Thread: How do I break the extended release on Kadian 50mg? (morphine)

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    How do I break the extended release on Kadian 50mg? (morphine) 

    I have acquired several Kadian 50mg capsules (morphine sulphate). There are extended release, right?

    I searched around for a way to make them instant release but couldn't really find much information.

    Would it work if I just open the capsule and then chew up the beads, or is it more complicated than that? I'm fairly tolerant of bad tastes, so I'm not worried about it tasting bad.

    Also is about 20mg a good starting dose for me to take? (I figure I can just count the beads and then divide them by 5 equal piles and then consume 2 of the piles.) I have only slight opiate tolerance right now, almost none.

    Thank you

    (sorry if this belongs in basic drug discussion, I was just thinking breaking time release is a little beyond basic)

    edit: okay, just counted 121 (give or take a few) beads inside one capsule.. so that's about 25 beads = 10mg, so I guess I should take 50 beads. Does that sound right?
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    meh whatever, I got tired of waiting around so I went ahead and did it. It tastes about the same as hydrocodone water after a CWE. I ate a little less than 50 beads, and held in my mouth for a while before swallowing so they mostly completely dissolved before I swallowed.

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    alright man im gonna close this now since you went ahead and used them. try the search engine in the future, this has been asked many a time. check out the morphine mega thread.

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