind me what lifes worked!
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    For you, my friend, a blue elephant to bless all your days:
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    How uplifting. Breathing truly is so beautiful in its simplicity, so comforting in its presence. When life is crazy breathing brings me back to baseline every time. I have really bad anxiety and kind of lost my way dabbling in benzodiazepines. Here I sit two weeks later, fresh out of rehab trying to stay away from the benzos and booze. I am still in withdrawal, and breathing has been the most effective tool in coping with these nasty feelings I am currently experiencing. I used to meditate a lot to help deal with my anxiety and overall mental well-being until I fell for Xanax and began mixing it with other drugs. Now I am trying my path once again, and get back on track the most natural way possible.

    When focusing on my breathing a flood of forgotten memories seem to find their way back into my mind, and I remember who I used to be and who it is that I want to become. Then I take those thoughts and wish them away, concentrating on nothing but the sounds that happen around me. Breathing holds the ability to help me let things go and take a break from life by not acknowledging its presence. Air and water. I find myself coming back to myself. That naive, impressionable little boy. So full of hope and belief in oneself. Being himself, completely in control of his own destiny. And then I am gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakoz View Post
    Its funny how humans, for the greater part, are inclined to take a negative view of their lives...
    I was just sitting down and my little cat came in, and it struck me: I know this cat, and am the better for it. It got me thinking...
    I breathe the air...
    I can see the deep blue of the sky on a summer day...
    I can hear music, dance, and feel beachsand in bare feet. At the same time if the urge grabs me.
    I know what it is to softly cup a female breast... to be young and so scared about whether youre meant to kiss at the end of a date... to see a comet... to be little and wonder wha that dude on the moon is like... to own a puppy, and to drive round that bend and discover a breathtaking view of the city.
    Everything we do is so special, and a miracle in itself. Life itself, the fact that I am here, and that you are here for me to share it with, is maybe the biggest miracle in itself. Even the bad experiences are incredible in that we are here to have them at all. We are, as an organism, complex beyond words, so why waste ourselves being negative?
    So I decided to take five and write this. Dont know if youll enjoy reading it, but I certainly enjoyed writing it for you
    And today, enjoy everything you see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Enjoy your family and friends - they and you know the other is special enough to spend time with. Enjoy your pets... they give you all the love their little bodies can handle. Enjoy the sun when you walk outside... we could just have easily ended up on a colourless planet.
    And most of all... have a smile
    This is how it is when we are not at the moment in pain and suffering. Then later all bets may be off. I see an awful lot of suffering in this world and us who are there can only remember how it was in another time and place.
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    I quite like breathing.

    I hope to not stop breathing anytime soon
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