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    Solubility of doxylamine succinate 
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    Today I bought some pain pills I hoped to extract using the cold water technique to ge the Codeine...

    I fond out the pills also contain DS.

    The full contents of each pill is.
    500mg paracetomol.
    10mg codeine.
    5.1 mg doxylamine succinate.

    Is DS water soluble so it will be filterend by the CWE or will it stat with the codeine?

    There are 20 pills. So if it is soluble. Would 100mg be Too much to take along side 200mg of codeine?

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    Doxylamine is highly water soluble and will also potentiate opiates.
    100mg is probably too high and may lead to sleep or hallucinations at best. From people who like taking oral doxylamine for recreational effect they liken a 100-250mg doxylamine trip to any other deliriant antihistamine.

    I'm not sure how you could separate it from your opiate though.. I don't think you can.
    I'm sure you've eaten all the pills by now, but for future reference it might be good to know the solubility of doxy. Especially since nobody answered your question for almost a year...
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    Doxylamine Succinate extraction 
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    Can it be removed during, before or after performing the CWE? I don't want the drowsiness and/or hallucinations. Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.
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    No, not without column chromatography or complex solvent systems
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