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    Oxycodone 30mg script 
    Question... on your prescriptions when your prescribed oxy 30's the actual name is Roxicodone, and then Generic is Oxycodone-hydrocloride.... I had the pharmacy gal ask me if they were immidiate release or controlled? ive never had that problem before and it doesnt specify on my prescription???? does anyone have a pic of their script for reference or tell me if it matters if it specifys controlled or immidiate release ? I thought oxycodone 30mg tabs were all immidiate release thanks for the help
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    purdue came out with 30mg oxycontins a year or so ago, and thats what the confusion could be about.

    if its written for roxi or just oxy hydrocloride its IR, but if its oxy XR or oxycontin its time realse
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    if the girl at the pharmacy didnt know what ones to give you, then that pharmacy has serious problems... forizzle... it should be clearly written on the script which type of oxy the prescription is for oxycontin, or oxycodone extended release should be specified for time release, or roxicodone or oxycodone immediate release for that form

    btw, god blessed you, i wish i had a script like that
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    Mr dr writes my script for roxicodone to avoid the confusion.
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    yeah make sure you get IR
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    There IS oxycodone extended release at 30mg . However Roxis are IR at 30mg as is there an oxycodone hcl 30mg IR. The pharmacy MUST know the difference and be pretty certain about this sort of thing. I'm shocked if they're skeptical.
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    all the roxicodone 30's (perk 30's) i've ever seen and done in my life were ALWAYS immediate released. I cant really figure out why the gal at the pharmacy would ask you, but ok lol. One way you can be sure there time-released is to see if they have a coating on them. another way you can tell is break one in half an lick the inside, if it gels up theres a really good chance its time-released. also jus for the heck of it all the 30's ive ever done wer blue, different markings on the majority of em due to generics, either an "M 30" or "A 15" or "R something" an even "F 5". hope that helps

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