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    ^ A pen tends to melt less than say a straw. You could even try rolled up paper like chasing H of foil. Alternatively just snort and get amped like Oldred3s. Dunno I've always snorted it, meth, speed, ice whatever (methamphetamine, amphetamine sulfate). The only thing I never snort is dexxies.
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    This is an old thread but i feel i have to put in my 2 cents. Before I had even ever used and experimented with crystal i always heard and read the same story and i can confirm with 100% accuracy that essentially;
    Snorting : gives a very speedy and tweaked out high, perfect for dancing

    Smoking : gives a sudden rush but ‘chill’ high that makes you just wanna talk and lay in a group cuddle (like pure mdma)

    Oral : takes longer to hit but gives the strongest ‘ooomf!!’ And punch while having the longest duration and highest/longest peak

    Rectal : similar to oral but takes effect faster and fades out sooner, gives the least painful crash/come down imo. Best for nights alone at home

    IV : gives a fiery body/head rush similar but also very different from cocaine, almost like a combination of oral and snorted. Fades out the quickest and has the harshest comedown. Best for tweaker pads and making shitty environments seem magical

    In conclusion, I would most recommend snorting and smoking, in that order.
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